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Sona Build Guide by Keyori

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keyori


Keyori Last updated on November 18, 2014
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Hey there, I'm Keyori in Bronze II division and I've mained at Support ever since I started playing League of Legends more than half a year ago. I view supporting as something with its own level of challenge and having said that, I am not very experienced as I'd like to be for creating this guide. After seeing many not up-to-date Sona guides, I thought I'd throw in some of my suggestions on how to support with Sona and make an updated, in-depth Support Sona guide!

Please take into consideration that everything is according to my experience and of course it's not perfect, but I'm constantly trying to improve my skills.

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So... why play Sona?

Sona is an extremely squishy champion early game and has a short-ranged poke in lane, she's probably not your kind of pick in champion select. So why play her? For what she lacks in health and wave-clear ability, she makes up with a ton of utility and sustain for the AD carry and her sustain in lane is just, CRAZY. With a Sona on your team and played right, she can provide your AD carry with a ton of sustain in lane, help secure kills when your jungle comes in for a gank and can even turn a teamfight around, in favour of your team.

+ Easy to use
+ Great poke
+ Amazing sustain
+ Large AoE stun
+ Great utility
+ Doesn't need farm to be useful

- Insanely squishy
- Short-ranged poke
- Has MANY counters
- No hard escape
- Early mana problems
- No wave clear ability

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Summoner Spells

Flash, is Flash. It's great on all champions, but Sona needs it for practical reasons because she doesn't have any hard escapes or gap closers and there is no substitute for this but Flash.

Supporting as Sona? Take Exhaust, as always! The slow from Exhaust is one crucial point that you can use to help keep your AD Carry alive when she's receiving a gank or as a gap-closer for your jungle when he's ganking your lane.


The only thing that Heal has over [exhaust is the small speed boost and the ability to heal an ally at the same time, when your W is on cooldown.

Ignite really helps to secure kills in early and mid game. Slapping an ignite on someone is of great help when your AD carry isn't in range for the kill.

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Early Game

Sona has a strong kit for early game. Your primary focus would be to poke your enemy in lane with auto-attacks or Hymn of Valor and Power Chord and get them as low as possible. Sona has mana issues early-game, so try using it only when you can get Hymn of Valor on the enemy and not on the minions.

Before you hit six, you lack much killing potential for your carry in lane. Make use of this by using your poke as often to zone your enemy away from the minions. However, if there is a Leona, Thresh or Blitzcrank on the enemy team, it's best not to get too close. You can go in with a Hymn of Valor and Power Chord poke and quickly move away with a Song of Celerity.

Where should you ward? Always, always, always ward in the immediate brush right next to you, whether you're in purple team or blue team. Especially if you're pushing the lane hard, you should always ward as the jungle would most probably come in from the immediate bush and you would have a harder time escaping.

When getting ganked before six, use Song of Celerity for a quick escape for you and your AD carry. If your carry is being grabbed, Exhaust the person closest to your carry and activate your Aria of Perseverance and Song of Celerity. In any case you can't save your carry, it's best to Flash out because there is no chance for them to escape and you wouldn't want to throw in a double kill for the enemy team.

After you hit six, getting ganks aren't that much trouble for you. When the jungle comes in to gank, use your Crescendo and stun all of them. You should focus on 1) Healing your carry while they do the damage, 2) Poking the enemy's carry NOT their jungle or support and 3) Exhaust their AD carry if they decide to flash and escape.

When receiving ganks pre-six and your jungle is coming in from the other end while the enemy team is pushing hard, you should activate Song of Celerity for that speed boost to get your carry in range to do damage. Focus on poking with your Hymn of Valor and Power Chord and always keep your team mate's health in check!

When receiving ganks after you hit six, your team can easily secure kills even TOWER DIVING. Get your jungle to come in from the immediate bush behind the turret and stun them with a Flash, Crescendo to get in range. This can be hard to master so always practise! While your jungle tanks the turret, you and your carry should be doing the damage. Remember to spam with Aria of Perseverance as he tanks the turret as it makes up for his lost health and gives him a temporary barrier.

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Mid Game