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Veigar Build Guide by ScarryFox

Middle The little master of doom

By ScarryFox | Updated on June 7, 2018

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Hello there,

Who am i?
i'm a 20y/o belgian kid who plays league for 3 seasons in a row, had a break of 2 season before that.

Why did you make this guide?
well, the reason i made this guide is to try and help poeple who want's to play veigar, me as person liked veigar when his stun was still instant stun and not with the little place delay we have now. and also i thougth mayb with me shearing how i play him i help poeple learing him or even get beter with him

Why should you play veigar?
well, in my opinion you souldn't, that keeps his banrate low for me.
but on the other side, i personaly think that veigar is fun to play, exept in laning fase (explaning soon). one of the main reasons i play him is bc you can EAZY oneshot midlaner and adc if they don't go FULL MR, if they go full mr, they don't deal that much damage, so it's kind of a win win situation
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Pros / Cons

here we are, the pros and cons, something most poeple care about let me put them in a row
*Good mid / AMAZING late
*once ahead hard to fall behind if u ain't greed

* you can't realy poke in early
* if you want to play agressif u gona need blue
* it might take long to get back on track once behind
* "eazy" to play hard to master
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Laning / farming / game fases

as i said in the introductions, here is where i'll explain why veigar ain't fun in laningfase (FOR ME)


Farming is so important (well it is for every one ^^ ) but u need to farm mostly with you'r Q cuze that is what is gona make you strong in the late, you'r Q gives you stacks, and the more stacks the more AP, the more ap the more damage, the more damage ofc the more kills (resulting in more stacks and so on)


this is where i don't like him. you can poke the enemy but then i don't recomend this build, then u gona need more mana, and that's NOT what this build is about, than you should go chalise or somthing like that to start.
but what u do in laning fase is basicly dance around minions, now and than AA the enemy if you realy want and while you are dancing u need to swing you'r Q around, prefferable on 2 minions at the time who both die when u hit ur Q, so u get the maximum amount of stacks out of it.

Game Fases

as i said before, early you gona need to focus on you'r stacks and to not die.
when you can kill you'r enemy go for it ofcours, if you know how to set up ganks it comes out handy, if you don't know it, don't wory about kills, you'll get them in mid / late if you'r not to far behind (you and you'r team)

here is where he is STARTING to shine, by now you should've decent amount of stacks (270 - 350 at 30:00 everything higher only helps you)
IF you are behind bc u did get camped and you'r the only lane who is hard behind, chill, just go splitpushing but don't go further then lake, exept when u know the enemy team is at top (all of them) and you are bot, then u can keep going untill you have no vision on them or around you.
when you won early
when you won early you mostly have a good / decent amount of stacks and you shouldn't realy don't worry about what's gona happen next, you will like it, belive me!
as i said, if you won early that gives you a good / decent amount of stacks, what means that u are ahead with the AP what means u can start roaming if needed to help you'r team out but there is one negative thing about that and that is the fact that the enemy's will probably start focusing you, if they don't do it now, then enjoy you'r free kills basicly. also the enemy's don't have hughe amout of MR right now so that fact that ur stacks are good only helps u beter, less mr more damage more stacks

if you where behind in early you should've farmed stacks mid what makes u good again in late.
even if the enemy's got mr and did focus you in mid (prob when u are wining early / mid) you'll still do damage, but only when u didn't die as the only one (so you also did get assists on enemy's) and ofc if you keep stacking with Q, if you didn't then you are screwed, but i suppose you didn't stop stacking so it's fine ^^
basicly this is the moment where you can oneshot everyone, exept tanks with tons of MR (unless the game is during ages)
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well, this is it, you read the hole guide congratz?

feel free to comment and rate the guide, yes it's just boring text, but that gives me more to improve on (it is my first guide) i'm open for advise and mayb we improve this guide together
League of Legends Build Guide Author ScarryFox
ScarryFox Veigar Guide

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The little master of doom