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Amumu Build Guide by cwift

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cwift

The TRUE Trail of Tears Jungler

cwift Last updated on September 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I have been playing Amumu for a long time now and he is my favorite champion. I like to build him differently than most other players, and will go over the multiple ways I build him. I find that this build not only works great for me, but allows me to do my job perfectly (as a tank, initiator, and cc king). I will try to make this as in-depth as possible so you understand my reasoning for everything I buy and do. As well as tell you how I play the champion to win games.

I ask that if you vote negative on this guide, please leave me a comment as to why so I might either fix it or understand what you didn't like.

Amumu is a relatively simply champion to play once you understand the positioning, timing, and basic ranges of his attacks. He comes with 2 forms of cc, one of which being the best ultimate CC in the game, IMO. This is the champion that can turn any losing game, into a winning game. As far as tier lists go, normally Amumu is placed lower because of his susceptibility to counter jungling. If you play him right though, being counter jungled really has little effect on your gameplay. I will show you how and why.

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Pros / Cons

Ammumu is a great jungler, and that is the only position I would recommend he play. Personally, I do not believe other jungler's outdo him or can shut him down. His CC is a valuable asset, whether denied levels or not.

  • Fast clear time
  • Great tank
  • Suseptible to counter jungling
  • Blue Buff dependent at first
  • Relatively weak early game

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We need these offense points to speed up your jungle time, reduce the damage you take while in the jungle, and receive that all important cooldown reduction. Your speed in the jungle is very important, as it lessens the effect of a counter jungle and allows you to gank more often.

Brute Force : I choose this for the added damage early on in the jungle.
Butcher : Another added bonus to his jungle speed.
Sorcery: +4% Cooldown Reduction! This is a very important mastery in this tree. This is an early benefit that helps throughout the game.
Arcane Knowledge : +10% Magic Penetration. When you are maxing your tears, you need them to do the most damage possible.

Lets face it, your a tank. You need the defense to try to stay alive and do your job. These points pay off in dividends.

Resistance : Just added MR for the early game ganks.
Hardiness : Pays off when jungling to have some armor against those pesky monsters.
Tough Skin : Another mastery for the jungle. Honestly these points can be placed elsewhere as well (in the defense tree). I put them here because -2 damage while jungling is better than -1% damage overall should you put them in Honor Guard.
Vigor : Most of these points are simply for the sake of your jungling so far, as well as to get points into the defense tree.
Evasion : -3% damage from AOE attacks. When those ap champs are able to rack up the damage, this helps considering many do AOE spells.
Indomitable : Just another point that will help in the jungle. Every bit of damage you can take off while in the jungle, especially early on, leaves you with a better position for ganks. You could move this point around, while keeping it in the defense tree.
Bladed Armor : Returns 6 damage to minions.
Initiator : +3% Movement Speed when above 70% hp. This is helpful both in the jungle as well as ganking. Not to mention, many times someone will get away with little hp, why not catch up and throw a bandage?
Enlightenment : More cooldown reduction. Once again very, important. The more often you can make use of your cc, the better. It is one of your biggest benefits to your team.
Juggernaut : An increase to your health as well as a decrease to the amount of time disables affect you. Add this to your Mercury's Treads and you have a great tank.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Let's go over these runes as this is a place that many may disagree and probably do differently.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: A pretty common rune choice for Amumu. The +8.5 magic penetration helps you to deal sustained damage throughout the game. As you are always going to be running your Despair (tears) whenever you enter a fight, the magic penetration helps you to do more damage (not to mention the effect it has on your other abilities).

Greater Seal of Armor: A necessary rune. There is no other option as you need this if you plan on surviving the jungle creeps as well as performing any ganks effectively without dying.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: I personally like the flat MR runes over the MR per lvl runes. This allows me to gank mid easily early on without dying right after being targeted. Like I said though, this is simply my opinion on the flat MR. The MR per lvl runes should also be considered as they will add more benefit later in the game.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power & Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Here is one place where my build differs from many other Amumu guides out there. I take AP and movement speed over more armor ( Greater Quintessence of Armor) because it helps me to clear the jungle even faster and allows me to do more damage when ganking. A jungler's job is not simply to throw out some cc when ganking, you need to do damage. By taking AP, I do more damage. I put a Swiftness rune in there because we are not getting boots right away, and Amumu is one slow champ. There are plenty of alternatives to this setup (as far as Quintessences are concerned).

Greater Quintessence of Armor 3x or mixed with a Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Quintessence of Health 3x is another good choice as the added health is always a plus, especially in your early game.

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Viable Summoner Spells

Pretty much a necessity for a jungler. Amumu is no exception and this is a must have.

As I have said, Amumu is pretty slow. At the beginning this is most noticeable. Flash is your escape as well as a initiator for ganks.

You want to get over that slow movement speed? Use ghost. Another good option for escaping, initiating, or simply running down an enemy.


This list pretty much encompasses every other spell out there. There are two reasons for this and apply to every other spell.

