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Morgana Build Guide by Raginbanana55

Support The Safety Skirt- The Build of Naup.

By Raginbanana55 | Updated on April 13, 2013

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The Art of Naup - An Introduction.

The reason that this guide came to life is because i dislike laning against tanky supports like taric and blitzcrank. As often as they (Mostly Blitzcrank) get banned in ranked ques, they often do not, and they can be the difference between winning your bot lane and getting starved.
Keep in mind, as Morgana is not a conventional support, you may have to alter play style. Your whole tactic is to isolate the enemy with your snare, deny and prevent spell damage and cc done to your adc.
And in general just be a **** to the entire enemy team.
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The Safety Skirt.

The whole idea of the Safety Skirt came to life when i had an ADC that didn't like to stick with the team, and so he kept dieing alone. Tell your ADC often to hide under your skirt, because with your kit of cc prevention coupled with tons of cc, any ADC under your skirt is likely to get fed.
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Early Game- Be Annoying.

Early game you can use your snare to single out an enemy. Mana regen is important, and obviously your going to be warding like no bodies business, but your real strength lies in your supreme ability to peel for your adc. With Exhaust, Your Binding, and your ult, you have 3 solid cc abilities at your finger tips. Couple that with a properly timed Black shield, and the enemy team is going to have a hard time getting ahold of your adc.
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Safety Skirt- Its Ignant.

Your black shield entitles you to pretty much flounce where ever you want, when every you want, and lets you do whatever you want. Don't underestimate the power of this skill. Nothing is more entertaining than watching a blitz fist stick harmlessly to your ADC after he dives and kills teemo. (its always teemo...)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Raginbanana55
Raginbanana55 Morgana Guide

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The Safety Skirt- The Build of Naup.
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