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Diana Build Guide by Phantom Pain

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phantom Pain

The Lunar Queen - AP Burst (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Phantom Pain Last updated on January 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Okay guys so this is my first ever guide on MOBAFIRE. Diana has been my favorite champion ever since she came out. She excels in her burst AP damage, ability to jungle and gank, as well as medium tank-ness. What I like about Diana is her gaming phase. She is relatively OK early game, very good medium game and purely AWESOME late game. In this guide all her awesomeness will be brought out to you. =D

NOTE: This is only an AP MID Diana build. If anyway would like to jungle, I do not recommend this build. I AM A STUDENT IN A VERY ANNOYING SCHOOL, SO I MIGHT ONLY UPDATE A FEW THINGS ONCE A WEEK.

Jokes I wrote that last should be once a year...mmm sorry about that guys...

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Masteries and Runes


Standard AP Masteries. Here I'd like to say, there IS no big secret about Diana, really there isn't. Just standard set ups will do.


Take Magic Pen Marks, Armour Seals, Ability Power Glyphs and Ability Power Quints. This combined with Masteries gives Diana 30 AP to start with. This set up is suitable for both laning and jungling. In late game, this set up will work with your build.

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Tips about Gaming Phase and Items

Now to the most important part of Diana.


Diana's Passive, Moon Silver Blade, gives her "TONS OF DAMAGE". When going mid, start off with a Sapphire Crystal, as you see Diana's main weakness is mana comsumption. Questions may be raised on the runes where I took no magic resist. Diana's is naturally durable, early game she should not be out damaged. If you're laning against a ranged mage, like Ryze or Zyra, you would want to farm with your Q (Crescent Strike) WHILE hitting your opponents at the same time. Try to position yourself so that your opponent has no change to juke. A common mistake made by people is: they tend to think that the AoE part of Diana's Q deals more damage. I can assure you, it is NOT true. I've watched my friends play her on their computers, they keep aiming the AoE (End Circle) part of her Q at the Champion they're against. Unless you need to out poke them, do NOT try to hit them, it is the easiest to juke, and it would waste your mana. Instead, aim it towards your left a little bit, and make sure a larger area of your Q would hit your opponent. Keep harassing and farming like this. Once you've forced your opponent out of the lane, take the time and farm with your basic attacks.



This is the most important 20 second of your early game. Normally with me, I'd stay in lane with my opponent all the way till lvl 6. Once I do, i'd go in while a health pot is still on. Because I really think having a 12 health regen / second for 10 seconds helps me with early fights. Okay, If you're versing Squishy mids like Zyra or Brand, one Q should talk out like 1/5 of their health bar. Then use Diana's biggest kill combo. (i'll include the Q again)
(dm) Q - R - W - a - a - E - Passive - Ig. - (dm) Q - R - R

This is the combo I use for more tankier mids. You Q, the (dm) stands for DOn'T MISS. Make sure you do not miss your Q. Then immediately Dash towards your opponent. Immediately turn on your shield, which does not stop your movement so your should've landed TWO basic attacks already. At this point, your opponents are either fighting back or trying to run. If nothing happens just keep hitting basic attacks. If they're fighting back, hit your E, which stops their abilities and slows them. At this point they should flash if they're smart. Don't panic, keep chasing and use your Q again, then dash, land ignite and dash again. BAM KILL.

If you For squishy mids, you don't need the second Q. Just simply dash the second time to catch up if they flash. This also applies to if they flash immediate after your first dash. Don't panic, turn on your shield and Dash the second time, then immediately land Moonfall. then hit basic attacks and land ignite, keep chasing until they die. Or just use your Q to snipe. *TIP: when sniping a running opponent with your Q, if your Circle AoE part is directing infront of your opponent, it is a guaranteed hit. Aim if a tiny bit towards the left.


That catalyst and a blasting wand should make you very OP by mid game. Keep on your build and farm as much as you can. At this point, your job should be get some more kills, destroy a Tower and start roaming around the map to help your allies.

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Tips about being countered

There is no big secret about being good at Diana. You need to be careful when versing CC Champions like Ryze or Anivia. Refer to for champions that can counter Diana.

My personal enemy when playing as Diana is Vladimir. I am not sure why that is, however I'd lose my lane most of the time. But let's face it, there really aren't many Vladimir.

If you're every having a hard time against mid, there are options. If you have the condition, call a gank from other lanes or jungler, and make sure you get the last hit, don't be afraid to waste your ultimate for it, it has a very short cooldown anyway. If all your other lanes are failing too, you'd have to rely on yourself. If you every ran into Tank mid like Gragas or Galio, just simply keep harassing with Crescent Strike (remember your early Catalyst will help you out a lot here). Be decisive when trying to use Lunar Rush, by this I mean the interaction with Pale Cascade. When going in mid lane, charging at your enemy with Lunar Rush AND Pale Cascade on will waste the three orbs on a bunch of minions. Also you need to save Moon Fall till your enemy actually starts to run. If your get extremely low by the encounter, remember that moon fall pulls enemy right into where you are. So if your enemy chases you as you run, simply flash but not too far, just into a safe distance, then Moonfall your enemy into your turrnent and hit him with Crescent Strike and Lunar Rush, use it a secondly time if you need to. This will ensure a kill. If you take the good time, you can use your Pale Cascade to shield yourself.

No one can really counter Diana once she is fed, however early game if you're having trouble or being out damaged, don't let them get free hits. Trade attacks with them. Don't let them walk away unharmed...when you run into VERY OP Mids like RYZE, well, last time I checked you can always out-poke them, this is where you need to harass over him.

Not sure if this always happens, but sometimes I enter a small fight, kills one person, however get ganked by the other people on their team. Do not panic if this happens, DON'T FLASH straight away. Depending on your situation, you can run to a wall, and flash over it. If you get CC'ed, flash to a nearest jungle camp, hit Crescent Strike and Dash towards them with Lunar Rush. If you can't do this...just pray. Or, like what I do, do my best to damage them, while PING'ING crazy, so that hopefully my team would pick up the kill.

I find versing Kassadin very annoying. He silences, and he has over powered escape and chasing potential. When this happens, I usually call a gank. However if you're versing him in mid, make sure you farm over him, and get to lvl 6 before him. Once you do, drink a health pot and immediately go for him. This normally grants a easy kill, or at least would force him to retreat, granting a turrent down. Once that happens, start roaming and be an actual assassin.