1.) If you don't use smite, you cannot jungle effectively.

2.) If you do not have a proper escape, how do you expect to ever get away?

I have seen Amumu played using ignite, exhaust, etc. IMHO these do not work well. Sure the ignite can secure you a kill (possibly kill stealing from a teammate). Exhaust can be mighty helpful in a team battle if you use it correctly. The only problem with these is that Amumu has one ability that can be used as an escape, Bandage Toss. This is an escape most useful in the jungle, which i will explain later on. The thing is, it does not get you very far nor is it as effective as ghost or flash.

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I have specific reasoning for my order of abilities. This another spot where you might notice a difference between this guide and other guides out there. I began using this order after trying out different orders and deciding they did not match my style of play.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Why max despair instead of tantrum first?? I do it for the jungle. I find that if I max out W before E, then early on in the jungle I am able to clear spawns faster and use less mana. It does a % of HP (+% added for AP) + the spells base damage every second. I can keep this on throughout team fights where [[Amumu] should be in the middle.
How to use effectively:
When you first go into a creep spawn, use your auto attack to start the fight. Your passive reduces magic resist with your auto attacks, so by starting the fight with your AA, your spells will do more damage right away. The second your AA strikes, turn on Despair. You are now hitting every monster for % of HP damage on top of your AA and Tantrum. Normally, it only takes 1-3 tantrums to clear a spawn at lvl 2 when used along with W in this way (including buffs). Be sure to turn it back off when the creeps are about to die (1-2 AA from death). This helps you save mana. You are getting blue buff because of this spell. With the buff, your mana stays 'almost' even and comes back quickly after the fight.

This is our second ability that we max. Does good AOE base damage for a low cost, and the CD is reduced for each AA that hits you. The passive also reduces the amount of physical damage taken. You will use this in tandem with Despair as told above.

Bandage Toss
I always have this ability by level 3, because that is when I will start ganking. Until you hit level 6, this is your ganking ability. It does miniscule amounts of damage, but the stun is the reason we are picking this up. It is a skill shot, one that I suggest you have on smart cast. Until you can properly aim and judge the range on this skill, you will have trouble ganking. No doubt about it, but once you are accurate with it, it can be amazing. Not only does it start off a gank, but it can also end the gank when they try to flash away. They flash, you bandage them and boom! If they were at all close to death, they should die to the W + E that you pull off once you hook them.

This ability is also an escape. Let's say you are taking your second blue and the enemy jungler comes to steal it as you are finishing up. If you need to run (most likely as early on you do not have the items to tank most other junglers early on in the game), simply get in range of the wolves and toss the bandage. It will pull you through any obstacles to the target if you land a hit. A quick and simple escape, as long as you can survive the first few hits of whatever mob you stunned. Another example of using this ability is at baron. If you have a ward in that top bush where the enemy jungler likes to hide in order to flash (shyv fly, etc.) in and steal the buff, and you know they are there, you can stop the steal. Just before you think they will be flashing in, toss a bandage and stun them. Let your team finish the Baron if you have to (sometimes it is better to just get your smite off better than them), but as long as your team gets baron and you deny them the steal, it was worth it.

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This is how I start Amumu. Once again, it is different but better IMO.

x5sight ward

Faerie Charm is built into our first early game core item. It also gives us a little more mana regeneration for using W. I do not take armor because I have plenty in masteries + runes to survive the jungle with ease. Health Potions x5 will be used as we clear the jungle and allow us to have enough HP to gank without ever going back. Sight Ward is an important item to start with. Amumu is notoriously invaded. Everyone knows he is pretty dependent on that first blue buff, and if they can steal it, it will not only slow down your jungling but also deprive your team of very early ganks. You will use this ward to give yourself advance notice of an invade and I will show you how later.

Philosopher's Stone
2 of these items are GP5. You will want these in order to have the gold to buy all the items we will need. I go for Philosopher's Stone first over Heart of Gold because I like the regeneration aspects as well as it being slightly cheaper. Not to mention our faerie charm builds into it. Heart of Gold gives us a little more HP as well as the gold per 5 seconds. Mercury's Treads are very important. The tenacity helps you escape when you need to as well as continue fighting quicker when you are stunned.


