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Maokai Build Guide by Dernhjelm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dernhjelm

They call me...Maokai. A ap maokai mid guide.

Dernhjelm Last updated on October 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I try to keep up with the items and stuff that riot makes, thats why i have noticed the changes on Abyssal Mask and i still like it but i would change it out much more often then before with some of the items in the chapter called items. Thanks for reading the changes :D. PS also send me some of your game histories and i will post them :D(also tell me about spelling mistakes and stuff)

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Chapter 1

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Hey and welcome to my guide about Ap maokai this guide is my first one but i think about making more in the future so feel free to send me opinions about my guide and what i could do better.

This guide will make you win most lanes against almost any mid champ (except LeBlanc -_-) but do know that this takes skill and you will loose some times when you start and if you arent familiar with maokai at all, but pratice makes perfect. Also you can add what you want into this build i will also give some other builds further down to adjust your maokai. Peace and keep reading.

Also the first maokai up there is the most balanced one and the second is my personal use. PS if you dont get the guide name it's a lotr joke.

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Runes and masteries

I take Red 21/9/0 but that's my own opinion,

the pages i have put in the fast guide is the one that gives you the most mana regen, which helps alot for starter Maokais but more skilled people can figure out how to keep their mana which gives you the choice to use the blue defensive pages which have all the magic resist and so on, if you wanna use my masteries it's on the second maokai you can choose.
The 21/0/9 can be adjusted so you take movement speed instead so you can catch up to fast enemies like Hecarim but you will suffer from low mana regen but to counter that you can just buy a Chalice of Harmony.

Some people go tanky Maokai it's good but on mid i would never use the 0/21/9, yeah you get some cooldown reduction and a bit more tanky and stuff, but you got no damage, the only reason i would at all do this page is because of the cooldowns and movement speed. Or if i jungle

Now to runes. The runes i have on the first maokai build is also the one i use on my personal build. red marks are obivious, you wanna shred the enemy futile magic protection cause your job is to counter mid hard.And most mid people dont have blue MR but pure AP on blue cause they scale best with ap so you will deal almost true damage to the enemy.

hey Dernhjelm why dont you have mana regen on yellow? because you dont need it, i totally prefer the armor so that in the game the enemy jungler will damage ALOT less because Maokai has a ALOT of base armor and enemy ad carry wont damage that much later on Unless he is really fed also armor for the nasty b*tch Katarina so that you counter her in anyway you can with both armor and magic resist runes. now to the blue runes.

Hey dernhjelm why dont you use ap runes on your blue then you will damage alot? Because you dont need it! you will get shockedt in level 3 when you land your full combo how much you damage with the runes i suggest. yeah 35 ap helps a bit but late game it wont count for as much but the MR will and besides in early game enemy wont damage you **** while you will damage them alot. Quints are good i like them the way they are give me the starting ap i need you can change them with magic pen if you fight an other mid champ you know that will build mr.

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I start with Boots of Speed and the health pots. you have movement to dodge skill shots and if you get ganked you have health regen from the pots. you can start other ways, if you are new you can start with a Doran's Ring for some more ap and mana regen but you dont have movement which will end up killing you. if enemy keeps bying ap i get a Negatron Cloak which build into Abbysal scepter if they buy catalyst i buy a catalyst myself and then sorceres shoes or some mercury treads and finish of my rod of ages which puts us in mid game. PS when you go b remeber to buy 2 health pots and a ward.


Now that we have our rod done we can start looking at the other lanes and not only focus our own if enemy haves a fed bot i buy a Chain Vest which builds into hourglass and if enemy haves alot of ap i finish my abyssal scepter quickly and start on my Athene's Unholy Grail which puts us in late game.


If enemy carry is a threat finish the Zhonya's Hourglass first and then buy a Needlessly Large Rod and finish with the rabadons at last PS. rabadons makes maokai a beast. If enemy carry is not a thread get rabadons first and then zhonya's. Now i go to the things you can change some of the items with.

