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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jhin Build Guide by Avengerex

ADC The Jhinuine Article (8.20)

ADC The Jhinuine Article (8.20)

Updated on October 24, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avengerex Build Guide By Avengerex 4 5 27,127 Views 0 Comments
4 5 27,127 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Avengerex Jhin Build Guide By Avengerex Updated on October 24, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: Jhin
    Last-Stand Jhinterrogator
  • LoL Champion: Jhin
    //EXPERIMENTAL// Jhintellectua


Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating
Second Wind


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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The Jhintroduction

(By the way Jhin's R is used by clicking R and it will fire in the direction of your cursor. I know that it took me a while to figure that out so for those of you looking to try Jhin for the first time keep that in mind.)

Uhh, hello. I am avengerex,and no, I am not ranked. I have played Jhin for a while and just recently got back into league. Jhin is a graceful champion that requires some serious skill shots to make full use out of. His R takes some figuring out aswell but nothing you can't handle. I made this guide to show off some runes that have been working for me since the recent patch and give my 2 cents on Jhin.

However I do love some constructive criticism so all tips and add-ons are appreciated. I play Jhin with a chip in my shoulder and absolutely abuse his E. It can function as a ward, trap, and slow. Hard to get used to, yes, but utterly delightful in the long run.

I probably do not have the experience as the rest of the Jhin builders (definitely not) but I have played against diamond and gold players when I team with my buds so I've had my fair share of duels. Most of the time I've come out on top, and when I don't I use the experience to polish my Jhin builds / gameplay.
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The Play-By-Play

Jhin, as I have found out, is unique to each summoner who plays him. Everyone has a different play style, and it is never more apparent than in Jhin. Some play aggressive, some play defensive, and some even play Jungle! I personally like to play defensively then I move in when I decide the time is right. I've taken some tips from other Jhin mains to create this guide.


So you want to play aggressively, huh? That's pretty easy with Jhin, and it has its main usage in his W. His W stuns champions that have been hit by: himself, allies, or his flowers of pain (that's not their name but let's be honest they are freaking awesome). The easiest way to aggressively get kills with Jhin is to use your E mainly as a ward, and sometimes a trap. Place your E only in bushes (especially the ganking bushes) and W the champion there when you see them approach. Use the E as a grenade to clear minions when taking out towers. And use your D (Flash) to chase the heck out of potential victims. Jhin's R is to make sure you get the kill, but try and not waste it on one champion.


Defense is quite hard when you play an ADC but not impossible! Your Es will now function as slows and great traps, and be your main use. You can place an infinite amount of these as long as you let it cool down, so keep those up and put them in bushes near your tower. Otherwise, keep 'em as wards or certain traps. Your Q will do crowd control and W the minions while they are still in line formation. R your enemies (make sure minions are in line with the enemy to take out two birds with one stone) and warn them of their coming calamity.
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The Item Kite-'Em { ADC }

I decided to revise my items and give more explanation on why I chose these specific items for Jhin.

-Boots of Swiftness: Now keep in mind you do not have to ALWAYS get BoS but they are most commonly his go-to boots. They work very well and give him the needed speed boost. Against champions with slows (I'm looking at you Miss Fortune) it allows you to kite much easier.

-Stormrazor: Stormrazor is the quintessential Jhin item as it gives him 3 things.1, he gets a much obliged crit / speed boost on his first attack, packing even more punch.2, it provides AD (and even more AD because of the AS-AD scale) which boosts Jhin's performances two-gold.3, It helps him scale with Infinity Edge.

-Rapid Firecannon: Ok so let me explain why I love this item so much.One of the first things people that are just getting into Jhin learn is that Jhin converts AS to AD so it's not as useful as just buying AD but it still does something. The extra AS turns into AD, the extra crit chance enables more pain for Infinity Edge when it comes, and the energized attacks are great for two reasons:Extra range last-hits, and tower destroying. You see, energized attacks also work on structures so when you get rfc you should be planning to take out your first tier turret.

-Infinity Edge: This is when you start scaling into late game. Infinity takes all your attacks and crits then turns them into two-hit K.O.'s. The INSANE amount of AD from this item and the fact that it basically makes all your attacks Crits will make sure you get S this game. The true damage bonus also helps in a stealthy way, with the way it blends with your ult.

-Guardian Angel: Your team is the deciding factor for whether you do insane things with this item or just have it use up a slot. The AD it further adds to your attacks, and the Armor it sneaks in there will help you sustain and continue making Doublelift proud. HOWEVER, if your team does not follow up when you are reviving then the enemy will just wait and kill you.

-Bloodthirster: More overheals, more sustain, more AD, what's not to Love? Keep in mind that the overheal falls off if you don't deal or take damage in the last 25 seconds. The life steal is icing on the cake late game. And will allow you to do some truly brutal things with Jhin.

That's all I have for items. I will add more items as time goes on but for now I'm sticking to my recommended build.
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The Item Kite-'Em { SUPPORT } //EXPERIMENTAL//

Revisions have officially been made to the support items and runes as well. Hopefully these make sense, and if they don't then comment what's wrong with them.

