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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Cassiopeia Build Guide by DeathWalker1

Throwing A Mid Lane Hissy Fit

Throwing A Mid Lane Hissy Fit

Updated on November 29, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathWalker1 Build Guide By DeathWalker1 29,795 Views 0 Comments
29,795 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathWalker1 Cassiopeia Build Guide By DeathWalker1 Updated on November 29, 2016
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Middle Lane Ranked #24 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Tips And Tricks

Trick 1: The Peekaboo
The Peekaboo is a simple name for a simple trick. You start out by getting vision of someone over a wall with A ward/trinket and then ulting them right away. You can also ult if you know they are there before you use trinkets to not give it away, an example being if the person is turning a corner from a ward.

After you got vision of them and have them stunned with Petrifying Gaze you spam Twin Fangs and Noxious Blast. You'll kill pretty much anyone who is squishy and you can kill weaker tanks as well that rely on shields. You can also chase them out a bit if you need to.

One extra tip for this is to move closer to the wall between Twin Fangs casts. You'll often get to squeeze in an extra Twin Fangs if you can make up a tiny bit of distance, this matters in cases where they try to run away because they didn't die during the stun of your ultimate.

Trick 2: Flash away and then ult
If you find yourself running away from multiple enemies or even just a single guy that you can kill but think he'll dodge your ultimate try this trick.

Flash off away so it looks like you're trying to escape. As soon as you flash you ult behind and into whoever was chasing you. Most people won't react properly since they think you flashing away is a sign of giving up and expect you to keep running. Some will flash after you and get stunned, some will chase too far and walk into the edge of your ult range. This is when you turn and enjoy the kills on the enemies you just outplayed.

Keep in mind that if you flash some people will immediately turn around. This is mostly for when you know they'll catch but you can kill them if you have time to ult first. A lot of the time you won't have time to ult if you're being chased since you'll die before it goes off or trade cc and die after the stun wears off. Those are the time you do this.

Trick 3: Casting Miasma then Flashing
Flashing after Miasma cuts out some of the animation and cast time, not a super useful trick in most cases, but can be used to stop someone's escape a lot easier than just casting and having them flash while Miasma is in the air and on their way below their feet.

Trick 4: Casting ult then flashing
Just like with many other abilities in the game, you can cast your ultimate then flash forward. This is pretty standard and most players recognize this is possible, but do not forget about it because it is very important; especially in team fights when people aren't paying clean attention to where you are or where they are facing.

Tip1: Catching out with ult
When I'm ulting someone blind I'm casting out my Q and then animation cancelling with ult, using Twin Fangs once then moving up between cooldown to cover them and the most amount of area behind someone with Miasma to stop escapes when they run back, casting Twin Fangs when appropriate.

Tip 2: Bushes
Cassiopeia is one of the scariest champions to facecheck into. Most of the time if someone doesn't know you're there and they just try to walk in, you're gonna get a free kill. You don't even need your ultimate vs squishier targets. Keep in mind what champions you can chase down especially when you have Rylais so you do not waste your ultimate unnecessarily.

Tip 3: Peel for your ADC
Sometimes your job isn't going to be doing the maximum amount of damage. Keeping your ADC or any other strong member of your team alive is just as important. Carrying is more than just getting a bunch of kills, it's also making sure the people in position to do the most damage are going to be kept safe. Once you have Rylais peeling is even easier.

Don't be afraid to use your ult on one of two people who are engaging in on the most fed member of your team. Keeping someone alive that deals more damage than you or is more important to the team comp is going to win you more games than trying to be the hero.

Do not forget your Miasma cuts out all of the enemies dashes as well, so this really stops champions like Irelia and Diana from getting onto important targets.

Tip 4: Always smart cast
Aside from Ryze, Cass may be the most important mage in the game to smart cast on. Obviously it's quicker to just hit E over and over than it is to E and then click. However, there is another reason. Your animation cancelling is extremely early in the animation for a lot of your abilities, so you want to shave off any time actually clicking buttons to cast your spells as quickly as possible and weave them into one another.

Tip 5: Remember to kite
Remember that Cass is a very kite reliant champion. Learning to cast Twin Fangs then click away so you can move and close distance on people, or create distance when being chase is extremely important. If you need to practice this to get the hang of it, everytime you do blue buff make sure you're focused on moving your mouse back and forth from where you need to move and where you need to cast your spells.

