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Shaco Build Guide by Chriyuss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chriyuss

The Poke Joke: Basic Guide to Shaco for Starters

Chriyuss Last updated on March 30, 2015
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Recommended call for Shaco

If you are one of the people who follow the custom of calling lanes, Shaco is mainly jungler. Top-Lane is viable, but not as great as Top-Lane. So try calling jungle. If you are in a tight situation and if someone instalocks a jungle Champion, be the nice guy and go top lane. If you realize this in time, exchange your smite to teleport. Otherwise, deal with it

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Jungle Path (for people like me)

You need not pay attention as Top-Lane

First of all, you start with gromp. As Shaco, you start with your w,Jack in the Box. You have no need for a silly leash. 30 seconds before minions spawn, place as many boxes on the camp as you can. They will pretty much do all the work for you. At this moment you may want to just basic attack, save your smite. When you have your level 2, get your e. Then if you aren't low, go to the blue camp. go for the buff and then smite it for mana and the damage. If you did well enough, you would have enough health and mana to continue to wolves. After wolves just recall. If you are up to the task, go to the lane doing the worst at that moment for a gank. But ask if the bush is warded, if it is keep away until later. You may want to ward the dragon camp right about now if your team will help you slay the dragon. Right about now you should get raptors. Repeat this process and you are sure to jungle with average skill.

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Jack's Surprise Attacks! ༺‿༻

When you are mid game, let's say about 10 minutes in. You probably have enough mana to lay many boxes around. Lay them in the bushes that are in the river, as well as places the other summoners may walk by on your enemy team. It is simple. If you play that little bugger Teemo, I hope you know how to place your shrooms, because you would put these in the same places. You put them everywhere. Also like Teemo, you can slow you pursuers by placing it right behind yourself in the midst of running. It isn't what you should lean towards as a top-laner.

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Jukes (°ロ°)☝

You may have seen jukes from many people! But although not the best, Shaco can still juke to save him from a death. His q, Deceive, is basicly a flash, but he becomes temporarily invisible. If the other jungle has magical sight, the invisibility will not work when near them. Now lets say you are next to a wall on one side that you can go through, and a bush on your other side, this doesn't always work but it is very likely (in my experience.) While you can escape going over the wall, you can q into the bush instead and they may think that you went over the wall. This works with flash but you become invisible with q, so it is more likely to work with Shaco than another champion with flash. You don't need flash because of this q either way.

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The Information you need for poking. 〠_〠

While your shiv may not poke as hard as you want, you can achieve more pokes with the add on of Luden's Echo, the new item. Some people even call this the AP Static Shiv. Now that is obvious, but the part you may not know is how to activate them, for they activate as separate identities. It is recommended that one uses q to come up to an enemy champion and use your Backstab Passive to use your basic attack. The thing that activates Static Shiv is your BASIC ATTACK. The task you must do to activate Luden's Echo is quite different. Since Luden's Echo only activates upon contact with a ranged attack, you must use your e, Two-Shiv Poison to activate Luden's Echo. This is important and a key and vital tactic. For Farming purposes, these two items work effectively, and if you complete this set with your Ravenous Hydra, you may farm at an exponential level!

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Stupid Taunting

This is optional and not recommended but to do annoying taunts here is how you should do it. if you use your laugh or press ctrl+4 then Shaco will cover his pants (and yes, that spot.) Using your dance, or ctrl+3 you can just salvage a joke from the dance move you may have tried as a kid, the worm. He basically dry-humps the ground. That's basically it.

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Basic Uses for Ulti ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

First of all, it is mainly for the following reasons
One may deceive another by using a clone to simulate your escape, while you go another way. This can be achieved at even low health. Like Braum says, "It is easy, see?"

-Close Call Kills
If you are low, then you can use the clone as a distraction. You may use this to solo dragon, or even Baron if needed.

-Extra Damage
Shaco may use his ult to destroy towers and buildings, as well as kill other champions or monsters for jungling. This is simple and anyone can do this (at the cost of 3150 IP and skill)

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Credits ✌.ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.✌

Most of the Build : OOO Austin OOO