Frozen Heart is necessary. It is not overly expensive, the Chain Vest that builds into it easy to get early on. The armor you get from this is needed as the tank. Not to mention the CD reduction is great! These next two items can be interchangeable, depending on the composition of the enemy team. If they are AP heavy, or their AP is fed, get Abyssal Mask. Not only does it give you MR but you also get some AP for your own damage. If they are AD heavy, or just their AP is not doing insane damage, go for the Warmog's Armor first. Warmog's Armor will give you a ton of HP. This really helps in survivability in team fights. You should be planning on getting plenty of assists (some kills too) and this will be stacked full quickly.

and or or
Alright, your game must have gone on for quite a while in order to have a full build with these (or you are getting a lot of kills which is possible). Sunfire Cape is an item that I always get. A tanky Amumu belongs in the middle remember and some more AOE damage does not hurt, especially when it is an items passive. The added armor will only help. Your next item is game dependent. Randuin's Omen is a great item in that you get armor, health, and gives great passives. The CD reduction and chance to slow is perfect. The active also slows, allowing your team more time to get the kills. I choose this when I am against a lot of AD, especially melee. The Heart of Gold will build into it. Banshee's Veil is an option when you need some more MR. Also if you are against AP Nukes, take this. It will save your life. Zhonya's Hourglass is only an option if your team is rolling the enemy team, or you want to start getting more kills and your team will still be able to win without you becoming more tanky. This item will give you some more armor (awesome), and 100 AP. Your damage will go up a lot and you will begin to get even more kills. The passive is very good as well but that is more of a last resort kind of thing.

I normally prefer Randuin's or Banshee's.

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Jungle Route

If you are top team, place your ward right away at the bottom of the path leading into their jungle (path closest to mid). If you are bottom team, place your ward in the middle of the path leading up into their jungle on the right side of baron. This is to allow you early notice of an invasion.

1. Start at Blue Buff. Have someone leash, and ask for a good leash. Do not use smite, you will use it at Red Buff.

2. After blue, use 1 Health Potion and move to wolves. You should be level 2 and have tantrum. Use it.

3. Move on to wraiths, doing the same as you did at wolves.

4. After wraiths you should not need to use a potion really, but use it anyway. You will probably use 1-2 of them on Red Buff. Kill Red Buff, spamming tantrum when it is up. Smite Red Buff at 450 hp.

5. This is where you will finish up your potions to get back to high health and gank either one of the two closest lanes (mid/top or mid/bot). Be sure to gank the one with the best opportunity for a kill (ie. enemy is pushed past the middle of lane.) After the gank, go back, buy the Philo stone (or the second part of the philo stone). On your second run through of the jungle you will need no potions (whether you died or not, you wont need any. Hopefully you did not die during the gank). The second run through you do the small golems since there is no red. Continue this same motion, going to top whenever he asks for a gank or is being pushed.

A couple tips about how I jungle Amumu.

Not the best picture example, but I am tossing my bandage through the wall to get to wolves.

* After you reach level 3 and are back to jungling, make use of your Q to speed it up. Shoot Q into the mob through walls at the position you think the main monster is. Not only will one monster be stunned for a second, but you also just cut some time off your jungle route.

* When you first enter the game, let your ADC and Support know they can take the small golems. By the time you finish your first gank, those golems will have respawned and you have lost nothing in your jungle exp, but the ADC and Support are making a little more.

* Be sure to ping and let your teammates know where you are going to gank. They might not be ready or be paying attention and this can end up with someone on your team dying (including yourself).

*** Tell your team when your ult is up. This will let them know you are ready to gank someone and some lane should volunteer!

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Ganking and Team Fights

The Basics of Ganking with Amumu

Unless this is your first time in the jungle, you should know the basics of how to properly setup and execute a gank. Incase this is your first time I will lay it out.

For starters, you should always let the lanes know where you are going to be ganking before you get there. This way they have time to let the enemy push or time to use a health potion knowing a battle could very well happen.

Another good basic is either to ask or make sure that a ward is not placed by the enemy, otherwise you are wasting your time walking to the lane only to turn around without ever initiating a fight. If there is a ward, you can always go a different route to get the gank off, just ask were the ward was placed.

Once you are level 6 and have your ult, ganking bottom lane is a great idea. You can get your team 2 kills, and your ult is a guaranteed 1 kill. How you do this is when you get to the lane and the enemy has pushed past half way, your team should know you were coming, you should flash into the middle of both the support and the ADC. Right after you do this your team should begin to attack the ADC. Always attack the ADC. Right before your stun is up, throw a Bandage Toss onto the ADC to stop them from flashing out. Guaranteed kill right there, and if your ADC was able to kill theirs before the stun was up, you can always use that second stun on the support, securing a second kill.
Team Fights

Something to know about team fights is that your job as the tank is to CC the enemy, get the carries killed while soaking up as much damage as you can, as well as protect your own carries. If you notice someone moving on your team's squishies, you need to stun that person. If you notice the squishies on the other team out of position, attack them. You are the initiator in these fights, so you should be the first into the middle. This is where your W and E will shine. These are both AOE attacks and will lay out sustained damage while they are stunned by your CC.

Another good tip is to use your ult before you use your Q. In this way you will stun their carries and you can choose which carry you want to continue the stun on. Throw the bandage at their carry while stunned and not moving, you can't miss, and it is a done deal for them..

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This guide is not completely done. I have yet to add a section about team fights and matchups. I do want comments and criticism but if it is about me lacking information about team fights or about certain opponents in the jungle, and more information about the jungling, please hold on. I will be adding those soon.

Credits to Jhoijhoi for some images and her guide on how to properly write a Build Guide.