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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Coxinator

The Real Way to Carry (If You Just Don't Care Anymore)

The Coxinator Last updated on March 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey there, first time making a build so please do not be too terribly critical of it. I decided to experiment with Mordekaiser after playing a game with him because I did not like the current play style and this is what I came up with. This build might seem a little unorthodox but do not let those negative Nancys from keeping you from trying this amazing build. If you like to get fed easily, backdoor or just slap the poop out of creeps then this might be the build for you!

******NOTE THIS BUILD IS NOT COMPLETE***** Well it is I will just add pretty pictures when I get time.

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Pros / Cons


-One of the best backdoorers in the game
-Amazing creep farmer
-Can jungle as soon as you get a Wriggle's Lantern
-You move really freak'n fast
-You don't need to buy sight wards


-Morde is actually fair
-Your teammates might yell at you but they just don't understand
-Your Kill / Death ratio might be bad if you only focus on tower pushing but hey your tower pushes will be amazing
-Somewhat squishy compared to other Mordekaiser builds
-Your back might hurt from carrying

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The reason I chose these runes:

-The attack damage makes you hit towers much harder
-The health makes you more of a nuisance early game and is detrimental to backdooring.

Possible alternatives:

-You could also switch the Red AD runes for Armor Pen ones Greater Mark of Desolation if you feel like your going to punch players more often than towers

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Summoner Spells

The reason I picked revive and teleport is so you can become the ultimate BACKDOORER!
The general idea is to run near a turret, drop a wriggles lantern, attack the turret while using your skills on creeps to keep your shield up, when you die your inevitable death, just revive and teleport to the lantern! Improved revive also gives you more health which makes it a crucial mastery for this build.

NO ALTERNATE SUMMONER SPELLS. and are a MUST for this build to work.

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The reason I chose these masteries is because they are the best chose if you want to efficiently backdoor / push turrets. The only two real masteries of note are the Improved Revive (Preservation) and Improved Teleport (Spatial Accuracy) ones. The Improved Revive is amazing because of the health bonus which it gives you after you use it. Used in conjunction with Teleport, you become a backdooring machine!

If you think your going to focus more on killing enemy champions then you might want to do a 21/8/1 or 21/1/8 build for physical damagers while picking up the two masteries I mentioned above.

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Skill Sequence

You really should already know what Mordekaiser's skills are if your going to try this build.

This is your passive and what it does is convert a percent of your damage into a shield. You definitely want to try and keep this up as much as possible when backdooring and when your participating in a team fight because you are somewhat squishy.

This is your nose bapping ability. It scales fairly well with Ability Power as well as with Attack Damage and does great single target damage but the damage is reduced if there are multiple targets. It will wreck people if you fight them 1v1 late game but it will still do a good amount of damage if there are multiple people around.

This ability can be cast on other teammates and friendly minions and what it does is increase your magic resist while doing damage to nearby enemy units for a short period of time. This ability also scales only off of Ability Power so the damage portion is going to be a little weak but the Magic Resist is still nice. You want to try and keep this up while you walk into a team fight.

This ability does damage in a frontal cone and is the main source of getting your passive shield up. The idea is to hit as many enemy units as possible with this to get your shield maxed out as efficiently as possible, especially when backdooring a tower and in a team fight. This scales only off of Ability Power as well and isn't going to be a huge damage source for you in a fight but it is still a necessity.

This is quite possibly your best ability. It instantly deals a percent of the enemy champion's health while doing damage over time. If the enemy champion you used this ability on dies while it is still active, then you will get a ghost of that champion while increasing Mordekaiser's Ability Power and Attack Damage by a significant amount. The scaling of the ghost isn't that great for an Attack Damage Mordekaiser because it only scales off of Ability Power and chances are your going to have little to no Ability Power but if you use it on the right enemy champion you will end up wrecking their team and their towers. The idea is to use it on an auto-attack champion that has on-hit effects such as Teemo and Twitch. If you can't use it on one of them, then just settle for a normal auto-attacker and if you can't get that well just put it on someone and hopefully you will still get a ghost that can tank a tower or something.

The skill sequence is just the generic Mordekaiser skill sequence. No changes here.
Use to get your passive shield up, use , then find someone (Preferably an auto-attacker) to use your ultimate, on, and use to bap people on the noses while using your ghost to kill people and / or towers.

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You start off with a and 5 , trust me you will need it for what your about to do. Then you get a to kill creeps faster, then you buy Berserker Greaves for the attack speed (Can be substituted for or for getting to the turrets faster) then you get a . The is a crucial part of the item build as explained in the section above, you need it to backdoor more efficiently. Then you build a for the movement speed, mainly the movement speed at this point because you are still squishy. Then you want to get a and . At this point you will be shredding people and turrets but then you finish the build off by building 2 more then turning them into to . An alternative to two is to instead turn the into a for the slow, ability power, attack damage, movement speed and critical strike chance.

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How It Works

Early Game:

-Just play like you would play any Mordekaiser and just be super annoying. Use to keep up your shield while using to bap enemies on the nose if they get too close.

Mid Game:

-Focus on pushing your lane, by now you should have your and Berserker Greaves which will make you punch creeps even faster and harder. I usually wander and jungle occasionally when I get this far. Once you get to a tower just beat it into submission. If you are unsure if you can beat the tower or you are unsure if enemy champions are en route to your location to stop you, drop a in a bush nearby so if you die you can just -> back. When you cannot push a tower, just creep farm and jungle so you can buy more items. If team fights are starting, you can show up and use on someone (preferably an auto attacker) and then hopefully you can either get a few multi-kills or push towers more effectively!

Late Game:

-By now if you have followed the item build you should have at least one , once again just push, push, PUSH! If you are feeling froggy then get ready for an adrenaline rush because what your about to do is going to take the enemy team by surprise. You, my friend, are ready to backdoor. How this works is you run to a random tower, drop a in a nearby bush, punch the tower till you die, and then -> to the you dropped then continue punching the tower. You should be able to kill towers from full to dead in almost one life. Also try to use your ultimate, to get an auto-attacker ghost so you will be able to either annihilate their team or to touch the towers in inappropriate places. Once you get a then it is GG for the enemy team. Congrats! You should now be carrying your team on your back to victory.

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Team Work

This is a one-man team build. You will not be effective in team fights but the strength of this build isn't in teamwork, it is in the backdoor prowess. Your team might hate you at first but after you carry them to victory with this build then they too will be true believers! If you really want to focus on team fights, just do the Mordekaiser thing and use on an auto-attacker then just whack away at their team. I prefer to use the ghosts to BD just because it is more amusing but hey you can easily get triple kills with this build and a decent ghost.

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To bring it all together, the idea of this build is so you can push towers like Rick Ross and be a boss at backdooring. Like previously stated, this build might infuriate your team at first but after they see how well you do they will change their mind and even thank you. If you use this build you must be super serious and deny the fact that you understand English in chat. This will work to your advantage because people won't bother you as much when your first starting out. If you are unsure of how to show your incompetence of the English language then simply say "Me no speaky the Engrish."

Thank you for reading this guide, it is my first one so it is a little rough around the edges but I will smooth them out when I get the time.

**Try it before you down rate it please because the build actually works well if your a decent player.