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Jarvan IV Build Guide by RhinosRules

AD Offtank The Solo Top J4 AD Carry Guide (S3)

AD Offtank The Solo Top J4 AD Carry Guide (S3)

Updated on December 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RhinosRules Build Guide By RhinosRules 4 3 28,577 Views 3 Comments
4 3 28,577 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RhinosRules Jarvan IV Build Guide By RhinosRules Updated on December 5, 2012
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Hey Guys, RhinosRules here with a Jarvan Guide. I feel that the Jarvan builds are quite old and out of date on Mobafire not to mention they consisted of atma's.

So here I am with a quick guide on how to build a Tanky Tons of damage Jarvan in Season 3.

Disclaimer The perfect team comp for this build would consist of a tank and another half tank (or someone who can take some hits).
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Pros / Cons

His CC.
The ability to stick to their ad carry.
Sleeper OP (shhh).
Surprising burst with his combo.
Can Clear Lanes fast

No Inbuilt Sustain.
You can kill your whole team with your ult.
Mana hungry early game.
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Items (LOOK HERE!!!!)

You can't always keep the same build for every game you play. This build will let you absolutely destroy ad carries but wont let you tank there whole team for the fight.

Boots and Health Potion or Long Sword and Health Potion (i prefer this to get the early kill)

2nd tier Boots
Mercury's Treads
If they have alot of cc and consist of people dealing heaps of magic damage, these are the ones you want and also if you got an Ap top.

Ninja Tabi
If there is only an ap mid and the rest are physical damage these are the boots I normally choose.

Boots Upgrade
UNIQUE - Furor: Whenever you deal damage with a single target attack or spell, you gain 12% movement speed that decays over 2 seconds.

I feel this the best enhancement on boots for Jarvan, in saying that I don't get them until middle or late game

First Early Game item
Winning your lane The Brutalizer
Ap top Hexdrinker
Want to be a bit more tanky Phage
Got a boring lane where you cant kill each other and want to farm Vampiric Scepter

Middle Game/At The end of laning

I want to have everything above built but also a Black Cleaver. This item meshes so well with jarvan and the new changes on amour pen. Since percentage is calculated first, after using your q on a enemy and then attacking them 4 times they will have more then half there armour reduced (Q rank 5). Not to mention it also gives flat armour pen, cooldown reduction, attack damage and some health (everything jarvan needs!)

End of the Middle Game
You should have your Frozen Mallet and Maw of Malmortius built. The order of these two items depends on whether you want that bit of health first or the extra damage.

I normally build the bloodthirstier last since once you get to that item you are quite tanky, this helps build your stacks up to full and not die and have to farm up all over again.

The Last Item
Can be what ever you want it to be, it really depends on what you need.
If you think the next team fight will be a decider grab a Guardian Angel

If you need more armour build a Frozen Heart

If you find you need that extra magic resist and hate getting cc'ed, try a Mercurial Scimitar
or even a Banshee's Veil

If you want more damage you can go crazy and build whatever you want for the last item
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Early Game

Your E-Q-Auto Attack combo is the best their is. Assuming you hit it they should never deal back more damage. With ignite you should easily be able to get a kill. Once you do you will snowball quickly!
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Darius This guy seems quite broken at the moment, all you can do and E-Q-AA combo then get away as quickly as you can. Remember his ult is ridiculously good

Yorick Make sure you dont let him harass you, your going to have a bad time if that happens

Too tell you the truth I don't think Jarvan has any hard counters, if you can land your combo, you should be pretty good against anyone!
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Excuse my paint skills. So if I am on the Blue Side I normally ward in that place. I ward there because if the lane is even and a jungler comes to gank they will go through the tri bush into the vision of my ward, this placement also allows vision of the river so they cant gank from that position.

Purple Side If their jungler is always farming on their of the map having a ward at the entrance to blue is the best spot. The only con of this is that if they go through your own jungle to gank you wont see them but if mid wards properly you can see them entering your jungle and stay back accordingly.
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These are pretty standard for the top lane.
Armour: Gets you quite tanky ,
Ad: For that early kill
Magic Resist: Everyone needs that magic resist
Mana Regen: Since you can run out quite quickly in early game.
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Damage, Damage, Damage and 9 in the defence tree to get tanky.
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Even Though Flash cooldown got increased I still find that its the best, to catch up and E-Q or R the person your chasing.

Ignite is op!!!!

Other options include Ghost and Exhaust
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Skill Sequence

Levelling your Dragon Strike first will help you do tons of damage.
If are against a physical damage dealer you can level up your Demacian Standard for the extra armour and don't forget that attack speed.
I like to get my Golden Aegis as late as possible to focus on having early game damage.
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Jarvan's Ultimate can really do wonders for your team if you have some AOE. If you get a good ult, that traps the majority of there team and then your team consists of a fiddle, miss fortune, ezreal so on, its gg. So AOE works wonders with your ult(as long as its there team and not yours in the ultimate).
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Your Role as Jarvan

So what exactly is your role?

You can E-Q-R that enemy ad Carry and just absolutely crush him.

You can also be the "Baby sitter". Your baby is your ad carry, if someone tries to touch them you E-Q that guy. If you time it right you can also ult them (MAKING SURE: Your ad carry is not in the ult), if you pull this off this lets your ad carry have free reign to attack the poor guy in your ult.

Something else you can also do which is pretty stand is part initiate. If you have a tank say leona for example, ult their team, you make sure you E-Q all of them, dont give them a chance to fight.
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Hope this quick guide has helped you in some way!
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