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Leona Build Guide by Steel Xer0

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Steel Xer0

The Burning Dawn: Top Lane Leona Build

Steel Xer0 Last updated on December 8, 2014
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Threats to Leona with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi A surprising little fact about Master Yi and his ult, He can't be slowed but he IS vulnerable to stuns.
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Leona Preview

Leona is a Tank champion capable of mass stuns in team fights and can turn a gank into a double kill if her abilities are timed just right But Leona played and built solely as a fighter is tricky. She's a tank and will always need defense no matter what so that rules out 6 offense items but there's a few secret items that cater to a champion like herself.

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- Shield of Daybreak has a great advantage over plenty of top lane enemies but like most of her abilities it has a somewhat lengthy cooldown early game, making it risky to use if you miss or if your target is too close to their tower.

- Eclipse is useful if your target has a touch of Ability Power to their attacks or as a aura. Before going in for a kill or team fight, Eclipse takes a load off the damage you take late game and will burst causing burning damage to those near you.

- Zenith Blade is a essential ability to use as it is deadly went paired with Shield of Daybreak. Zenith Blade is capable of going over jungle walls, through towers and last hitting enemies and not pulling you towards them as long there is no other enemy champion 25 units around them.

- Solar Flare is perfect for securing a single Kill or disorienting a entire team. The closer a champion is to Solar Flare the stronger the slow or stun if they're hit directly.

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Items and the effects

- Guinoo's Rageblade's passive in effect, dropping below half health will give a lovely boost of Vamp and attack speed. Making sustaining a 1v1 much easier and less worry some.

- Ravenous Hydra's Active can eliminate waves of minions with no problem and with a 10 second item cooldown you can use it plenty of times and a short period of time. Perfect for those Backdoor opportunities.

- Sunfire Cape with obviously burn anyone who is dumb enough to come to close to you... or Let you get close enough to them. You will be a big target being Queen of the stuns late game for might as well watch the world burn Eh?

- Lich bane's Passive will take place after every ability. Fun fact you automatically Basic attack after you use Shield of Daybreak, letting the Lich Bane do some good damage after a hearty stun!

-Boots of Swiftness will let nothing slow you(Unless you get stunned so watch out). The Furor Enchantment is quite useful for keeping up with those tricky main fighters. Your stuns do alot but every basic attack will speed you up to keep chase on slippery foes.

- Locket of the Solari with perfect for dealing with middle lane mages and the regen of your health out of combat, Use the Active to protect your team right before you dive or when someone else does.

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Leona Conclusion

Leona is a sturdy champion capable of self sustain on unknown levels, surprising your unexpected foes. Though she is a little finicky at times just play cautiously and wait for the perfect opening for her W-Q-E combo. With said build, late game she is very powerful part of the team and can take care of almost anyone ranging from a fed Akali to a Overprotected Heimerdinger and even keep a 4k Heath Garen at bay. Be Fearless and Let the Sun guide your way!

~See you on the Rift Summoners!