Other usefull items:

Void Staff if enemy tank is really focusing mr you must have this take this instead of athene's or zhonaya's

Trinity Force Yes this is a good item on him i use it myself all the time gives you movement speed so you can catch enemies and everything else you can also slow people and they have to build hybrid armor and mr to counter you effictively it will wreak havoc at the enemy.

Moonflair Spellblade gives you 50 ap and 35% tenacity i use it when i buy magic pen boots instead of tenacity boots and i sell it later when i need item space but it's a powerfull item late game 2 but it lags power i think they should give it an upgrade

Banshee's Veil if you are getting your *** kickedt buy this mr and spell shield you have your own little sivir climbing your branches and giving you an spell shield

Rylai's Crystal Scepter if you like health and slow take this i use it sometimes if enemy is more armorpen and magicpen instead of pure damage.

Guardian Angel if you are against mordekaiser or something and if you wanna be a b*tch against enemy team.

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Chapter 2

Heh a little joke all. Thanks Cursedoll for letting me use it.

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Skill Sequence and tricks


Get your e first so you can pull your jungler with 2 small saplings one at 1.23 and another as soon as the camp spawns and then head for your lane, then take your q and then w. Now you have the combo that i call powkai which will destroy enemy and make them think WTF OMG ULTRA GAY REPORT NOOB ENEMY MID THAT DAMAGE.

one combo will take half their health and make them flee in terror. DONT USE ABILITIES TO CLEAR CREEPS be patient and last hit with your giant fist and heal from your passive only use abilites on wraiths and enemy wraiths, this will do that you have mana to fight back and stay safe from enemy jungler with your q. Now here comes how to land the combo.

First besure your w is in range then hit with your e right before them so they get damage but it wont blow instantly then tp to them with w and hit them one time with a normal attack and then a q and a normal attack and then retreat back behind your minions, this is the destroyer combo. If you have ult then use it right before w to make it damage as much as possible blow your ult right before they exit it. Your e is a living ward if you dont have a ward keep plasing them every 35 sec in a bush and stay near that one cause you have vision there and it will keep you more safe.


If you are fleeing from someone every now and then throw a q when they are in range of it, it will slow them alot and if they keep getting closer wait for when they are right next to you and w them to root them for a second. You can also throw a sapling at a jungle camp and then w over a wall to the creeps there.


Most of the times use your ult where the point of damage will be in teamfights and then blow it up when you can hit as many as possible, you can also scare people with your ult by placing it right infront of you and make a sort of barrier. also use your ult to protect your ad carry from damage. It is a cool ability when killing baron, if you got mana enough keep it up the entire fight with baron and when the enemy comes to try and steal pop your ulti right away to damage enormesly or save it to secure Baron Nashor .

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Summoner spells


Flash and Ignite, that's the way to do it. Flash let's you blink over walls to enemies and you can make some cool stuff with flash and w. Ignite, early true damage to kill secure, gives five ap and ad when on cooldown, it's just great.

Exhaust and Ghost gives you ulti chase and exhaust will be effective late game against ad carries and fleeing enemies, ghost can get you further then a flash but you're still vurnable to cc and stun ( Nasus -_-) so you might end up dying anyway. Heal what am i gonna say xD this is really fun to use, enemy gangs heal, enemy towerdives heal! teammate low will get killed by enemy ulti ULT AND HEAL!!!!!. It's pretty good for new Maokais and early game but falls of late game when people start to damage a heal in one shot. Cleanse Amumu ult CLEANSE, galio ult CLEANSE THEN ULT. But you can really only use this in draft mode. Clarity if you need mana i quess it doesnt do anything else, just dont use it


Anything else just dont ty

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epic custom art :)

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Well here you go this was my first guide i will keep improving as i figurer out to do this with coding and stuff but do leave some feedback and write in comments what you think and if you likedt it or not. Peace :) PS i dont own any picktures at all they are only for entertainment and not made to sell and product of any kind. All the LOL related items and champs are owned by riot inc and i dont own them and they are not made for selling a product.

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Thanks to and pictures of people who used my guide

So yeah i wanna say thanks to NilaniDude for commenting as the first one and helping me improve this guide alot and helping with spelling mistakes :D

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For all of you who read it. Ty very much