-Rapid Firecannon: Even as a support, Jhin deals damage, period. With Rfc you can help your ADC by starting some damage poke. Get your attacks energized then strike when needed. However with this added bonus you should remember not to steal kills!

-Remnant of the Aspect: A staple for any good support, With extra gold for you and your ADC with the late game easy clears. This will basically take you from being a C-list support to an A-list, and gives early support until your main support item.

-Infinity Edge: Ok so we want to maximise your Ult power because you are going to mostly use your Ult to finish off those that your ADC dies to. The crazy amount of crit boost and AD makes sure you pack a punch. The amount of Crits you get now is staggering.

-Stormrazor: Quintessencial to any Jhin build, it gives you the early crit advantage and let's you poke easier. With the added benefit of making your crits movement speed boost even more fun. When your ADC is not in lane this should enable you to roam quite well.

-Guardian Angel: This item is your true guardian angel. It is the reason you are not building any health and why you should not be so concerned with taking risks to make sure your ADC gets the kill. I would suggest only using this when you know you can survive after you die. Do not go into a teamfight guns-blazing banking on your guardian angel to bail you out.

-Zeke's Convergence: Your main item in the support build, this will carry you through using your Ult and abusing your pressure power. ALWAYS USE THIS WITH YOUR ADC NEARBY. The winter storm will make sure enemies don't try to kill you while you use your Ult, and your ignite boost will make your ADC snag any kills you prep for.

That's all I have for items. I will add more items as time goes on but for now I'm sticking to my recommended build.
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The Rune Dunes { ADC }

I have revised my runes after some careful consideration and feel like I should further explain the decision. I'll go step by step in why each path was chosen.

-Conqueror: I wanted to create a Jhin that could sustain trades better than usual, as longer trades usually result in you backing off rather than getting the kill. With conqueror you can add some extra pack to your punch when you are fighting the likes of Lucian, Miss Fortune, etc. Extra AD, and true damage will insure that you get the kill if they are not careful.

-Overheal: Since Jhin is being played ADC, he should have a support if your team is not asking for defeat. With champions like Soraka, Sona, etc. as a support you should get the extra healing before entering trades and use your heal in trades for sustain, which pairs well with your secondary path.

-Legend:Bloodline: With 3 possible choices, life steal has the best overall appeal due to the calculation of the extra AD bonus from Alacrity, and Tenacity is only so useful. Bloodline adds furthermore to the sustain and will keep you alive late game.

-Coup de Grace: It was a tough decision between this and last stand. Personally, I find that it is completely situational for either, same goes for cut down. Cut down is good for tank-heavy teams, last stand is good for poison dealing enemies and sustainable enemies, but Coup de Grace is a better pick when neither of those situations occur.

-Bone Plating: The secondary rune is going to mostly focus on backing up your sustain. Bone plating is excellent for long trades, playing on your enemies attack speed (which is usually the advantage they have), to make them deal less damage than they already do. I would recommend using this against AS-heavy champions like Lucian, Miss Fortune, etc. However, against champions with high damage output I would suggest overgrowth instead. This would work against AD-heavy champions such as Draven, Caitlyn, etc.

-Second Wind: If you do not manage to get the kill in your first trade, don't worry. Second wind paired with your health potion will get you back up and running in no time. Try and bait the enemy champ into making a risky move, then use your newfound health to outplay them.
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I have decided that since this rune should be good even though it is experimental, I will explain my choices and hopefully you agree.

-Grasp of the Undying: This is to make sure that Jhin is slowly increasing his health, getting lifesteal, and dealing bonus damage for good pokes. Try and use this in moderation, as this will help you greatly late-game.

-Font of Life: Your allies need extra healing, simple as that. The E in your kit is so easy to detonate if you place it right. It does not matter whether you stun or just slow, as long as it detonates then it's healing for all. With this rune jn mind, it can actually turn a get-away into 2 extra kills.

-Second Wind: You should always try and stay alive or be useful as long as possible before recalling. Second wind should help you when your ADC goes through lengthy trades, and you need the health. Use this to your advantage as you can usually take out the enemy support by having superior damage with this healing bonus.

-Overgrowth: Kind of like how Grasp of the Undying is there to increase your max health, so is overgrowth. You want to keep alive and be sustainable, so this extra health (that is pretty easy to get too) will benefit late-game.

-Cheap Shot: Font of Life is there to add healing when you damage those impaired by your E, and cheap shot is there to capitalize on that advantage once you have it. This makes trades amazingly good when you can slip an e or two under the enemy (they will think they are so smart for not staying in long enough for the damage but the extra damage will already have taken effect).

-Ghost Poro: Such a cute little demon ghost puppers, am I right? You want to give a lot of vision to your ally, and the extra damage when in enemy territory will give some extra to your already good pressure. Use this wisely, however, as they do not last long.
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To Be Continued?

Well for now that is all I got. Keep cool summoners and stay tuned for updates! Also comment potential add-ons or faults in my build, if you so desire.
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