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Draven Build Guide by KingdomKidXII

AD Carry The League Of Draven - A Guide To Draven - Post Patch 3.9

AD Carry The League Of Draven - A Guide To Draven - Post Patch 3.9

Updated on September 7, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingdomKidXII Build Guide By KingdomKidXII 1,592 Views 0 Comments
1,592 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KingdomKidXII Draven Build Guide By KingdomKidXII Updated on September 7, 2013
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Since I am at a lack of words for this section and have nothing important to say about myself, and I know most will skip over this, I'll make it brief. Play to have fun, and if you lose blame the jungler.
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Pros / Cons

Very rewarding champion.
Tremendous damage.
High skill cap means that it's very noticeable when you improve your Draven play.
Excels at killing isolated targets.
Global pressure through his ultimate.
Ability to kite easily enemies through "leading your axes".

Not the simplest champion; if you don't play aggressively, then you need to change your play style heavily.
No built-in escapes from gap closers.
No real poking strength.
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Cleanse removes the extremely irritating exhaust and occasional CC that finds its way onto you. Barrier is good against very low CC teams that rely on damage rather than stuns. Flash is always great to get away from dives and increases your kill potential. You’ll find in many of my games that I Flash offensively to pick up kills whenever I feel I can press an advantage.

Ignite is a generic summoner that I won't say is better or worse than the other 2.
It is great in certain offensive situations but won’t protect you from a towerdive or keep you alive in a team fight.
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Being The ADC

As of making this build I was not the best at ADC or it's not my prime choice in champ select, I would usually play him top instead of as ADC. When I played Draven for the first time post patch 3.9, I was really stale. I didn't bother to play ADC as Draven since he was a high risk champion for yolo queue with his new passive and when I climbed in rankes by going top, jungle, mid and support, I forgot how to ADC entirly. A friend of mine "Chekhovs Gunman" who mains ADC and taught me how to play Bot Lane allowed me to share the basics to being and ADC on this guide.

Chekhovs Gunman (X:04): Some important things to note, focus more on last hitting minions less on Harassing. If you are Under-Fed, clear some jungle camps or ask to trade lanes with someone on your team who is fed and have your support roam in other lanes other than the one your in and continue to ward the lane your in to keep you safe from ambushes.
KingdomKidXII (X:04): Ok
Chekhovs Gunman (X:04): That is why Graves, Vayne, Caitlyn (ADCs with dashes that can move you through terrain) are the best ADCs. Remember in team fights, peel and focus the squishiest ones preferably your counter part, and remember positioning is key.
KingdomKidXII (X:04): How do you position
Chekhovs Gunman (X:04): You position by staying behind or to the side of your tank or support and mostly auto attacking minions or your enemies. Champions with long-ranged basic attacks should stay in the back while their team protects him
KingdomKidXII (X:05): Ok
Chekhovs Gunman (X:05): Most ADC's abilities are for dueling rather than team fighting with some exceptions (Graves AoE's Varus pierce etc) so focus on auto attacking.
KingdomKidXII (X:05): Ok
Chekhovs Gunman (X:06): Try stutter-stepping or orb walking when your farming right after your auto attack projectile leaves your champion, right click somewhere to move then start attacking again. With Draven, lead your Q to the brush or out of range of the enemy so you could set up attacks without worrying.
KingdomKidXII (X:06): Do you mind if I quote you on this.
Chekhovs Gunman (X:06): Not at all :3
KingdomKidXII (X:07): Ok thanks
Chekhovs Gunman (X:07): I main ADC, and mostly main Graves.
KingdomKidXII (X:07): <3
Chekhovs Gunman (X:08): Yea that was a fun game, our Riven wasn't that good :P
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingdomKidXII
KingdomKidXII Draven Guide
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The League Of Draven - A Guide To Draven - Post Patch 3.9

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