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Kindred Build Guide by Zelnick

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zelnick

The Hunt is On! Kindred ADC Patch 5.20

Zelnick Last updated on October 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Kindred with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ezreal Though Ezreal has range, a lot of his skill shots will go to waste against Kindred's evasive abilities, especially his ultimate. Additionally, Ezreal's E range, or, escape range is barely short enough that a Dance of Arrows towards him and then a Mounting Dread will allow you to catch up to him.
Corki Corki has good range and some considerable burst. However, his Phosphorous Bomb and Missile Barrage are dodgeable with Kindred's Dance of Arrows, and, once Corki uses up all of his abilities to burst, Kindred will still have Wolf's Frenzy up for a few seconds to deal additional damage and reduce the cooldown of Dance of Arrows. Corki does have a substantial gab closer (or escape) with his Valkyrie.


(Plz don't nerf them as an adc Rito!)
(Before reading, keep in mind Kindred is a hybrid of a male and a female animal character. Kindred is the combination of both the Lamb and the Wolf, making Kindred both male and female. Thus, Kindred will often be referred to as "they" or "them.")


As an adc, Kindred is a fun and unique champion that has characteristics of Kalista, Vayne and even Bard. Kindred relies heavily on adaptable positioning with the use of their tumble-like attack, Dance of Arrows and its 2 second cooldown when used in combination with Wolf's Frenzy and a potential kill secure with their E, Mounting Dread. In early game as an adc, Kindred's kit is very powerful and few adcs can stand right up to them in short or medium-length duels, even Draven has plenty of trouble with Kindred early on. Overall, in laning against one ADC versus another, Kindred thrives most from a series short and medium-length duels unless playing against an enemy they counter in which case they can extend the duels. Late game, Kindred can still carry against mages and fighters but is certain to fall off against ADCs who possess attack boosts such as Vayne's Silver Bots, Tristana's Rapid Fire or even Graves Quickdraw which makes their positioning in team fights much more important than the average adc. I would not recommend Kindred adc in ranked unless you are a good ADC in general.


- Early game, Kindred has great mobility and early damage which acts as burst damage to some extent. In extended duels against ADCs that Kindred counters, Kindred's burst abilities and Q to dodge an enemy spell are sure to allow them to out-trade when played competently.

- Additionally, when Kindred has a crowd of minions to support them, they can use this mobility from Dance of Arrows as well as the slow from their Mounting Dred to deal substantial damage and punish any tanky support who attempts to out-position them or farm with Relic Shield while allowing Kindred to dash away with the 2 cool-down reduction of her Wolf's Frenzy, if needed.

- Their kit also allows them fit with not only tank supports who can survive long but also mage supports such as Lulu, Morgana, Janna, Lux or Zyra who can lock down an enemy or burst.

- The passive health sustain from Wolf's Frenzy perfectly synergizes with Kindred's mobile nature. Even if you do get hit by an Ezreal Mythic Shot or a couple basic attacks by Caitlyn, you can earn it back and often regenerate health faster than most ADCs in early game which is part of why Kindred gains an advantage from a series of shorter duels rather than extended duels.

- On top of all of this, it's easy for Kindred to snowball for taking down tanks late game with their passive, which, gives them permanent percent damage on their basic attacks. If you are winning your lane as Kindred and marking the enemy ADC or Support, it will be easy to get up to 3 stacks. After pushing a lot and winning your lane, if you know that the enemy jungler is in their top lane or ganking another lane, you are free to gain another stack in their bottom jungle.


- Kindred lacks both range and hard CC which easily allows them to be outfarmed by champions who do possess CC, especially a pushy Tristana. If Kindred cannot get into basic attack range of an enemy champion with their Dance of Arrows or Mounting Dread, they are very unlikely to do damage, making champions like Caitlyn or Jinx much more threatening.

- Against mages and fighters, Kindred will hold their own. But, against adcs with basic attack modifications such as attack speed or damage boosts, Kindred will start to fall off late game, making them somewhat less effective than other ADCs for crude damage against squishy enemies late game. Overall, Kinred is more limited to taking down fighters and tanks late game, unless fed.

- You will also earn stacks from Mark of the Kindred more slowly than if you were effectively jungling since you need to take more time to farm and maneuver while in lane as opposed to having a high likelihood of a kill from taking an enemy by surprise or simply invading an enemy camp. And, you don't necessarily know if you will kill the support or the adc first, or, the junlger may take the kill when ganking.

- On top of all of this, Kindred's biggest disadvantage is the limited use of their ultimate, Lamb's Respite as an adc. If used improperly, it will actually lead to Kindreds own demise as it makes ALL champions (which includes enemies) invincible and restores their health at the end of its duration. For early game, the effective use of Kindred's ultimate is limited only to saving the life of a support or yourself near a tower or during a gank, saving you and others from being dove at your own tower or surviving after diving an enemy at their tower or surviving a predictable burst such as Lux's Final Spark or Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole.

- The most complicated use of their ultimate is the offensive, risky and potentially deadly use in an extended dual to bring the enemy ADC's health down to near 10% while guaranteeing you do not die at the same time, assuming both you and the enemy adc are within the Lamb's Respite's area of effect. At this point, it is often the case that both you and the enemy will have the same amount of health. The biggest problem with this strategy is that if you attempt to run away, you will not receive the healing effect or immortality that Lamb's Repsite grants which would give the enemy adc an easy advantage.
If you choose to stay within it, not only do you lose its affect if you suddenly decide to chase down an enemy champion, but, you give the enemy support and adc time to position however they want. This not only gives the enemy adc a chance to escape if desired and a chance to gain a health advantage over you from their Heal spell or Lifesteal, but, they also have a good chance to kill you depending solely on the positioning of their support. If you face a competent enemy support such as Leona or Braum, you will be stunned or exhausted as soon as Lamb's Respite ends, leaving you paralyzed with a mere 10%-20% of your health which is an easy pick for the enemy adc.

Don't forget to mark enemies! Simply click on their icon above your inventory when they appear. Good luck!