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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by TheGrumpySherlock

Jungle Tickle My Fiddle | Gotta Go 'Phast' | In-Depth 9.5 Fiddlesti

By TheGrumpySherlock | Updated on March 13, 2019
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Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role
Ranked #23 in
Jungle Role
Win 53%
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Ability Order


Greetings MOBAFire! I'm Grumpy, a casual gamer who's plays League Of Legends. In-game I normally 'fill' - as I play a whole bunch of different roles and champs.

Welcome Fiddlers! Have lots of fun playing the scarecrow boi who is a better controller of birds than Swain will ever be!

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Pros / Cons

- High Sustain In Jungle
- Synergises very well with the new runes
- Great ganking potential ultimate
- Synergies well with Protobelt
- Can solo dragon at level 3(VERY RISK - with blue buff - also, if you start dragon inside the pit, when taking dragon remember to auto attack before drain due to dragon knock backing interrupting drain)
- Very Ult reliant in ganks
- Very squishy and subject to invades early game
- Need great positioning

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Pre-Season Runes + Masteries

Welcome to the new runes, here is a breakdown of my thoughts on this rune page and the ones I am running at this time:


Phase Rush: The 'reworked' Stormraiders which works a lot better than the old one as you don't have to get the players down to a certain amount of HP to be granted the movement speed.

The Ultimate Hat: Who doesn't want to get rewarded for every time they use their ultimate?! Stacks up to an extra 15% cool-down on your ultimate for more initiating, and more team fights. (However you need to get three unique abilities / auto attacks off on one person to be granted the MS buff, so in team fights you can R then pick someone and use E on them and auto-attack (or auto-attack) to be granted the huge MS buff.

Celerity: Get's increased movement speed which helps out in roams, in addition to receiving 8% of your movement speed in the form of AP. As we like to pick up early mobility boots in addition to the rune underneath this + the movement speed given from Runic Echoes, this boosts our damage overall.

Waterwalking: Whilst roaming around through the river, receive an extra 25 movement speed. You also receive an extra 30 AP when you are in the river, this aids in securing objectives earlier (such as dragon, as Fiddle is a great objective solo-er).


Perfect Timing: Gain a free stopwatch at the start of the game. This is amazing for Fiddle as it allows him to dive turrets early on and be super strong in team fights without having to buy a Zhonyas ASAP. As stopwatch builds into Zhonyas (even after it becomes a broken stopwatch) it allows you to buy Zhonyas at a cheaper price later on.

Approach Velocity: This grants bonus movement speed when you run towards an impaired ally or enemies. As your fear counts as 'movement impairing' you can fear someone which will grant you extra movement speed (already on-top of Phase Rush) to chase after, furthermore in team fights late game, when you have Rylai's it will grant you the MS buff running to any of those enemies you have slowed down. It also allows you to run towards an ally that has been movement impaired as well (any slow/stun/snare/sleep/other forms of cc) to help out in a counter-gank and fear away the enemy (does have a 1000 range.
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*NOTE: From the new update to 'Runic Echoes' Fiddle is a lot more stronger in the jungle as previously Fiddle did not get much from Runeglaive.

Fiddlesticks has severe mana dependency with clearing and fighting, GLP aims to fix this issue by giving mana and HP to stay alive a bit longer and fight as well. The GLP active also does wonders in fights when you land the ice shards to slow and keep enemies in your ult.

Zhonyas is essential for any Fiddlesticks player, due to the play potential and utility it offers. Below, in any of the images, you can jump over into a large fight and if they decide to attack you - you can zhonyas to save yourself. But be careful, do not activate it too early or in a spot where they can easily escape - so if there is someone with large CC (Braum, Jarvan, Leona, Malphite, Orianna, Veigar) it will greatly help with keeping them in your Crow Storm.

When invading blue side I place a ward down the pathway between the tier 2 tower and wolves and one just over the wall from blue buff (from the path that mid lane would take that goes towards blue buff) - I place these wards so I feel more secure when invading. Fiddle is pretty good at invading due to him having quick clears.

But Stalker's blade is also a very good pick if you would like to add a bit more CC (crowd control) when ganking. As straight after you 'Terrify/ Fear' the laner, you can smite them to slow them down - which helps in the gank.

Morellonomicon is use for when the enemy has a lot of life-steal / heal supports / life-regen and you need that grievous wounds to help out the team.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I enjoy the level 3 point in Q/Terrify so I can try and get an early gank off in mid-lane (but really depends on the matchup in mid - but even if you run mid, put pressure you might get a burnt flash from the enemy - so it does not hurt to try)

At level 3, you can choose to skill another point in Dark Wind(E) or Terrify(Q) - Terrify would be for early gank pressure vs Dark Wind (E) would be for more clearing and if you would like to do an early dragon sneak :)
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Jungle Route

Fiddle does not need a leash in the jungle (so your laner can get those extra CS against the other laner) - but if you are worried about an early invade and want to get your Jungle faster, be nice and ask for a quick leash.

