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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by SSALEM


By SSALEM | Updated on October 19, 2020
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Runes: Best Runes

Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Perfect Timing
Cosmic Insight

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide


Hey everyone, my name is Santi Salem I'm a YouTuber & Twitch Streamer who uploads regular game play and commentary videos on Fiddlesticks. I'd like to thank you for checking out my guide. Before I go in depth on Fiddlesticks. I'd like to introduce myself and give you some of my back story.

I've been playing League of Legends since season 9. Prior to that, I had only heard of the game from my ex girlfriend. I had never played MOBA before and I figured I'd just download the game and give it a try. I had no idea what I was doing and fed very badly. However, in the process I fell in love with the game.

I started as a mid lane Karthus 1 trick, but after a couple hundred games I decided I wanted to be a jungler instead. I wasn't bad as a mid laner, but I thought the idea of jungling was just cooler. I decided to focus on macro and played mostly tank junglers during season 9. After some grinding I made it to Gold 1, my games essentially being Diamond games with me as the lone Gold player. I was proud of my accomplishment - I had made it to the higher tiers of game play in just 1 year.

However, in the process I also realized something: Playing tanks was fun but very frustrating. It began to take it's toll on my mental making the "correct" macro play, but not having my team follow up correctly was discouraging.

That's why this season I have switched to learning "carry junglers". One of champions I have been focusing on is Fiddlesticks. After some frustration learning the different play style I was amazed. I was able to play in anywhere from Bronze - Gold ELO with 80% + winrate. This is exactly what I wanted out of League of Legends. My goal with this guide is to teach you guys exactly how I get these types of results and my thought process behind it.

Currently, I haven't had as much time to play this season due to other hobbies and family life. However, I am having SO MUCH FUN carrying games with Fiddlesticks. I feel like literally EVERY SINGLE GAME IS WINNABLE on this champion, and best of all the game is in my hands.
Why Play Fiddlesticks? Back to Top
So you have found this guide and are interested in playing Fiddlesticks. Before I start explaining HOW to play the champion I think it's important to talk about WHY you should play the champion.

Reasons why I play Fiddlesticks

1. One of my favorite parts about Fiddlesticks is his aesthetic. He is a great champ to pick up if you're someone who enjoys characters with a dark aesthetic like I do. Champs who fit this aesthetic as well are Karthus, Shaco, Nocturne, Shyvana, etc which are all champs I play. Personally, I care about the aesthetic of the champ I'm playing and I'll have more fun playing them if they suit my tastes.

2. Another reason I play Fiddle is his farming. You can farm multiple jungle camps at once with while maintaining your health (thanks to Bountiful Harvest). With proper pathing, you can easily be ahead of your enemy's CS, meaning you'll have more gold, meaning you'll have better items, etc. You get the jist.

3. With the Fiddlesticks rework, you get an insane amount of free vision control with the new passive, A Harmless Scarecrow. Vision is SO important and gives you control of the map when it comes to objectives, ganks, and teamfights. His Effigies act as an oracle lense, a ward, as well as a mind trick on the enemies which can throw them off or even burn a Flash if you're lucky.

4. Fiddle's crowd control and sneakiness makes him AMAZING in teamfights, especially once he hits level 6. You can turn any teamfight around with Crowstorm and shut down carries (such as a fed Yasuo) easily with Terrify or Reap crowd control. If the enemy team respects you, they'll be scared of you and if they don't respect you then they'll regret they didn't!

5. Fiddle's kit isn't mechanically demanding. There aren't an insane amount of mechanics involved with playing Fiddlesticks, meaning you can really focus on other things like who to fear or silence in teamfights, where to prep for a Crowstorm flank, objective control, and more. I care a lot about macro, so Fiddle's simplicity allows me to max out my game macro so I can take over and carry my team.

6. Fiddle's playstyle is best described as an ambush playstyle. If you enjoy ambushing ususpectiing enemies or love the idea of surprising the enemies out of nowhere, then Fiddle is a great champ to consider. It's kind of like playing mindgames with the enemy, which I personally really have fun doing.


+ Vision control
+ Farming speed
+ Sustain
+ Excellent teamfighting
+ Carry potential
+ Engage/disengage
+ Lots of crowd control
+ Feels strong at all points of the game
+ Good first pick


- Somewhat squishy
- ULT reliant
- Immobile
- Bad at 1v1
- Constantly gets invaded
- Low range
- Dies easily if CCd

Why you SHOULDN'T Play Fiddlesticks

I wouldn't reccommend playing Fiddlesticks if any of the following applies to you:
1. If your macro and overall map awareness are below average. Fiddlesticks requires these two to be strong.
2. If you only play auto-attack champs.
3. If you want a champion who invades the enemy jungler constantly.
4. If you don't understand "choke points" and how to use them.
5. If you don't enjoy fighting for vision control.
6. If you don't like playing around teammates.
If these apply to you, I'm not saying that you shouldn't try Fiddlesticks. These are simply things that are necessary to achieve a high level of gameplay on the champ.

CHECK BACK SOON!! I'll be adding to this guide every day for a while!

Runes Back to Top
This is the best rune page for Fiddlesticks

Primary Path: Domination

With my aggressive play style it's not uncommon for me to have 20+ or 30+ Dark Harvest stacks. In the late game my ULT will hit hard enough to carry team fights.
Cheap Shot is self explanatory, Fiddle has a lot of CC and this rune helps give you more damage.
Eyeball Collection gives Fiddle very hard scaling.
Ultimate Hunter is great for the late game when Crowstorm has a ridiculously short cooldown.

Secondary Path: Inspiration

Perfect Timing offers you outplay potential around the 10 minute mark while Cosmic Insight gives you 45% CDR. Considering you'll have Ultimate Hunter if you go with these runes, you'll even have Crowstorm up TWICE in those late-game teamfights. That's just insane!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SSALEM
SSALEM Fiddlesticks Guide
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