It takes a lot of practice since there isn't an attack move command for Twin Fangs like if you were an ADC just auto attacking, but it has an extreme pay off and if you're serious about getting good at Cass you need to master this.

Kiting is easier on this new iteration of Cass since Twin Fangs casts don't lock you down where you are anymore but you can still move quicker by actually clicking.
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Great Lane controller
Can 2v1 easily
When fed and built correctly, can have a high impact and turn games around
Great at chasing
Outscales people, making trades almost always worth it.
Can control team fights very well, can take on different roles depending what's needed. (Nuke, Tank, Initiator, Peel, DPS)

Hyper carry

Great 1v1 potential even against assassins

Has the ultimate AOE team fight denial tool; grounding. Grounding is super great when combo'd with teams abilities or just ultimate.

No escape
hard to play well

conditional stun

Requires long term commitment to play efficiently.
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Different phases of the game!!

Early Game and You
Before you get tear you're gonna be passive against a lot of meta champions. You can definitely go aggressive even before tear, I certainly do, but it's hard to manage the mana well enough to have a high enough amount to get kills and you'll need ignite to back you up a lot of the time.

After you get tear remember to farm up with Twin Fangs as you'll get a small bit of mana with every last hit.

The Mid Game
During mid game you want to try and fight whenever your ultimate is up if you're ahead. If you're even you want to take fights that favor your team with positioning either with the way you're spread out or the area you fight in. (jungle/river etc.) If you're behind you can usually still set up fights and if you kite well can win if you have multiple items.

Be cautious of champions that can flank you in fights and kill you quickly like Syndra or Leblanc. You need to figure out how your team comp and the enemy team comps work and figure out how you need to play it. Sometimes you need to be the one leading and trying to engage, sometimes you want to flash in with an ult late or try to counter engage with ult. Other times you just want to position and be a second source of DPS for your team.

The most important thing to remember is that not every game is the same and Cass fits many different team comps and play styles for a reason. Figure out what you're best at doing and push any advantage you have. Cass forces the enemies to make decisions. When people need to make decisions they usually make the wrong ones. Know what options you have available and take into account how much damage you have and whether or not you can afford to play aggressive.

Late Game
Late game is pretty close to mid game in terms of how you play it. There honestly isn't much difference. The only thing that is really different is you usually have to be more decisive with your decisions. You can burst people really quickly at this point with ult. Try not to get burst yourself and learn to time Zhonyas with enemy animations and key spells.

Your ult>flash is a bit more valuable at this point since one good engage can win a game. Other than that, though; just remember to be aggressive with your positioning and keep any flashes the enemies have in mind with your positioning. Remember that champions like Leblanc can dash and add a flash into that to get you from really far away. Always keep in mind spell range+flash so that you don't get caught out.
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Synergy With team mates!

Cass has a lot of synergy with a lot of champions. Her ult allows her to do well in AOE comps, and her early damage allows for junglers with targeted CC to get very easy kills. Even if they don't have targeted CC, as long as they keep the enemy in place or do higher damage with you, you can usually get kills pre-6 especially with Miasma properly placed.

The best supports to go with Cass are ones with CC that can hold people for her to burst/AOE CC to chain with her ult. Sona, Nami, , Zyra are favorites I like to see. Lulu is also really nice, though Lulu has more of a "help the ad carry" obligation to her, so don't expect use of her full kit on yourself. Soraka is another good one since it let's you be more aggressive due to spam healing.

For junglers, I always get excited when I see an Amumu, Hecarim or a Maokai. Anything with hard CC or AOE engage is a great plus for you. AOE CC sets up easy ultimates, and strong cc early sets up free kills with your DPS.

Tops that can get people out of position are nice to have in general, but even more so with Cass. A Noxious Blast into Twin Fang chase on someone. Even if you have a Gnar top who only hits one guy with his ultimate and misses a wall, you can still chase that guy now that he's out of position and get a kill pretty easily. It's even better if Gnar gets a good flash engage and hits multiple people into a wall because now you can follow up for more AOE CC and wombo combo them down quickly.

Ashe is an excellent ADC to have by your side. If she can make the initial engage on someone who is out of position they will almost always die if you have Rylais. Very few champions can run away from Cass while she pumps out spells with Rylais for a slow.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathWalker1
DeathWalker1 Cassiopeia Guide
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Throwing A Mid Lane Hissy Fit

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