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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Lery56

Top titanic hydra Dr. Mundo

Top titanic hydra Dr. Mundo

Updated on July 17, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lery56 Build Guide By Lery56 41 5 75,926 Views 2 Comments
41 5 75,926 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lery56 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Lery56 Updated on July 17, 2021
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Runes: best for this build

Grasp of the Undying

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane Ranked #34 in
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Champion Build Guide

titanic hydra Dr. Mundo

By Lery56
what the idea of the build?

The point is to go Warmog's Armor as a first or second item with Frostfire Gauntlet, and then abuse all the bonus health we acquired with titanic hydra and the bonus HP scaling on his abilities.

why titanic?

This item is what makes this build shine. along with 500hp, it gives you 75 ad and on hit affect that deals 64 dmg and 200 splash dmg every auto. not to mention these numbers only go up when you buy more health.

It makes you a split push monster that clears a wave with 3 autos and makes towers disappear.

Blunt Force Trauma is an auto attack reset that synergizes really well with the on hit effect and the extra ad.

how to play & build early

Early game try to farm safely and poke with Q and e, only taking short trades that end with slowing the enemy with clever so he cant chase to trade back. If you go Frostfire Gauntlet first, you want Bami's Cinder first recall. if your going Warmog's Armor just get items that build into it. you can build Bramble Vest early for heal cut, but I like ignite in those matchups instead. Generally you get first item before the enemy because you start Ruby Crystal, and that's a good time to try and get a kill. second item is either Warmog's Armor or Frostfire Gauntlet(depending what item you built first), and then build Titanic Hydra as your 3th item. I like buying tier 2 boots only after my 3th item because the synergy between the items is what makes this build good and buying boots is worth less the completing my first 3 core items. and For the same reason I don't like buying Bramble Vest early.

anathemas chains

really good item on Mundo, and very similar to Warmog's Armor in stats.
building both Warmog's and anathemas gives too much health and not enough resistances to compliment, so you can only build anathemas as a replacement to Warmog's.

building anathemas is best in games where Warmog's passive is less good, because you die every time you fight. so if enemy team is all about bursting you down, anathemas is better. also good to buy it if the enemy teams has 1 fed carry, or if you know your probably going to fight someone in a 1v1 ahead of time.
lastly, Warmog's is better if you are ahead because there is more of a chance that you will live after fighting, and anathemas costs less so its generally better if you are behind for the faster power spike.

situational items

Gargoyle Stoneplate gives a lot of resistances that synergies with all the health you have, and a shield that scales with bonus health. its really (really) good for this build and usually the 4th item. I would say its core unless the enemies are mostly ap or mostly ad.

Spirit Visage is very good on Mundo, but only into teams that have relevant magic dmg (at least 40% - 45% magic dmg i would say). Randuin's Omen is much better against mostly ad teams.

Thornmail for anti heal. remember Bramble Vest gives the same amount of anti heal as Thornmail on champions that don't have cc like Mundo.

Randuin's Omen against ad teams. especially good against adc's and auto attackers in general.


Grasp of the Undying for sustain, trading and more max hp.

Demolish is really good for taking plates and split push, and the only good rune in his row.(it also scales with max HP)

I like Conditioning because the armor and mr it gives synergies with all the health in this build, but both Second Wind and Bone Plating are also good, and are better early game.

The health from Overgrowth is great and the other options are really bad.

Magical Footwear free 300 gold.

Approach Velocity gives movement speed so you wont get kited, and covers for only getting boots after 3th item.

Attack speed gives more dmg then adaptive dmg and ability hast.
Mr/armor depends on matchup.
1100 bonus HP faster.

summoner spells

Ignite is good because you don't need to buy bramble vest for anti heal, and it helps in 1v1's early. in my opinion, take ignite every time you need anti heal or can fight early.

Teleport without any dash or cc it hard to do anything if you use it on bot or mid, and you don't really need it for top since you have a lot of health regen and no mana. yet you will still take tp most of your games, because in a lot of matchups you don't want to fight early even with ignite and you don't need anti heal, leaving tp as the only viable choice. its also the most consistent summoner spell if that's what you are looking for.

Ghost can be taken instead of flash. ghost gives teamfight power while flash is more for 1v1 and escaping. personally I take flash, but both are good so take what you like. taking both flash and ghost is possible but feels redundant to me. also if its a good game for Boots of Swiftness I wouldn't recommend taking ghost, as they both do a similar job.

bad items for this build

Sterak's Gage, Dead Man's Plate and Knight's Vow do not give enough resistances to compliment all the bonus health. if you want Dead Man's Plate's movement speed, go Boots of Swiftness and Randuin's Omen


this build works in the jungle as well with Frostfire Gauntlet first item if you want. other guides do a better job explaining Mundo jungle, but you can try this item build build to with other runes if you want.

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