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Jax Build Guide by sleepingjay

Assassin The sleepy guide to jax Basic

Assassin The sleepy guide to jax Basic

Updated on February 3, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author sleepingjay Build Guide By sleepingjay 940 Views 0 Comments
940 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author sleepingjay Jax Build Guide By sleepingjay Updated on February 3, 2013
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Jax: basic info

Jax is a very versatile player with multiple game-play strategies. He is best in top lane as a heavy bruiser. However, because of his versatility in attacks, he also makes a great jungler. He can normally fend off most DPSers in game. His grandmasters might makes him more dangerous with high AD and AP.
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Basic Strategy: abilities


after a successful leap strike, you can hit empower to instantly hit the opponent again for an extreme amount of main damage, and adding and extra point to your relentless assault
hit counter and wait until just b4 it goes off, leap strike enemy to hit and stun enemy b4 they can hit back afterwards u can instantly hit empower to add one more stack to relentless assault
let your enemy reach your turret, then activate counter strike. this stuns the enemy. then after counter wears off, use exhaust keeping him under the turret, then leap strike if he gets away from turret, this allows an early game kill.
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basic tactics

If there is no jungler, after hitting lvl 6, u should have enough to take on big golem to get blue buff. this gets you an increase in gold and it allows u to stay in lane much longr being that your character is such a mana hog also every time you go to top lane after you hit lvl 2, kill the wolves for the bonus gold, use ghost to get to your destination faster if you notice the enemies are close to your turret.
Notice if you are going against a long range character like ashe, then you are at a great advantage with your gap close, leap strike. this makes long range characters rue jax in mid game because his leap strike hits for both AD + a portion of AP equaling your hardest hit, when merged with empower, this attack gets even more insane, and it keeps long range enemies close, (especially when they don't want to be)
When up against a tank like Dr. Mundo, let him take the offensive and get behind your minions. then exhaust him and begin hitting him. because he is behind your minions, he has to run around them to get away, while all it takes for you is a simple leap strike to stay on top of, and kill him.
When up against another Jax, the trick is simple, wait until he activates counter strike for you to activate yours. You dodge his counter strike, and then he takes the full brunt of yours and he gets stunned too.
League of Legends Build Guide Author sleepingjay
sleepingjay Jax Guide
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The sleepy guide to jax Basic

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