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League of Legends Build Guide Author szymsza0

The (k)assassin (video included)

szymsza0 Last updated on February 25, 2011
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Kassadin, the (k)assassin

Halo guys, this is a simple Kassadin build, which should help you in the game.
So, at first, who is "Kassadin"? He's an OP champ that can kill you with only 2-3 spells under the turret and run away getting only 200dmg. He's a very good ganker, he comes from the darkness(brush :D) kills you and go back.

PS.: It's a guide for normal games/low elo ranked games. I've got a low ELO rank cause I don't play ranked games, because I don't have a full team. I play with only 1 friend on skype sometimes... But, guys... Guides like that should be for newbie's, who are starting with playing as Kassadin. The "pr0's" should have their own way to play :)

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Pros/ Cons

So, our best friend got pros and cons, too and here they are:

-Long silence,
-a VERY, VERY big dmg. output,
-his ult got a very shurt cooldown,
-has got some movement speed,
-can escape easily,
-his Q,E,R skills,
-it makes fun to play him and watch how all your enemies are flamming at you.

-"useless" when silenced,
-his W skill.

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The (k)assassin's kodex- tips and tricks

So, this is imo(in my opinion =D) the most important think in a guide. Here you may learn some tricks that I use, just read and FOLLOW IT.

1. Never, rly never waste your spells on minions.
HINT: The best and easiest thing to get minion kills is stay behind the minions, wait until 1 of the enemy minions will get 50 hp and then get him. You're melee and you can get much dmg. dealt when you stay in front of the minions. ^This video will show you what I mean ^.^

2. Try to stay in the middle of allied minions. This will give you a little chance, that your enemy will waste his skill on them, not on you. HINT: You should always attack the enemy after he waste a spell

3. MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, so that the enemy champs can't hit you with spells like or .

HINT: You should always counter, cause the most champs in mid will be casters and if they don't hit you, they'll have their spells on cooldowns. Then you should counter and go away from them before their skills will be rdy. A video that confirms that what I said ^

4. If you've got 400-700hp on early game stay in a range so that you can get exp and can't be hit by an enemy. It's rly annoying for your enemy, and he'll maybe attack you under the turret and that's your chance to get a kill, remember that. HINT: You should stay on your lane until you reached lvl6. On lvl 6 you can use ur combo( + + ) and then go away with flash or ur ult. You should even spam ur all the time, to be able to kill the enemy on lvl6 with ur combo.
^ This video will show you how to use your combo :)

5. Spam spam spam your Q skill! It's the best way to harass the enemies, or even put them away from the exp range. You are the judge, you should let your enemy know: "Go away and don't lvl up or DIE" The enemies won't recall so fast because they know you'll be some lvls higher than them, so you have to make it to your adventage!

6. Do NOT be GREEDY!!! If your mejai's is stacked to 20 you don't need more kills! That's why all the people in your team hate you, steals... It's not clever to have better stats when your whole team is "underfed". Remember this, it's very important, cause you want good stats, but not more than a win.

7. Don't sacrifice yourself for only 1 kill or try to save an another champ of your team by your dead. The enemies will focus you when you're legendary, when not they'll maybe attack the others and you have to be attacked cause you can have 400hp and let them hope you'll recall, but you will only wait for someone with 1000hp to kill him.

8. Steal, if you have to. That means, if your mejai's isn't stacked to 20 you need kills for more adventage. As you know you can't steal as a caster all the kills, but if you can and your mejai's isn't on 20, do it. Be an *******, let your teammates insult you, but they won't know that the enemies will surrender only because of your feed.

9. If someone flames at you, insults you(sry don't know other words :D) let them do it! Ignore them, don't write with them on chat something like "no, you noob i have kills you no kills". IT'S JUST STUUUUUUPID!!! You know you're the pr0 and you're the king, the god in the game and when they think you'll QQ only because they shout at you, they can... hmm... ^^
HINT: You can be an ******* on chat, too but only to your enemies. If someone says u're lucker and can't play, write something like ":*", make them angry :D

10. Make them angry, and angrier. That's why they won't want to play, and that's a win. You want to win, not to be a friend of peoples in a game that don't know you. Don't try to be a friend of them, you know them only because of the game and you don't need to be popular as the boy which is welcome everywhere.

