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Yasuo Build Guide by ritoyuuki13

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ritoyuuki13

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ritoyuuki13 Last updated on July 1, 2015
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Basically mid carries should die if you hit them with 2 Qs around mid game, well in normal scenarios. When fighting tank hit them with ult first as it has an additional perk of reducing armor protection. Never rush in head first as you will likely be a favorite target of the opponent. Find the right timing! Skillfully use your E to move around enemy targets but don't forget that you once you hit someone with E, you have to wait another 7 secs before you can dash to that opponent, so what you can do is to dash to nearest minions to the champion and poke enemy champion with Q then dash to the enemy champion while using Q to send him airborne then R! Ignite!


Take note: your ult is Area of Effect damage so try to hit more enemy champions with your third tornado Q and you can get a pentakill, well if you are skillful enough. Don't rush to enemy champions so eagerly using E, use it at the right timing. That's why we have the boots, to chase running enemy, to save E for the best timing. Indication that you are using E in the right way: you should be able to hit enemy twice with Q and kill him before he can go (go to respawning for I don't know how many seconds).

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BloodThirster and Frozen Mallet especially important but if you have too much tanky opponents, opt without Frozen and go with Black Cleaver. It really helps. Remember to get boots - Berserker Greaves as Yasuo's Q reduces as his attack speed gets higher.

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Get 25 points on attack. 5 points divided between defense and mobility.

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Skill Sequence

First: Q, W, E, Q, Q, R, then max Q, R, E, leave W for last.

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Team Work

Dont rush to team fights especially if you are NOT FED, meaning 3 to 5 kills above enemy. Begin rushing after building some FROZEN MALLET. At the early game maintain some distance and poke enemy with Q. Allow allied team to get some edge by shooting the tornado Q in the middle of team fights to stun enemy and deal some serious damage with R. Help ally to block Ultimates by using Wind Wall at the right timing. You could block attacks from Morgana, Rumble, Jinx, Zed, Orianna, and a lot more. Support by occasionally damaging enemies from the side. Rush in when there are enough allies and eliminate all enemies when they are about half health. Always kill AD, AP and Mid Laner Champions First. Remember you are not a tank, you're an assassin!

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Get more AD damages, Some defenses, and mobility. Focus on these 3.

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Poke minions with Q. Take note that positioning is important as it is possible to hit multiple target with it as long as they are in the same line. Im not only referring to the third tornado Q but also the normal Q.