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Nocturne Build Guide by Crafiti

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crafiti

The Jungle turns dark [S4]

Crafiti Last updated on July 19, 2014
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Nocturne is one of the strongest jungle champs in League of Legends. And my Guide shows you one way how to play him in Jungle. His passiveUmbra Blades is very OP because he regenerate some HP and thats very good as a jungler. I tried doing the Ancient Golem at lvl 1 and I did him.

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Runes are the essentialst things in League of Legends. For Nocturne you can use that Runes what you can see at the top of this Build. If you want, you can change the Armor Penetration Runes into AD Runes. You are free :)

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When you play Nocturne on top, its easier to go in with Barrier or Ignite. But when you want, you can Cleanse against a Teemo or an other champ which can stun, toxic, slow or fear you.

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With Nocturne you are in the Jungle. Begin with Blue, then the Wolves, then Red and then the Golem. You can repeat that order as often as you want. Wait till lvl 6 to gank lanes with your Ulti.

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Pros / Cons


► Nocturne's passive is very strong in the jungle
► Nocturne can be play on AD, as tank, on Hybrid or on Off-Tank
► He's very strong and helpful in Jungle
► He's very strong and nice on top-lane too
► His W-Spell is good against stunns, slow and so on


► He's an easy aim in teamfights, on lvl 1-5
► In the first 5 lvls he's an easy prey
► He's a late game champ

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Team Work

With Nocturne you can join Teamfight very fast. Make your Ulti and boom you are in the teamfight. Try to give the kills to the champ where you gank at.