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Nidalee Build Guide by Filipwarrior5954

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Filipwarrior5954

The Spear [patch 6.4]

Filipwarrior5954 Last updated on March 19, 2016
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Early Game

Try to get Sabre how fast as you can, that could be easy, cause of one of the fast clear.
When ganking, try to snipe enemy with your Q, then jump to him with your R>W, and the kill whould be easy.

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Mid game

After Getting the Rabadon, you got a lot of damage.
You can harass your enemy with your Q for half of f****** hp!
You are preety strong right now.
Try to give your teammates blue buff, you dont need it cause of the sabre, that gives you
mana sustain.
On teamfights, keep poking your enemies with your Q.
When you hit Q, use R>W>Q>E to finish the enemy.

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Late Game

Like in Mid Game, keep poking your enemies, and wait untill you will hit.

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Pros and cons

- very good sustain in jungle, cause of your E
- very good clear, cause your Q>R>W>Q>E
- dont need to come close to enemies
- can easily one-shot enemies
- can easiliy kill Scuttler on the river
- can give your teammates buffs after getting the sabre
- great mobility cause your 0 mana, 4s cooldown R>W

- not so tanky
- needs frontlane
- spears can be dodged
- combo requires coming closer
- dont have any CC against champs
- can get focused by assasins

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Play the attack damage marks to better clear jungle, or magic/hybrid penetration marks to deal more damage to champions.

Play the Armor seals, to be more tanky against minions in jungle, and ad champions[/color].
You can try to have some hp per lv seals, but remember to have some armors, or you will have some problems against jungle minions.

Play the ap per lv glyphs, to gain ap per lv.
If you dont got the magic per lv glyphs, you can take magic resistance per lv to gain that against some ap champions like leblanc or fizz.
You can try to have six cooldown reduction glyphs, to have 5% cooldown reduction at the start of the game.

Play flat ap quints, to have some flat ap.