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Shaco Build Guide by xxIAMLEGENDxx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxIAMLEGENDxx

The Demon's Way Of Saying Hi (Re-Edited) 19/8/12

xxIAMLEGENDxx Last updated on August 21, 2012
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Hello, welcome to my 2nd build and this time involving shaco as a jungler.
Read through each chapter to understand why I choose those specific decisions.

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First of all, this is a jungle shaco AD build. So you would first want to get jack in the box so you can plant those around near blue. Just make sure to be careful for anti junglers. This for me happens about 35% of the time, it is easy to say you are jungling because when it's in loading phase, it shows you have smite and the whole point of that is obviously jungling. You would want 1 or 2 of your allies to patrol the area just in case there is counter jungle. When there is make sure to immediately leave the place and leave blue rather than getting killed. Get a cloth armor for less damage and then once you get your boots of speed, get a madred's razors. After that, upgrade it to a wriggle's lantern and then get your boots of mobility or if you want, bersekers graves. Next, you get zeal, I usually just get this for the attack speed and moevement speed. If you have a boots of mob or any enhancement 2 movement boots, you are already quick for early game so the next thing you would want to get is a bf sword but not a phantom dancer. Once you get your BF sword, get your Infinity Edge and then get your phantom dancer. Next item would be a frozen mallet. You would want shaco to get some health and not be too squishy. you also get the 40% slow unique passive. Next, is your bloodthirster. This item is one of the best for shaco's especially because of that 100 attack damage and 20% life steal (if maxed). To finalize your items, choose to pick a madred's bloodrazors, a youmuu's ghostblade or a trinity force. These 3 items would make the perfect final state shaco and it is time to dominate!

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Skill Sequence

As said above, this is a jungle build shaco, so you would get jack in the box first. Simply place around 3 of them around blue and you get it easy, no smite needed. Just use smite for red instead. The rest is pretty much straight forward, get your deceive and two shiv poison and just alternate them. You would however always wanna get your ulti at level 6 and max it out by level 16.

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Summoner Spells

To me, smite is a must if you jungle.
For the other spell there are 3 other good options to take.
Ghost, exhaust or ignite.

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Pros / Cons

-Very good ganker and jungler
-Deceive is 100% to critically strike which means more damage!
-Also a very good counter jungler, you just need to do it properly.
-Ridiculous damage

-Squishy at anytime of the game especially without any health items
-Quite reliable with items
-Cannot do any damage output if underleveled or too weak.

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Creeping / Jungling

And again I repeat myself, get jack in the box first and just plant 3 around blue, no smite required. save your smite for red.

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Unique Skills

His unique skills would easily be deceive and his ulti, critically striking and hallucinating will crush your opponents. Where did their HP go? Just make sure you dont go into the team fight first, always a tank should go in first. Also shaco is very good at chasing someone running away with below 50% health. Combine your boots of mobility, two shiv poison for slowing movement and just deceive them and there is your kill.

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To sum things up, shaco is overall a great champ, just make sure to play aggressively and carefully. Thanks for taking a look at my guide and hopefully it helps, I always use this build whenever I use shaco. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Have a good day