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Tryndamere Build Guide by Ayescor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ayescor

The Walking Dead Called Tryndamere

Ayescor Last updated on July 12, 2012
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Hey ya'll! Welcome to my build for Tryndamere. I know that there are already many builds existing for him, but he is my main champion, so I gotta do it :-)
Well, what can you say about Tryndamere... All I can say about him is, that in 9 out of 10 games (if not even 10 out of 10) I come out as the winner with him and that mostly as MVP. You can't imagine how much I got raged against already haha But I can understand them, because with this build of mass destruction, they got no chance if they don't focus me directly.
As you can see, this build is just pure damage, attack speed and critical chance build. I don't go for hp because of his ulti Undying Rage which makes you invinceable for some time. So no need for this. But to use his ulti on his fullest, you need to build a huge amount of damage and that is what his build is all about. Let me explain you now this build ;-)

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Here I will explain to you now why I chose these Items. So without any further bla bla, let me explain it to you.

  • First you begin with Movement Of Speed and 3x Health Potion. Why? Because you will need movement speed to chase the others or to get away. The potions are there if the rare case happens and it would take you too long to regenerate yourself through your q-skill, Bloodlust. Doran's Blade is not needed because, Bloodlust already gives you extra damage. So you rather focus on your speed. Not much later on, you can buy then your Berserker's Greaves, which makes you already a threat now to others, when you go into a fight and in combination with Surge, it is most likely that the opponent will lose against you or run away and still lose if you go after them with Ghost (and here you know why I chose these summoner spells). Well, you can't need any other shoe anyways, since you go for pure AD, so, these shoes are the only shoes you can buy for Tryndamere.
  • Because of your Bloodlust, you receive more damage. And what is important to be a huge damage dealer with Tryndamere is the critical chance. That is why, I do not go for damage now but for critical chance. That's why I buy Zeal afterwards. Not just that it gives you critical chance and attack speed, but also movement speed, which is all you need. Then you go for Cloak of Agility and then you buy your Phantom Dancer. Now you're all set for the ultimate destruction. And if you played well, you're already fed even. But yeah, now lets go for some damage!
  • Now you go for your second key item (the first is Phantom Dancer), which is Infinity Edge. Not only it increases your damage and critical chance, but also increases the critical damage to 250%! After you got this item, the game is mostly won at this point already (at least for me). The way to buy your Infinity Edge is to buy the damage dealer items first, and then your edge directly.
  • After you got your Infinity Edge buy the Vampiric Scepter to get some life steal. The good thing about going for critical is, that a single Vampiric Scepter is enough to get you lots of life steal, which is why you won't go for The Bloodthirster now, but for The Black Cleaver. If you have enough money, buy B.F.Sword first, if not, buy Dagger n then your sword. Why you want this item is because it increases your attack speed and damage and even lowers the amor of your opponent, which makes you at this point even become a great threat for tanks, because you will ofc. deal higher damage when their amor is lowered.
  • Now that you got your The Black Cleaver, buy again the B.F.Sword and then finally get your The Bloodthirster. No words needed anymore why you need this item.
  • The last item... I have seen many Tryndamere players buying a second The Bloodthirster and I gotta say, it's not that needed. I mean in the end, you play Tryndamere depended on his ulti anyways. No need for more life steal. The life steal you do with one The Bloodthirster is high enough. Personally, when I play with Tryndamere, I wanna be a pure destruction, that nothing, even tanks like Alistar or Shen stand a chance against me. I want them all to fear me. That is why I go for Madred's Bloodrazor instead. It fits perfectly to this build because it increases your damage and attack speed a lot and it's passive is basicly the best symbol to put your middlefinger in the air n say "Screw you all tanky / tank champions". And with that attack speed and damage you have and in combination with The Black Cleaver, no one can mess with you. Since you have only 1 free item spot left, you buy Recurve Bow for being even more dangerous, since you already got enough damage. Yeah, you got your full build then. Now you can easily win against 3 foe's if you're on your own. You're the walking dead and the game is most likely won.

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Skill Sequence

The way I skill my Tryndamere is the following:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Why I do it like that is because, as first skill, you needBloodlust, not only for more damage but also to heal yourself. Then as second skill, you need the Spinning Slash to go after or runaway better. That is the only purpose this skill has for you. After that as 3rd skill, you go for your slow skill, Mocking Shout. On level 4, 5, 7 and 8, you skill Bloodthirst, then Mocking Shout, again Bloodthirst and then Mocking Shout. Why I do it like that is because of the extra damage but also to go after my foe better thanks to Mocking Shout. The higher skilled Mocking Shout is, the slower is the other champ. When Mocking Shout is on level 3, it slows your opponent enough, which is why to max. Bloodthirst first and then Mocking Shout. Afterwards you max. Spinning Slash. And ofc. always skill your ulti Undying Race on the level you can.

But there are also alternatives how to skill Tryndamere. You can focus on Bloodthirst first ofc. and your skill sequence will look like:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Or you can also skillSpinning Slash at level 1 first n then do the rest. But never focus first on it, it's useless to do so. As I said before, it's only purpose is to chase others better or runaway.

You are not depended on your skills as Tryndamere to deal damage. Which is why you only need these skills for tatical purpose only.

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Runes / Masteries

Well, these runes and masteries speak rather much for themselves. The classical AD runes and masteries. Always fitting, alwaays helping you to pwn. So, nothing special to say about it.

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Summoner Spells

Why I choose Surge and Ghost is because I go for damage and wanna be the boss. These 2 help you to do so.
Thanks to Surge you can turn the tables and defeat the other champion or go for multi kills because it greatly increases your attack speed, which makes you even more dangerous. And thanks to Ghost, you can chase your enemy and kill him before he can run to his tower or you can runaway better. So it has the tactical purpose. These 2 Summoner spells fit to Tryndamere as the fist to the eye.

But you can also take other summoner spells:

  • You can replace Ghost with Flash for the same purpose
  • You can replace Ghost with Ignite to make more damage and make sure they don't get away
  • You can replace Surge with Flash and have the ultimate chasing/running away summoner spells
  • You can replace Ghost with Teleport to get to your lane or for help faster.

What I do not recomand you to use as summoner spells are the rest of the summoner spells existing. You may ask, why not Exhaust? Because you have your Mocking Shout which does the spell's job. That's why it's a waste of other potential, more fitting summoner spells for Tryndamere and do not recomand you to use it for him.

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Pros / Cons

  • Hard to defeat without you having killed other champions before
  • You will win every 1 on 1
  • Easy to play
  • Huge damage dealer
  • Most likely to win the round
  • You can get fed easily
  • Not that much depended on your team (means you can sneak to the enemy towers on your own n take them down before the enemy notices it)
  • You easily get the feeling that you're Morgan Freeman (if you've seen Bruce Almighty)
  • You find yourself get focused most of the time
  • You need to play strategic and farm a lot early game until you have your Phantom Dancer, because you don't deal much normal damage.
  • You're an easily kill as soon as Undying Race is over
  • You see yourself whined against at by your team early game for no damage dealing items sometimes
  • You see yourself whined against at by the other team by pwning so hard (they will call you noob with noob ulti etc.)

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Well all in all, Tryndamere is the strongest champion imo. in LoL. It's really easy to win a game with him. That is why he is my absolute favorite champion. I really like it to play with him. And when I am on a loss streak, I play him and break this streak. I hardly ever loose with him and my build. But yeah, try it out and see for yourself. Happy killing and winning ;-)