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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Something Evil

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Something Evil

The Golden Hand AP BlitzCrank

Something Evil Last updated on November 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Blitzcrank with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fizz he is hard to kill because his playful trickster counters blitzcrank pretty hard but because of blitz's mana barrier fizz has no kill potential on blitz just escape potential.
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Early Game Lanning Phase

While in lane try to get as much cs as possible without taking enemy poke. Try to trade with them by rocket grabbing them into your group of minions, so dont walk past your line of minions to Rocket Grab. When you pull them basic attack them as much as possible, for at level one through three if they choose to fight back where you placed them, they will always lose the trade due to the minion damage. At around level 5 you will probably be getting bullied in lane so try to let them push into your turret. In doing so you will be able to Rocket Grab them under your turret allowing you to get one sided trades sometimes getting assistance from your turret. At level 6 your kill potential sky rockets and you can start going ham. If your jungler ever ganks for you it is almost always a kill if you hit your Q.

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Combos in lane

Like i said before when you hit 6 you can go ham and **** on anyone. If you want to trade with your enemy laner just walk up use Static Field and walk away. This will get off good damage that they cannot respond to, slowy putting you ahead. Since the cool down on BlitzCrank's multi, Static Field, is so low using it for random trades isn't a big deal. If you want to get more damage off when they are sitting behind their minions it doesnt matter for all you do is walk near them Static Field, instantly clearing the minions blocking them from you, then Rocket Grab, Power Fist, and whatever you want after that. Many people you lane against will put a very large amount of effort into dodging your Rocket Grab. So instead of using Q and having the potential of their strategy working you just run at them with the extra movement speed from Overdrive. They will be staggering all over the place so you will catch up to them quick. Then you can prock your sheen then auto attack cancel for a fast Power Fist. Then you can get an easy Rocket Grab while they are in the air or save it if they try to use an escape method.

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Other random combos

The main combo that I use is the very simple Rocket Grab, Power Fist, Static Field. But in this combo you can add things to get extra damage off or counter things that one might do to escape this combo. For someone like fizz if you can successfully Rocket Grab him he will probably playful trickster away the second he reaches you so instead of using your Power Fist after hooking him use Static Field to silence him so you can get your Power Fist off and not have him getting away. You can also Static Field at the very beginning so he can't dodge your Rocket Grab because of the silence. You can very his abilities to what works for you. You can also basic attack throughout your combo to get Lich Bane procks but Keep in mind the Lich Bane has a 2 second cool down. For the most part your combos won't be too difficult for if you pull the right person all you have to then do is press R to kill them.

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Play Style

Full ap BlitzCrank does not have the normal play style for BlitzCranks. You are mainly building ap so you won't have too huge of a Mana Barrier to fall back on that a normal Blitz would. AP Blitz is a almost pure burst champion so stay back and wait for your Rocket Grab to go in on most of your fights. If you are super fed you can miss you're Q and it won't matter because you can just Static Field, Power Fist for the kill. You can burst down all of their squishies but they can do the same to you so fight your own battles and keep your distance unless you are going in for a combo that starts with an empowered fist or Static Field. I like to think of myself as an assassin. Dont die for you will lose mejai stacks and 20 stacks is your only goal.

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Basically BM the entire game. After you get 20 stacks all chat that bioch. After you get a penta pop the zhonyas hour glass for maximum golden hand swag. Spam laugh as much as possible throughout the entire game. The enemy team will not be able to fight back for you are dominating them. If they try to talk to you refer to them by their ****ty score and direct them to yours and they will soon shut up.