Fiddle is really weak early in the jungle, and many invaders (Shaco, Lee etc.) Can quite as easily destroy him - so if you have your Terrify, fear them and run away if you can.
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Positioning is Fiddlesticks' main goal. If you cannot position well then ganking lanes will be hard, and teamfights might sway in the enemy team's favour. But hopefully, after reading this - you might have a nice idea of good spots to use your ultimate from. Think of his ultimate as a long-range flash, how if you are over the majority part of a wall, then you will go over it.

Spot 1: Ganking Bot
I am showing it from Blue Side, but many of these spots can be re-created on the Red side/ used for red sideThis is a really nice spot to gank from. If red side is pushing down bot (and you are on blue) creep around to the tri bush (sometimes good to place a ward here so no enemy junglers can surprise you) - when you ult over this spot, the enemy team are sandwiched between you and your ADC and Support. When you use this spot, the enemy team hardly ever suspect it and panic (wasting summoners, abilities just to get away). But timing is key, make sure that your team can instantly follow up after you go in. The team hardly suspects you go here as during early game, that tri bush in their jungle is hardly ever warded. This spot can also be used if you are on Red Team and blue have pushed to the tower.

Spot 2
If you know that river is warded and you cannot make it up to that spot, fear not (do not be terrified) - there are ways to gank bot without using that spot.Let your team/ ask your team to push a little bit so you can sneak around through the lane (this can work on red side as well) and sneak into the bush there. But before you go, ask your bot if the bush is warded - as lanes with a support that have a sort of skill shot to initiate (Thresh, Leona, Blitzcrank or other champs that hide in the bush) many laners ward this - just keep that in mind. Back on track, sneak up and once you are in position, ask your laner to let them push back towards you - then channel and let the crows fly. If this spot is unavailable or your team is already getting attacked and you cannot get into that position, you can use this spot - to enter the fight to help your lane. This spot is also good if they have pushed up a bit and you cannot access river - but care as sometimes the tribush just above this spot might be warded (so bring a pink ward along and place it there to check if they know you are there)

Mid-Lane has many different spots you can come from (that can be re-created from both sides). I am showing spots out-side of the bush, as generally the bushes are warded. But if you can get the ward clear (from Raptor smite bonus), Vision Ward or Sweeping Lens - then ganking in mid might become easier. (If you just cleared the ward, do not go right in, go back out and clear a camp or take rift scuttle - as the mid-laner will suspect a gank instantly. Just keep an eye out for them if they place a ward or ask your mid-laner if they re-warded the bushes/ spots)
If you are on Red Side (or flip it around for Blue) this is a spot you can use if the other team has pushed up. I know in the image I am outside of the bush, but this spot is also nice in the bush (if they had a minion or vision of the spot I am standing in the picture) Coming from the bushes in side is great, as your ult has a large casting range so you can go from the bush all the way into the middle of the lane.2:
This is a sneaky little spot, if you are on Blue Team and the Red Side has pushed up a little bit. Early game the bushes might be warded, so coming around from this side helps in ganking the lane - but be careful do not go too far in so the tower can see you. Timing is key from this spot - as it is a lot better in the mid laner is closer to the side you are coming from. If you notice that a mid-laner favours a side more, try ganking from that side using this spot.3:
These 2 spots are great if the mid-tower tier 1 has been taken. If the Mid-Laner is not playing as defensive and staying with their tier 2 tower (maybe trying to push forward and take the other teams Tier 1 tower) then these are 2 spots to go from. This can also be used coming from Blue side, just reverse the positions.

Top Lane

Spot 1:
Thanks you user Archstryker for this pick-up
This is a great way to gank top-lane if on red side - or on blue side if the enemy top laner has pushed up and trying to take tower. Going this route will sandwich the blue top laner with your red top laner which will more than likely result in a kill.
Just place your cursor where the tip of the tree is (just below the star indicator) and you should land where the image shows - outside of tower range.

Spot 2:
This is probably one of the better spots to gank from. This can be used if on both Red or Blue team. But I feel it works better from on Blue Team as early game this spot is not warded much and can be used to your advantage.
Spot 3:
This would be how you would go if ganking via the bush in the river - works well if on Blue and Red has pushed up (and have not warded) - or if wanting to gank Blue if on Red.
Spot 4:
Similar to bot side, you can ask your team to push up (or if you notice them pushing) sneak up into lane. This can work again both on Red Side or Blue Side. Just make sure there are no stray minions that might give away your position.
Dragon/ Baron:
Fiddle is great at dragon and baron fights from his ultimate, as the small confined area in the pit will keep the enemy team trapped in your swarm of crows.
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There you have it, hope this guide has helped you learn some new positioning spots on the map, but feel free to find your own and experiment with other spots. These are just some nice 'Key-Spots' to go from when ganking the lanes, but you can
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheGrumpySherlock
TheGrumpySherlock Fiddlesticks Guide
Tickle My Fiddle | Gotta Go 'Phast' | In-Depth 9.5 Fiddlesti
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