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Vi General Guide by pasarhs

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pasarhs

The epic Vi

pasarhs Last updated on December 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone!

This is my first attempt at a guide, so I'm terribly sorry if there are mistakes in it. This is how I would build Vi there are probably a lot of ways on how to build her. But I'm going to show you my favourite ones. Just look around and if you don't feel the vibe you can always look at another one.

Vi is a top lane or jungle champion. Her abilities are for pummeling opponents and shattering their armor and ofcourse to nuke them down. This Vi guide will show you both top and jungle.

If you have any additions to something or any corrections, please say so in the comments. I'm open to try anything new. I hope you enjoy the guide and learn something from it!

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To Vi, every problem is just another brick wall to punch through with her gigantic hextech gauntlets. Though she grew up on the wrong side of the law, Vi now uses her criminal know-how to serve Piltover's police force. Vi's brash attitude, abrasive humor, and blatant refusal to follow orders can often infuriate her by-the-books partner, Caitlyn. But even the Sheriff of Piltover cannot deny that Vi is an invaluable asset in the fight against crime.

As a child growing up in the lawless outskirts of Piltover, Vi learned to rob and cheat to get by. Stealing and stripping hextech hardware gave her the skills of a master mechanic, while life on the streets taught her self-reliance. When she was six, a ragtag group of criminals took a shine to the young delinquent and brought her into their fold. By the time Vi was eleven, she had become a seasoned accomplice, and she relished the thrill of every heist.

Vi's attitude changed when a raid on a mining facility went bad. She was forced to decide between fleeing with her crew and trying to save the innocent mine workers from a collapsed tunnel. Vi chose to play the hero. While searching for a way to free the mine workers from the rubble, she discovered a damaged robotic mining rig. Improvising, she wrenched off its huge fists and modified them into makeshift hextech gauntlets. Fitting the heavy weapons to her tiny hands, the young girl flexed her arm and threw a powered punch at the rubble. The force of the blow blasted away the rock. With the workers free to escape, Vi fled the scene.

After that job gone wrong, Vi severed her connection to the crew. She returned to a life of solitary crime, but stole only from other criminals. As the years went by, Vi modified and improved her hextech fists, allowing her to bust up heists and snatch loot with ease. Eventually, word of her notoriety reached Caitlyn, the famed Sheriff of Piltover. Rather than seek Vi's arrest, Caitlyn offered the criminal a way to pay her debt to society: work for the law in Piltover. Vi laughed. To her, a job that let her beat up crooks without forcing her to run from the cops sounded perfect. She immediately accepted. Caitlyn now struggles to keep Vi in line, and Vi treats Caitlyn's orders as mere suggestions, but when they work together, they are feared by all lawbreakers in Piltover.

''It's a shame. I've got two fists, but you've only got one face.''
-- Vi

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Gameplay Top

Early Game:
Try to harass your enemy a little bit with your E ability, if they stand behind their minions and you have your W to you can easily harass them. You can also use this method if you're pushed back under your tower with a lot of minions. You can still get most of them if you have your 2 charges up. Ofcourse always buy wards! You're going to get ganked a lot if they know you never place a ward down and you push like your life depends on it.

Mid Game:
Don't go jumping in into teamfights if you're still a bit squishy. If you had a good early game and are a bit fed, which means having a fair bit of health and defensive matherial you can initiate with your ultimate or Q ability.

Late Game:
Because you're fed and have a lot of health and armor doesn't mean you're invincible. If you had a bad game and are really squishy.. do not overextend. Don't make yourself even more vulnerable. Late game you should mostly stay with your team anyway.

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Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that might help you a little bit.

- Use your passive wisely in the jungle, try to use your shield on red buff and blue buff. It might not be a lot of damage you neglect, but it's something

- You can use your Q ability to charge over some of the walls, helping you escape out of a failed teamfight or a gank.

- If your opponent in top lane bought a vision ward place your ward at Baron, out of range off the vision ward.

- If you have some extra gold and your opponent is warding, you should definitely tell your jungler too come gank as soon as you placed your vision ward down and killed your oponent's ward.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are PERSONAL PREFERENCE, don't forget this. You can choose whatever you like the most. I am going to tell you which spells I enjoy most playing as Vi.

Ignite I always use Ignite when I'm top, for securing kills, and if I'm against a healing champion to irritate them a bit.

Smite This ofcourse is a must have when you're jungling. For killing/stealing buff mobs, aswell as for securing/stealing a dragon/baron kill.

Flash This is my personal favourite, I always use it. It's very usefull for when you're in a sticky situation and have no other escape abilities. It's also very usefull for closing gaps when you're hunting down an enemy

Other Options:

Ghost Some people enjoy using ghost more than flash, I see no problem with it. This is truely personal preference.

Exhaust I personally would not use this, but some people do to help with ganks and to have the more power in 1v1 fights on top.

As I said this is all personal preference.. choose whatever you like the most and play the best with.

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Thanks & Updates

Thank you for reading my guide! Tips and help are always welcome.thank you for watching!if you like it vote or comment to see my fails to upgrade my build.


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