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Thresh Build Guide by tafita111

Support Thresh Support Guide

Support Thresh Support Guide

Updated on April 23, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tafita111 Build Guide By tafita111 27 4 5,135,424 Views 14 Comments
27 4 5,135,424 Views 14 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tafita111 Thresh Build Guide By tafita111 Updated on April 23, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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In this guide i will be showing you some basic things about Thresh.I find him as an incredibly fun champion to play and ,with some experience, an good soloq champion because of game changing hooks and playmaking potential.

I'm EUNE player named tafita111, currently Diamond V in soloq.Started playing LoL in season 4.I've been playing Thresh for quite a lot and he was able to get me into platinum(in season 5) as well as diamond.This is my first guide and i hope it goes well. :-)
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Runes which i'm using are:

As for these, i prefer using greater marks of attack damage because of poke.These runes also go well with 's passive.However if you don't like these runes you can go for greater marks of armor but i do not recommend them.

Greater seals of health are best seals for Thresh as they give you some health in order to slightly remove Thresh's lack of sustain, can come handy.

The best glyphs for most situations for any support(so as for thresh) are greater glyphs of magic resist.Reason is simple..AP poke.However, if you have aditional rune page to spare.. you can take greater glyphs of armor.This can be sometimes useful against full AD comps.

You can go for either greater quintessences of armor and greater seals of health or greater quintessences of health and greater seals of armor.First option is better tho because max armor gain from quintessences is 12,78 as for seals it's 9.. in terms of health it's 78:72.Which means you'll have more income from first option.
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Summoner Spells

Either go for or .
is basicly better for aggressive laning.It can be good because it can lower healing from for 50%.Also make sure you DO pick it against as it's from crucial benefit.
is better overall because exhausted champion is basicly damageless for 2.5sec.It can be used to slow them for easy hook as well.It can be so useful,for example, against yasuo.Just place exhaust on top of his head while he ults and he'll do "no damage".
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Itemisation for Thresh is going to be based on instincts after gaining some experience.There is not much to tell other than basic stuff which is pretty much the same as for every other support.

Face of the MountainTalisman of Ascension
Basicly both of these can be good.I prefer Face of the Mountain because gives you tankiness to survive laning phase and also Mountain's active(shield) can provide critical endurance for your carries.You can go for Talisman of Ascension if you want to be more aggressive as it gives you some mana regeneration and quite useful active but have in mind that laning phase can be tough with .Main reason for that is squishiness.What i like to do sometimes(if not going for -which i think is better) is to start with and later (in mid-late game) swap it for Talisman of Ascension.

Boots are situational.Go for if you are ahead and wanna extend your playmaking potential by adding speed.Buy these if you want to roam as well.Can be really useful indeed.
Buy these if you are slightly behind or wanna add some tankiness in your arsenal or just to lower "million years" .

This item is beast.Such a good item against AP AoE damage(example: , ..) because of it's AURA passive(15 magic resist to nearby allies).Also, this item has useful active as well which is AURA shield.Use that in team fights.

Situational items.
can be taken for some additional tankiness and playmaking potential as it gives you some movement speed from passive but i'm not such a fan of it as i feel like there are more useful items for Thresh.
can be quite good indeed because of it's passive(reduces attack speed of nearby enemies).obviously it gives you some armor and quite a bit of CDR(20%).
is an item which i highly recommend.It reduces 10% of damage taken from critical strikes.Gives some health and armor as well(health was buffed in latest patch).Also it has an active which can be used in order to slow your enemies down for clean hooks.
try always to find place for this item.It's good for snowballing.But if you already have Talisman of Ascension better save item slot for something else. has useful active which can be used for engaging or slowing your enemies when chased by reactivating it.
is best item against full AD comp, literaly.You don't necessarily need to be up against full AD comp to build it of course.If they got fed ADC, this item can be useful indeed.
gives you a lot of health and "cute little"(not little at all) regeneration upon leaving a fight(will be activated only if your champion has more than 3k health).
can be used to remove CC out of yourself or your allies on active(also gives you some health).Gives you a lot of mana regen as well.
is such a good item.I definitely recommend it because of it's passive.First of all you need to bind this item with your ally.After that, item starts to gain charges(charging faster when fighting).When you get to 100 charges you and your ally will have 20% more ability power and 50% more critical chance up for 8 seconds.Great item.
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Skill Sequence

You can either go for > > or > > .

I like first option more because it obviously lower cooldown of which will open things up for you a lot.Other option is good for lane damage and poke. will deal more damage as well as it's passive.
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Some tips

Laning phase

In laning phase, your enemies will most likely position themselfs diagonally to you while having minions between you and themselfs.When you want to engage, just start going in the way of their tower so that when they start moving back you want to be facing them vertically or diagonally(of course you want to be in range).Now, you have to decide where to send the hook.There are 3 options which they might do in order to dodge your hook:
-They will try to juke and move backwards-in the way of your own tower(which is the most common option in higher elos).
-They will try to use dash(flash or any other escape) or just keep going in the way of their tower hoping you might miss hook-This option will probably be taken by people of lower elos.
-They will hold still and stay on the same place(this is not quite expected and can juke you pretty hard).


Roam whenever you can.Make sure you tell your ADC that you are going off.Best time to roam is obiously when their recall.Best lane for roaming is mid lane but you can even help your jungle(when invading or doing drake) or top.If their team has an immobile champion on mid lane(such as: , , , and so on) then it can be quite an opportunity for you.Always try to get behind them and to get them when they are pushing.Ask your allies for enemy wards so you can take possibly unwarded route.


Always look on your minimap for a chance to see their jungler.This can be useful when warding.For example, if you see their jungler on the top side of the map you can delay placing ward on tribush or the river one for minute or two.This can be of critical advantage indeed.Make sure you always ward second lane bush(further away one from your turret).This is good because of two reasons:
-You will be able to see lane ganks from enemy jungler and warn your team.
-That ward can be used for more efficient teleports from top lane or even mid lane and jungle.

When you are ahead, what you wanna do is to deep ward enemy jungle.This will help you extend your lead as well as set up you few picks, you never know.
When you are behind, you should ward your own jungle and the river because your enemy will probably try to snowball by deep warding your own jungle.If you manage to get back into the game then you should try to deep ward enemy jungle.

Mid-late game

Time between team fights is your time to shine.Move between lanes, walking around river and go in their jungle for deep wards and picks.If you manage to find pick or two for your team.. that should result in taking some sort of objective.
In team fights, you should either try to peel for your carries or try to land hook on their carries.However trying to hook can expose you sometimes for your enemies.While being in cast time for your hook, for example, blitz can counter-hook you.You have to be careful.
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Thanks for reading my first guide.I hope i helped you understand Thresh a bit better and hopefully taught you something new.Add me in game or send me message here if something is bothering you.Stay safe! ;-) :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tafita111
tafita111 Thresh Guide
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Thresh Support Guide

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