11. Take elixirs. They give you AP and cooldown reduction, what you won't gain from your items. Don't think like this- "no, I won't buy elixir cause I will item buy, item = more ap = more op". You need cooldown reduct!

HINT: Buy elixirs when you bought a item and got 250g, or when you don't have enough to buy a item because you had to recall(that won't happen). Buy always elixirs when you're back, the spent money will come back! :)

So, that are the things you HAVE TO follow. Do it and watch the results.

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Ok, here are the spells and some infos:

The Null Sphere is one of my favorite spells of the whole game, his range is awesome for that long silence and this dmg.

HINT: Use it to harass your enemies and keep them away from their exp. Use it always at first skill in the fight, when you don't start the fight with . It silences the enemy which makes him lessssss dangerous and increases your chance for a kill.

This skill is low, but it's ok, you've got 3other skills that are clearly OP. I think I've never used it yet, but you can use it to make your usable. Use it when you want but this skill is the least you will have upgraded.

Sooo, girls, this is my favorite skill. It takes alot of dmg. and can be used when there are above 5 spells used in your area. It slows the enemies which makes your kills easier, like I said it's my favorite skill cause it's just awesome and so fckin OP, I can't believe it... :/

This is THAT skill that makes your enemies angry, that let them leave and surrender cause they can't believe that you come, kill and run away everytime they wanna bite you.

HINT: Use it to escape but not ahead but through the walls. Make you enemies run in a circle and think they can hit you only the 1 time while you're recalling from a brush.

REMEMBER: YOUR SKILL COMBO IS R(into the enemy)->Q->E->R->Q->R(to run away)

^ This video will show you how to use your combo :)(again :P)

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Summoner Spells

So, I will tell you something about the summoner spells, which you should/can take and which just NOT, to be an usefull (k)assassin.

This is my favorite spell and I use it EVERY TIME I PLAY KASSADIN. The problem is, that in early it's a little hard to get a kill/do first blood. Your Q spell does not so many dmg. as you won't and starts to pwn the enemies until you reached lvl 5/ur Q is upgraded to the 3rd lvl. Because of that I take ignite, I only need to attack them(2x) with , then and at least ignite and believe me that the most champs will be dead. It can't be "cleansed", IT'S A MUST HAVE TO BE A USEFUL (K)ASSASSIN
Thanks Riot for this spell. I use it always, it helps me to escape when I've got too low mana for 4th teleport in a row, or when it's on cooldown. If your ult is on cooldown and you just need a way to escape, use FLASH, before they can teleport to you and then stun, slow and kill you. This spell is great for Kassa, because you'll need only sometimes an other way to escape and then your flash is rdy. Your enemies will flame, insult you, whatever, but ur fun is going on without be killed :D It can't be "cleansed", TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT! :D
So, teleport is a very liked spell of much kassadins. I took it one time and it helped me to def the lanes or move faster to your aliies before teamfight. I personally like it, but defing turret's isn't your job(only when there are champs to kill). You need feed, kills and maybe ks', not unaffected towers.TAKE IT IF YOU DON'T WANNA MISS ANY TEAMFIGHT
So, heal was used 5months earlier, now it isn't so good for me. You can take it instead of at your first times playing Kassadin, but I took flash for an easier way to escape- you can heal yourself and win 1v1, but it'll be hart to escape if you got no mana and other enemies can come and gank you. It can't be cleansed -.-' TAKE IT, IF YOU WANT

Soooo, cleanse, very important like I saw in some other builds, but NOT FOR YOU. If you can play Kassadin good, you don't need heal, cleanse or maybe flash(if you're soo pr0 :D). But now seriously, you don't need it so much I think. I mean, I know you'll be focused in mid game, maybe in late(if the enemies didn't surrender) but it shouldn't annoy you! Even if you'll be focused, you'll gain kills and run away with 100hp, what will make the enemies much more angry, but here's the fun :D. If you can't play in late game because of the focus, buy a item which will make you more invulnerable. Believe me cleanse can't be cleansed and you should take it if the focus on you is too hard

