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Katarina Build Guide by klaralis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author klaralis

The Deadly Lotus: Katarina

klaralis Last updated on December 7, 2012
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Hi guys, I welcome you to my guide for Katarina! I hope this guide will help you, and please leave comments about what I can improve, it helps out a lot. Now, without further ado, let us begin!

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Pros / Cons


Extremely mobile, very fast assasin,
Can take down entire teams when fed,
Has great harrasment opportunities early game,
Very bursty champion.


Extremely squishy,
Is countered severly by stuns,
Can be harrased easily when she tries to go for farm.

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I chose these masteries, because she has to be able to do enough damage, AND have sustain early game.

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Those runes are pretty obvious. Since Riot changed the way that magic pen. worked, I replace my normal AP quints for magic penetration. The seals are obvious too, I go armor because late game an AD carry hurts, but not so much with my armor. Magic resist blues are obvious as well, because when the enemy comes to harrass you, it will not hurt as much. I explained the reds together with the quints, so lets move on.

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My item build may be arguable, mostly because of theHextech Gunblade, and theVoid Staff. I personally chose these, as the Hextech Revolver gives you sustain and damage early game, and the gunblade gives you another damage source lategame. TheVoid Staff can be exchanged withAbyssal Scepter, due to the fact that theVoid Staff gives you magic penetration, if your enemys start building magic resist, and you can chooseAbbysal Scepter if you want some more sustain instead.

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Team Work

You need to work with your team, (VERY IMPORTANT), because if you jump in too early, you will be focused down, and if you go in too late, your team will be annihalated. The perfect time is to go when the enemy team has used all of their stuns on your team, and then jump in.

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Skill Sequence

I chose to goBouncing Blades first, as the harrasment ablity is very useful. You get the enemy about to 50% of their HP, jump on them, and (hopefully) get a kill. I maxSinister Steel second, because since you are going to be against ranged champs, and this is a close ranged ability, then it isnt going to do much. However, once I getShunpo[/color], then I am going to max it, since I can get to and out of the battlefield.

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Once you get your deathcap, then farming is extremely easy, as I just Q the minions, W, and there you go. A whole minion wave farmed. But until then, just try to last hit as carefully as you can, try not to give the enemy first blood.

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So, what have we learned? We learned what pros/cons Katarina has, what runes, masteries, and items we should use, and also the whole gameplay style is the most ideal on Katarina. Please comment, on what I should improve my guide on, and please, you have got to promise me this ok? You have to have a good day :)