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Master Yi Build Guide by Cloosen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cloosen

The Master "Yi" of the jungle

Cloosen Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey people...

I've made this guide from my own experience and what i think is worth a try. Im using this build myself when im playing yi, if my team isnt full of ******s i should be pretty damn feeded through out the whole game.

By not picking smite as a summoner spell you will get better late game and i have never experienced myself getting out lvled so i would prefer to take exhaust or ghost instead of smite, but ofc if you want smite go for it :)

I hope you will enjoy playing Master Yi without smite and just surprising your opponents by popping out of the jungle.

(The build without smite is NOT FOR RANKED PLAY! it's for trolling in normal games, you will need smite to last hit your buffs if you're playing serius ofc.)

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Pros / Cons

If your new and dont know what to play then Master Yi will be a pretty good choise because he's very easy to play but he can also be a real pain in the...


- High damages all game long
- Fast jungler if you are lucky
- Your opponents wont expect a jungling yi (unless somebody tells them)
- and makes it easy to chase
- With the right positioning in teamfights you will be able to get lots of kills very easy.
- Able to take out the squishy targets extremely fast


- Squishy
- Kiteable(ashe perm. slow etc.)
- Exhaust ruins his dmg output completely

Yi can be very hard to play if you're playing vs. skilled players, but after a couple of games you will know what to do and what you consider as the best items to buy, this is just a guide that might help you a little, though i enjoy playing him the jungle style :)

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Why "Greater Mark of Desolulation" you may ask?
Well when you get feeded enough your enemy might think that they would get some armor but with this you will cut right through it + with the build you will do even more dmg to them.

The attack speed from this is really good to trigger your passive which is pretty OP if you get enough attack speed.

CDR is good because your "Q" ability has a really long CD so for helping your jungle you should get these.

This is pretty much up to you, you can also pick flat HP quint if you want more HP from lvl 1 to be sure of not dying in the jungle if your Q does not trigger.

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These items gives you a lot of dmg, attack speed, lifesteal and armor penetration which is pretty much what you need when your playing Master Yi. But you can buy a warmongers or something like that instead of the bloodthirster if you feel that your too squishy but thats up to you.

is the first item to buy with 5 this is because you need the armor so you wont die in the jungle and the HP pots because you will lose some HP in the jungle basicly.

Buy the first time you go base so that you will move quickly through the jungle and will be able to gank when you got your red buff.

is a REEEAALLY good jungle item because it gives you 1: lifesteal 2:armor 3:A CHANCE TO DEAL 500+ DMG ON CREEPS!? AND EVEN A FREE WARD!! thats why this item is very important.

Then you will buy your real boots , you will need the attack speed to trigger your passive and deal a lot of dmg very fast.

Now you should buy B.F. sword get this asap to get the dmg you need and from now on you should begin to get some kills and a lot of creep kills.

you will get a later and this will be your pre-version of it.

Now its time get your real dmg output by getting this weapon now you will kick some but.

is the next item by getting this you will hit fast and crit a lot which is really good + you get some movement speed so you will be an even better chaser.

almost done now :) this item will provide you with a more effective teamfight because of the team buff and it will give you more attack speed and lifesteal.
(if someone on your team already got this item Do not buy it! then spend the money on something else that you like:))

Last item will be a or some survivability what ever u like the most, when you get your go solo baron and shout out loud this build is epic!
then go get yourself a pentakill cheers :)

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Skill Sequence

Getting your Q to lvl 5 asap is very important because you will be able to one-hit the creeps later on which is really awesome.

Haveing your W at a decent lvl is really nice so you wont die in the jungle and you will be able to jump out of a teamfight heal yourself and go back in.

Your E isnt that important in the jungle so you can wait with that, but if you want to do some laning too this is good to get some point in fast.

Your ultimate is very OP because its gives you movement speed, attack speed, slows wont work on you! and if you get a kill all your CDs will be reset! thats freakin' OP

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhaust is what i consider as the best summoner spells for yi.

With and he have like 100% of getting away if he wants to.

is good because it will slow his opponents and make them do like no dmg at all.


You can take or if you want but thats up to you.
Though i recommend and

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Creeping / Jungling

Now to the jungling part!

1. Take your wolf-pack
2. Wraiths (if you got smite use it on the big one)(can be challenging without smite)
3. Golems (use your W before the fight so you got enough HP)
4. go harrass bot/top lane a little, push them back if possible
6. take our blue buff (smite should be ready for this)
7. If your opponents dont have jungler go take their red buff and take out that part of the jungle now go gank mid
8. go jungle some more
9. rest is up to you, keep jungling through out the whole game so you will get as much creep kills as possible. But you will need to watch out for your team and stay in range of them so you will be able to get there during a teamfight.

BTW: remember to gank the solo top lane as much as possible.

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Team Fights

Your position in teamfights will be hiding until the teamfight has begun then you will be jumping their carrys(or the target your team told you to target) from behind or from the side. Remember to pop your ulti when you run in so you will kill them faster :)