So, exhaust is a pretty good summoner spell, but I don't use it on Kassadin and probably won't. Why? You don't need slow, you can teleport yourself to the enemy and hit him 2-3 times after your combo to kill him, you don't need a better way to escape from AD champs, because of your ult. The best thing there is the blind, which can help you against AD champs, but you're going to kill peoples, not to fight against them. It can be "cleansed", You CAN take it.
I see ghost used by many Kassadins. It can help you to run away or can be useful at ganking, too. I don't know what I have to say about it, I never tried it out cause I think you don't need it to run away and is better than it, but if you are a fan of it, take it. It can't be cleansed, YOU CAN TAKE IT
So, here's our popular clarity. I just don't take it. Why? You need mana to gain kills and harass the enemies, when you've got a kill and are on 1-2 lvls higher than them you have to go back and don't use clarity to kill the enemy again with only 200hp in 1v1. It can't be cleansed bla bla bla, TAKE IT IF YOUR RUNES DOESN'T MAKE YOU HAPPY

Are Spells for you, which shouldn't be took by you EVER. They are useless, they are ****ty, you don't need them and won't need them, it doesn't matter against which team you'll play!

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Masteries + runes

So, as you can see I chose for you runes and masteries you should take. Here are the reasons for it:

- It's I think the best mark-rune-choose for (k)assassin. It'll give you a little more dmg. and with your dmg. will be higher. It helps a bit against magic resist and it's a MUST HAVE for u.

So, that is the most important rune, which gives you mana regen/5sec/per lvl. Thanks them you'll be able to stay longer on a lane and HARASS them :)

YEAH, the mostly used glyphs on caster's, which gives you cooldown reduction. With your masteries, you'll have nearly reduced cooldown reduction to 15%. It's makes your game better, I played 1time in mid against a other Kass and pwned him, because my Q was faster rdy than him and I did in mid game a quadra kill only thanks to this runes ^^

This runes will give you the chance to stay in your lane until you kill the champ. You'll initate the enemies and you'll harass them so long until you kill them. You can even go gank without port back to gain full mana. I used it and it was pretty good.

greater quint of fortitude The runes which will give you the most adventage in early you can get imo, with the doran's ring you've got above 600hp, which is 200more than the most champs in mid against you'll play. Take it take it take it :P

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This is the most interesting but imo not most important topic, the lovely ITEMS!!!

Your Core item build is:

With this item and your runes you'll have alot of hp in the early game, which will make you alot harder to kill.

THIS is your favorite item, this is what makes you fed, this is what makes you a (k)assassin! Take it so fast as you can and look at the results, LoL!

The recommended shoes for you, will give you a little dmg. bonus. If you don't want to take them, choose merkury's treads.

This is the item with which you'll gain over 500AP. I take it sometimes before sorcerer's shoes and run with normal boots. The dmg. output and my satisfy for beeing legendary is too high to buy better shoes :D

I just say muuuuch AP and even more mana.

Here are the situational items. You should choose one of them by watching at the enemy's team. If they do magic dmg., you'll have to take items that gives you magic resist, armor is for normal dmg. and ap against a bad enemy team :d

Magic resist:

Great item, gives you a little HP and mana boost, which can be combined with . I recommend this item :)

Soo, it gives Magic resist and a bit AP, take it if you want, too.

quicksilver slash Magic Resist and deletes all stuns, slows etc. on you. Great item, you can take it if it's needed.


Mana + 99 armour, great, great, great. Can be combined with archangel's staff too, just a nice item.

Makes you invulnerable, gives you 100 AP and alot of armor. Nice item for you :0


Here you can take or . Both would give you more AP, but I think you won't need more than something with 700(elixirs, fed, maybe baron). Take and in late game, it's the best for you imo!

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New topics are comming soon! Updates?!

This build/guide is not all I wanted to tell you about this op champ. I will record videos by myself and upload it on yt or something like that after. I didn't buy fraps yet so it'll be short videos that will show you the tricks and tipps, so that you won't have to read my guide, yay!!! =D

And, if someone asks me, yes I will update this guide, it's my first guide and I want it to be good :D If a patch comes, I will say something about to it ;p

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Make off :D

I wanna show you my stats I reached with this build :)

Guide Top

Last? words :D

So, when you read all that what I wrote (what I don't thik :D) you may have some questions etc. Ask whatever you want, leave a comment and please tell me what I can do better. But please, don't tell me about my english, I'm young and don't live in Great Britain or something like that and have much time to learn this wonderful language :)

Hope you enjoyed it and don't sleep already, like I said leave a comment! :0