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Ryze Build Guide by wrmwolf



Updated on July 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wrmwolf Build Guide By wrmwolf 2,721 Views 0 Comments
2,721 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author wrmwolf Ryze Build Guide By wrmwolf Updated on July 10, 2011
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Well first off, this build is Definitely not meant for ranked game, its more for have fun and look at your ridiculous amount of damage. Someone told me about the archangel build on viegar and automatically I thought, "THIS WOULD BE AMAZING on RYZE!". Well, I tried it and it worked extremely well.
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No magic pen shoes = Magic-pen runes to make up for it.
No magic pen shoes = Magic-pen runes to make up for it.
A little bit of health to help you in your early game.
No magic pen shoes = Magic-pen runes to make up for it.

These runes will give around 20 magic pen which is really good for your early game, and it helps mid and late game. You also have the 15% from the masteries which really helps.
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For masteries I go 9/0/21 because it offers a 5% mana increase, 15% magic pen aswell as 9% cdr. With the Strength of Spirit you will have a pretty good hp regen late game.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are really controversial, people usually have their favorites which they use on every champion. I personally like Ghost and Flash which are perfect for getting to and away from battles.

Here are Summoner Spells that work or dont work on Ryze:

Good Choices:
This summoner spell is considered OP, use it. It gives you a way to escape from almost any situation.

A bit more versatile than flash, this allows you to get to and away from a battle and outrun most champions unless they too, have ghost.

Once you reach around 2 archangels, people will start focusing you even more, so this helps you get away from that pesky CC.

One of my other favorite spells which is really good early game for being able to go back to shop and return without losing our on much exp or gold.

Every team should have this summoner spell, so if nobody else is going to take it, you should. It gives you amazing map awareness with a ridiculously low CD.

Dont Even Think About These

Dont take this, you will have an extreme amount of mp towards the end.


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Skill Sequence

You want to start out with then use your ultimate then then you should have over power back. Then Follow up with .
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Damage Over View

By the end of this build you will be doing crazy amounts of damage. You will have 4,621.05 mp. 5 archangels means 15% of that is AP. You will have 693.1575 AP with just the archangels. With rabadon you will have an additional 140 AP that will give us 833 AP. Rabadon also has a passive which gives us an extra 30 % AP which will give us a grand total of 1083 AP.

- Base Damage:150 Ap damage:216 Mana Damage:369 = 725

- Base Damage:200 Ap damage:649 Mana Damage:231 = 1080

- Base Damage:130 Ap damage:379 = 509 Per Bounce (5 Bounces)

- Causes all his attacks to do 50% AOE, Amazing with spell flux and any ability in general.

Also, with 4,621 mp, you will have 46/5 hp regen.

A complete sequnece with ryze would do 725+ult+1080+725+509*3+725. This is a basic overload>Ult>Rune Prison>Spell FLux>Overload combo which can destroy carries and hurt the rest of the team badly.
League of Legends Build Guide Author wrmwolf
wrmwolf Ryze Guide
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