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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Camille Build Guide by Valastille

Tank The most majestic tank on the rift - Camille top/mid guide.

Tank The most majestic tank on the rift - Camille top/mid guide.

Updated on December 17, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valastille Build Guide By Valastille 246,982 Views 7 Comments
246,982 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Valastille Camille Build Guide By Valastille Updated on December 17, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Hi I'm Alchetor, this is my build for Camille after getting to level 4 and to be quite honest, it's really broken. My S6 rank is nothing too amazing (Silver 5), but my games on Camille are very, very good when using this build. This is my first build on MOBA Fire so feel free to leave me advice. I'm looking forward to updating this build and making it more in-depth if people like it, thanks!.
Abbreviations used in this build:
MR = Magic Resist
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
AD = Attack Damage
AA = Auto-Attack
TL = Thunderlord's
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Match history

Some of these are a bit mixed but you get the point, shes op.
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Camille's playstyle is quite wierd, but the most comparable champion would have to be Riven, Camille is a high AD fighter with a built-in shield against her enemies primary source of damage (AD giving an armor shield and AP giving a MR shield) stacked on her hp, she has a gap closing stun, a heal and slow, and an ultimate that traps a target in an area with her which forces them to fight (don't forget that she becomes untargetable when initiating it). So of course her playstyle will be wierd, but that doesn't mean bad. As Camille you want to play quite aggressive early game (depends on matchup), remembering to take advantage of Camille's passive, and Camille's Q-AA reset and 2nd Q. Camille will win most trades as long as you engage on equal terms with your passive up, keeping in mind that they may disengage and wait for your shield to fall, then you might want to also disengage. Camilled in the mid game will want to roam and collect kills for her team, taking advantage of her beautiful E ability and ult. Late game Camille will be able to pretty much 1v1 everyone, even most ADC's on equal terms, making the most out of her mechanics, but against heavy CC teams she will struggle a lot in her plays. Camille will most likely be the initiator of the team, being careful to use her ult to split their team up making the use of how it drags enemies to the outside of the area, letting you get damage off on the ADC and forcing them to use summs, mastering this playstyle combined with mechanics will be very strong and beneficial to all games.
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Summoner Spells

Flash/Ghost and Ignite/Barrier/Teleport

Starting from left to right:
Flash - 85% of the time you should take this spell, offering endless attack and defense possibilities.

Ghost - The remaining 15% of the time you will pick ghost, where they have heavy slow or if you just want to have more juke potential than flash.

Ignite - Take ignite if you have a squishy laner for some easy level 3 cheese, you will probably get the kill 100% of the time if you play right.

Barrier - An annoying shield I like running for when I just want to piss off my laner, it will save you and allow outplay potential but not recommended.

Teleport - A good mobility spell for getting across the map as reinforcements or split pushing, an overall safe pick and is recommended.
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My runes are relatively straight forward.
3 Quints of AD
9 Marks of AD
6 Glyphs of Scaling CDR
3 Glyphs of MR
9 Seals of AR

Why take scaling CDR runes?, because this adds up to above 10% CDR, meaning with your full build without overstacking, you will reach 45% CDR at level 17, this also gives you nice timers on your abilities for your mid game, these are especially useful at this time if you're behind.
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Pros and Cons


Deals **** loads of damage
High mobility around the map
Amazing dueling potential
Great outplay potential
Good team fight engage


Very, very weak if behind
Quite complicated when you're panicked, especially when fighting multiple enemies at once.
Some E hitbox glitches and accidental follow-throughs (will probably be patched out).
Relies on auto attacks as her main source of damage, which is flawed.
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Masteries are explained in the masteries notes, but here's a more in-depth description of my choice of Thunderlords.
So what are the avaliable chocies?

But why Thunderlord's out of all those?, heres why:

Colossus - Colossus gives a beautiful shield that allows you to engage for your team fights, pokes or even come back from a failed fight with an annoying shield that will tilt the best of us. But I don't take it because although Camille will get a massive shield, she won't get the most out of it because of the focus of this build, which is re-engage, re-engage, re-engage, like an annoying Riven main. Thunderlord's has half the CD of Colossus at max level which means she uses it more efficiently, she also deals much more damage in early-mid which helps with keeping her ahead and on-top of her enemies.

Fervor - Fervor is a good pick because of how long Camille is in trades, but for a max of 64 extra AD after 4 auto-attacks, I'd rather pick the burst damage keystone for the re-engage potential and trades.

Warlords - Warlords is a 'meh' keystone for Camille, it gives some outplay potential, but is outweighed by the fact that Camille has quite slow combos early-mid which don't necessarily pair well with this keystones potential.

Stormraider's - Very good and a much recommended keystone on high CC enemy team comps because of the stickiness it offers, but overall TL is much better.

Grasp - Grasp is not bad but not great on Camille, I highly recommend that you don't take this keystone.
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Max order = R,Q,E,W
Why max Q first?
The damage that Camille's Q offers is disgusting, it is a high damaging ability that can auto reset and deal true damage, maxing this ability is a must have in almost every game, as this is also Camille's main source of damage. Then you max your E next for the CD so that helps with your engaging, then lastly your W for the slow and small heal it provides.
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Normal poke - AA>Q>AA>AA>Q>AA (Move between auto attacks)
Engage - E(To wall)>E(To enemy)>AA>Q>W>Q>AA
Full engage (Situational in most circumstances) - E(To wall)>E(To enemy)>AA>Q>R>AA>Q>W
These are relatively straight forward.
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Thanks for reading my guide, hopefully you learned something new from it and if you improved based off of my build please leave feedback.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valastille
Valastille Camille Guide
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The most majestic tank on the rift - Camille top/mid guide.

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