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Udyr Build Guide by Graham

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Graham

The Low Elo Carry - Godyr

Graham Last updated on July 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Udyr with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi Yi is incredibly easy to beat as you can stun him and if you have farmed feral well you can three hit him with phoenix stance.
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Hello guys, my name is Graham. I play on EUW and my account is gold 2, this guide is just to help people who believe they are 'stuck' in there division and try to help them learn how to solo carry games. Udyr is my choice for this as he is the easiest to quickly stack the feral flare but other junglers can build similar and have the same end game results.

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Pros / Cons

-Fast Clear
-Can Easily Snowball
-Strong Duelist
-I'd Class Him As A Hyper Carry As Feral Scales Him Hard Into Late
-Can Be Classed As A Hybrid Carry Due To Feral Magic DMG And Phoenix Stance.

-If You Fall Behind It Becomes Very Difficult
-With This Playstyle You Rely On Your Team Not Feeding Early
-Wards Screw His Solo Dragon/Baron Ability
-Aggressive Junglers Who Like TO Counter Jungle Will Beat You Easily.

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The smite is always needed on a jungler and I don't need to explain why as it's obvious. Ghost is my choice as it helps you if you are ahead or behind as you can catch people easily if you are ahead, or if your behind you can lead the enemies on a wild goose chase while your team take objective to try and balance the gold out so you are able to fight.

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Creeping / Jungling

Before I start explaining, the most important thing is to completely blank out your team so you aren't controlled by them as it will lower your stacks. If you tend to react to abusive/negative comments, i'd strongly recommend muting your team before starting.

This is by far the most important thing with Udyr. Level 1 taking blue you should activate phoenix as soon as you spawn into the game to buy items. Then at 1:55 when blue spawns, stand behind the blue buff so your flame breath hits the blue and the mini ones then activate straight after to get the flame breath straight back. Once you hit level two, run to wolves/wraiths, activate tiger for the dot and active attack speed then switch to phoenix as soon as possible so you will get flame breaths out faster. then do the same for red switching between tiger to apply the dot and get active attack speed then switch to phoenix, I like to let 2 flame breaths go off before switching back to tiger to get a maximum damage output. When you reach level 3, go to golems and so the same combo as previous then go to wraiths, after this you will get level four and scale up turtle, you will then have drained most of your pots so you should switch your combo to allow you to sustain. You should go in with turtle stance for the shield and to get a bit of hp back with the lifesteal then as soon as the shield breaks go into tiger for the dot and attack speed then phoenix, you can then switch between either tiger and phoenix, or turtle, tiger, phoenix depending on your hp bar. This allows you to sustain until you base for the double jungle items. Also after you smite blue and red buffs, only use smite on the big golem or the white camp as these are the hardest to kill/you will take most damage from these.

After you base and get the double jungle items you should be level 5, you can use ghost to run back to jungle faster as you don't have bear stance yet, but only do this if you are confident that you won't be counter jungled. Then your combos with stances aren't as important as you get the return hp and mana from the items. once you reach 6, you should use bear stance between mobs as you get mana return from spirit stone so it just allows you to stack faster. Once you hit 6 you should go and solo dragon. Make sure you trinket first and if it's warded, clear the ward then farm till your trinket is up again then ahead down and do the same.

Once you get your wriggles lantern just stack, stack, stack. I don't normally help the team till about 20mins in. This gives you a level advantage from power farming and a gold advantage as you get 130% gold from jungle mobs. At about 25mins you can solo baron as you will have feral flare, boots and 2 items. You should have around 40-50 feral stacks by then, again make sure to trinket first.

You get the idea from here so i will just list the combos at different levels and just again say how important it is to ignore your team and stack, even if you lose an inhibitor it doesn't matter as if you have a lot of feral stacks you will hit them like cannon minions.

Level 1: r,r
Level 2: q,r (repeat)
Level 3: q,r (repeat)
Level 4: w,q,r then q.r (repeat) or w,q,r (repeat)
Dragon: w,q,r then q.r (repeat) or w,q,r (repeat)
Baron: w,q,r then q,r,w,q,r,q,r,w (repeat)

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If Your team is ahead, just push all the lanes and then continue stacking feral in jungle after 20mins, your team will most likely be able to 4v5 and if they throw you'll have enough feral stacks, gold, and items to carry.

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If you're behind, make sure to peel for your carries and waste time for them by leading the enemies on chases while your team take objectives, with tenacity and your movement kit you will most likely survive and the gold from objectives with narrow the gold lead and eventually you will be able to fight. Split pushing is another option if the enemies don't have map awareness as it's free gold and you may get an inhibitor which allows you to bait objectives while super minions push.

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Other things that help you carry with Udyr are:

Experience: the more you play him, the more you will understand him,this is obvious but just don't give up if you have a couple bad games with him, keep trying and you'll slowly get used to it.

Dodging: dodging crowd control abilities and skillshots is a key thing you need to learn as it means you can stay in fights for longer and or lead them on chases for longer to give your team more time.

Stalling Time: by keeping lanes pushed and farming feral, you can stall time as they can't push objecitves even if they do win fights, this allows you to become stronger and give your team the chance to purchase their core items.

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All the information I have gave you should help you learn how to carry and improve on Udyr, this is my first guide so please like if you like it, or dislike if you hate it, and pleas comment to give me feedback on how to improve my guides so I can help you out more. I hope this guide has helped you and am looking forward to making more in the future, thanks.