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Yorick Humor Guide by mryo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mryo

THEY'll remember Yorick Mori

mryo Last updated on December 21, 2011
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Death is only the beginning

Hi, this guide of Yorick is an inusual one. Why? Because the main target of this guide is not to win or lose in a game, is to make Yorick remembered in the League of Legends

As summoner, your job is to make Yorick Mori's dream true: Being remembered in history. So I'll explain you how you can make him remembered

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You will remember Yorick Mori

There are two ways of being remembered: In a positive way or in a negative one. Let's explain this with more detail:

Positive way:
-Carrying the game
-Doing pentas
-Not failing
-Not raging

Negative way:

-Feeding like a boss
-Farming while your teammates are in Team Fight
-Ganking other lanes while enemy solotop Nasus is farming.
-Failing hard
-Raging like HotshotGG

It's clearly more easier to get the negative way, so we'll focus in this one during this guide.

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Who requires my services?

Here I'll explain runes, masteries and build. As you see, runes are the commonly ones of an AD Carry, and masteries are too focused in the offensive tree. The build must be a AD carry one, so consider these items:

Doran's Blade: Good item at early, it gives AD and life steal, that's useful for farming and killing enemy champs at early game.

Berserker's Greaves: The best boots for Yorick. It gives you the Attack Speed you need to kill faster your enemies.

Manamune: I reccomend this item for spamming your friends and have party hard while you kill your enemies. And the AD is always welcomed.

Infinity Edge: OP criticals and lots of AD. RUSH it!

Phantom Dancer: Don't let your enemies run away of you. Kill them with your criticals and attack speed!

The Bloodthirster: The item which gives most AD of the game and life steal. At least, get one and farm it, try to don't get killed.

Last Whisper: If they are stacking tons of armor, penetrate it with your Last Whisper

Madred's Bloodrazor: Stacking health, Cho'Gath? No problem

Why this build, this runes, this masteries? I'll remember you a thing: Yorick is dead. And dead guys cannot die again, so maximize your damage for getting more kills. YOU ARE INMORTAL!

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Answers lie beneath the dirt

Is time to explain your passive. Yorick is an special champ, he hasn't got skills, he summons his friends into battlefield for having fun while they kill an enemy

Unholy Covenant: Yorick's passive. If he has more friends in the battle, he will be more happy. What does it mean? The happier Yorick is, the harder he'll hit his enemies

In the same way, Yorick's friends will get 35% of Yorick's AD, so the more AD Yorick has, the harder his friends will hit

But there is a problem: Yorick's friends have a problem with alcohol. They go to battle so drunk that they only last 5 seconds before they fall asleep

Omen of War: The best friend of Yorick. Where Yorick hits with his shovel, he appears. Even Yorick cannot explain why he appears just where he hits with his shovel. It is said that one day, when Yorick was scratching his shoulder with his shovel, he appeared on his shoulder

The Omen of War has killer insticts. He moves faster and hits harder than Yorick's other friends

Omen of Pestilence: His friends know him as "Garbage". Garbage don't know what a shower is, and he cannot see soap.

When Yorick calls Garbage, he throws a lot of **** to the enemies, and enemies moves slower because they have to clean themselves while they move. While Garbage is in the battle, he throws **** to the enemy he is attacking.

Luckily for Yorick, deads can't breath.

Omen of Famine: This Yorick's friend has a problem: is kleptomaniac, so his friends call him the Stealer. When he has a chance, he steals all he can

In the battle, he can't steal money, so he steals life to enemies, but Stealer has an important debt with Yorick, so he gives to Yorick all what he steals in battle to pay it

Omen of Death: Yorick's twin brother Kciroy. Kciroy has less problem with alcohol than Yorick's friends, so he can stay in battle 10 seconds. Kciroy has the same stats than his twin brother, and if Yorick gets his HP to 0 (deads cannot die again), they merge to try to kill the enemy who deletes Yorick, and later they fall asleep

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Everything has an expiration date

In this part of the guide, I'll explain what you should do while you play Yorick:


The only thing you must do while playing Yorick is trying to be remembered. The how is like you want. OK?

Rammus: Ok

I want to say a thing: Don't trust in living people, even if they are allies. You can only trust in the deads, like Karthus or Amumu, even if they are enemies. You can trust in the living people if they are dead, but when they are alive again, don't trust in them again.

What does it mean? Ignore the living, obbey the deads

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There is only one destination

For ending, I want to say you one thing: Victories and defeats doesn't matter, they will be forgotten, but actions prevails. A person will be remembered for his great actions, so when you play Yorick, try to do great actions: great feedings, great pentas, great fails, great trolling, etc.

If you like this guide, please, read my Nasus one:

Sorry if there are fails, english is not my nature language


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