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Ashe Build Guide by SorryCeaser

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SorryCeaser

The New Ashe 5.9

SorryCeaser Last updated on May 16, 2015
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Threats to Ashe with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Miss Fortune Same as lucian use your ult to stop her's she's an easy target.
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I'm hoping those who read this have a basic understanding of Ashe and what she was like before the patch.
With the latest patch to Ashe, the usual crit build were used to is now out the window. Ashe can no longer crit, the only crit she can get is off her passive which is a crit of 110% however that can be increased with items like Infinity Edge. Instead attack speed to buff her new Ranger's Focus is where I like to work on. As explained below.

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Why Attack Speed?

Ashes new Ranger's Focus Works but every 5 Auto attacks you can activate to have a flurry of arrows for a max of 1.35 of her AD Plus the max of 40% Attack Speed, For 4 seconds.

Meaning we want to get as many attacks in there as possible in those 4 seconds.

Runaan's Hurricane gives us a massive advantage since we attack 3 targets at once meaning you only need 2 auto attacks to get max stacks on your Ranger's Focus. It also provides on hit effects from Blade of the Ruined King and Your Frost Shot slow to all 3 targets while providing the attack speed while Ranger's Focus is activated.

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Current Meta

Due to the current meta of HP tanks in the jungle and top with the use of cinderhulk. ADC's and assassin's have been having a rough time being CC'd permanently till death. And to be frank its not enjoyable thanks Sejuani I'm talking about you.

The ability to stay alive as an ADC is more important now than bursting them down. So all the CC Ashe provides can keep a Sejuani or Gragas away from you while you run.

Also with this build you will be much more effective at fighting these HP tanks. With Blade of the Ruined King you will be dealing HP damage on hit now which is instantly a win. Also the attack speed is very effective versus these tanks because it buffs your life steal. Also Runaan's Hurrican allows you to while fighting that tank (if you have to) to deal damage to targets around them so your not doing the dreaded ""OMG ADC FOCUSING TANK GG SURRENDER AT 20"".

Sejuani eat your heart out.

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Blade of the Ruined King
With the curret tank meta any form of HP damage is nice. Also the slow from the active increases your cc further if you can get in range. It also provides another form of lifesteal

Runaan's Hurricane
Runaan's Is a nice item as you can slow up to 3 targets at once with your passive and BoTRK. Its also provides the necessary attack speed to buff your Q.

Infinity Edge
Although the critical chance isn't of much use the damage and critical damage increase are. With the new passive Ashe crits on every auto attack on units affected by her passive. At base its 110% but increasing the critical damage with IE Then gives you much higher base damage for every auto.

The Bloodthirster
Yet again increasing damage and life steal, and that shield can come in handy allot of the time.

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Pros / Cons

+ Good Team fighting.
+ Good Kite/CC.
+ Built in Anti Gank with E.
+ Out ranges average ADC's.

- No dash/mobility.
- Only W scales with AD.
- Is no longer bursty at all.
- Very Squishy

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Best Supports.

Ashe Is no longer a passive farming champion by nature, due to the change to Hawkshot. (But if you want to sit farming go ahead only your support will moan. :D)

Due to your lack of burst compared to many other ADC's such as Lucian, Vayne and Caitlyn.

A support champ that can heal to negate that burst is very handy support like Nami, Soraka and Lulu.

Support Champions that also have allot of CC such *** Leona, Blitzcrank and Thresh can come in handy too so you can land your Enchanted Crystal Arrow and kill a enemy champion before they can even react.

Meaning some of the best support for Ashe now include (In my opinion):

Lulu : A combination of CC and healing to negat burst and allow you to chase champions down.

Blitzcrank; Despite his recent nerf blitz can work well with Ashe if he can land his Rocket Grab and then Knock them up with Power Fist. Its a easy shot for your Enchanted Crystal Arrow and unless your very behind it should be a definite kill.

Bard: Bard is one seriously hated champ right now, but after plenty of buffs he's viable. Bard provides healing cc and a nice stun with his Tempered Fate and if you can time it right gives you an easy shot with Enchanted Crystal Arrow. However Bard has to roam leaving you open to ganks and aggressive enemy bot lanes.

Nami Is also a nice pick healing and a long CC From her Aqua Prison. Giving you plenty of time to Enchanted Crystal Arrow and negate their burst. She also has allot better team fighting ability late than most other supports here due to her Tidal Wave.

Bad support for Ashe:

Zilean Offer neither CC or healing only comes into affect after 6 when he can revive you.

Leona Although leona has some strong CC she has to dive to her enemy leaving you very exposed to anything else. She provides no healing. Also Leona players can be overly aggressive not allowing you to farm and diving in way to deep. (From my experience)

Soraka although she provides plenty of healing she offers no form of cc or protection. she will always be low from healing you meaning the enemy bot lane will be very aggressive and the enemy adc will completely ignore her in a fight and go on you since she is no threat.

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Thank you for Reading.

This is my 1st guide and feedback would be much appreciated.

All opinions and views are of my own experience and what I have been told/learned on the rift and from other players. Not everybody is going to agree about everything and I'm always open to changing things if you prove me wrong. After all it is a team game.
Obviously this build will have different outcomes in different elo's same as all builds.

(This guide is still a WIP)

Nerf Teemo.