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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by PigoSaurusRex

Tank Toggling God Mode: (s3) Jungle Mundo in-depth Guide

Tank Toggling God Mode: (s3) Jungle Mundo in-depth Guide

Updated on February 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PigoSaurusRex Build Guide By PigoSaurusRex 3 3 8,127 Views 5 Comments
3 3 8,127 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PigoSaurusRex Dr. Mundo Build Guide By PigoSaurusRex Updated on February 12, 2013
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Hey guys my name is PigOsaurusRex and I'm here to share my knowledge on Dr. Mundo. This is my first guide so I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to drop off any tips in the comments~
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Pros / Cons

  • Extreme survivability mid/late game.
  • Efficient at counter-jungling
  • Can change the tides of a team fight
  • Goes where he pleases.

  • Low early game survivability
  • Doesn't provide the best ganks early game
  • Can be shut down by Ignite
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Mark of Attack Speed
These provide faster attack speed which can obviously be replaced by Mark of Magic Penetration if you need them. I just personally prefer the Attack speed runes because they allow me to clear jungle faster.

Seal of Armor
Obvious tank rune is obvious.

Glyph of Magic Resist
This allows you to have that little extra MR until you get your Runic Bulwark.

Quintessence of Health Regeneration
Mundo has a ridiculous base health regen and adding these just makes it that much better. Simple as that.
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Adrenaline Rush

Mundo's passive Goes Where He Pleases gives him a 0.3% health regeneration. This is why you stack HP with Mundo because the more health he has the more health he regenerates!

Infected Cleaver

This skill is basically what seperate's a good Mundo from a bad Mundo, the difference between a super giant Purple tank that has God Mode activated or a squishy purple punching bag. This is a skillshot that, if hit, does a substantial amount of damage, and slows the target horribly. They do not scale from AP or AD and benefit solely from Magic Penetration.

Burning Agony

This skill provides you with 3 sunfire capes worth of AoE constant damage late game. This deals AoE magic damage based on the Targets current health. I usually max this out second because it gives high AoE DPS in team fights and helps push minions faster.


This skill increases Mundo's Attack damage tremendously [40/55/70/85/100] for 5 seconds. In addition to this Mundo also gains extra damage per percentage of health lost.



Maximum Dosage is what makes Mundo, in my opinion, one of the most trolliest champions in the game. This gives amazing lane sustain as well as teamfight sustain, basically makes you have 1 1/2 lives ( Guardian Angel on cooldown anyone?) and it also makes him run much faster.
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Although it isn't necessary for Mundo, it always helps to ask for help at Wraithes and Red Buff.

Jungle Route

Wraithes > Red > Golems > Wraithes > Wolves or Back if low > Blue Buff > Gank
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Early/Mid/Late Game Tips

Early Game

I'm not going to beat around the bush here, early game your real focus is just to survive until mid game comes around. Early game you want to focus mainly on staying in jungle and getting as much gold and experience as you can. You only really want to gank if it's completely necessary to keep a lane alive, or if you are 100% sure your team will get the kill.

Mid Game

After you get your Warmog's Armor it's your true time to shine! Mid Game you are obviously still going to want to jungle until the 20 minute mark, however you will have the opportunity to gank alot more. Around the 20 minute mark is when I usually start roaming, pushing lanes, ganking, stealing jungle and etc. Remember, you still haven't toggled God Mode yet, but you are close! Just keep helping the team get closer to end game.

Late Game

Toggle God Mode! :D
Haha, this is where Mundo become's an unkillable purple God of destruction. Your main focus here is to get everyone on the enemy team to focus you. Just push lanes out, tank turrets, and focus on keeping your ADC alive while also bring pressure onto the enemy team!
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Starting Items

These are the basic jungling starting items. Hunter's Machete helps you do extra damage to minions while the Health Potion's give extra survivability allowing you to remain in the jungle longer.
  • Take Madred's Razors if you are going to not be ganking the first time you go back to help you clear jungle faster and catch up in gold and experience.
  • Take Boots if you are going to be ganking after the first time you go back. These improve your movement speed and therefore improve your chances of catching that champ you are dying to gank.

Core Items

  • The very first item I always rush is my Ninja Tabi. These boot's give a good early game 25 armor and 10% damage reduction from enemy champions which give you the defense and survivability throughout the entire games. 10/10 would buy.
  • Although it got nerfed Warmog's Armor is still the first big item I rush. It gives a grand 1000 Health and restores 1.5% of your maximum health Every 5 seconds, which with the runes we took brings us to a grand total of 8.1% HP regenerated per 5 seconds, or 1.6% HP/sec! (see why we have those quints? c; )
  • The third item I go for is always the Runic Bulwark. I do this due to the extra health, armor and magic resist it provides you and your team as well. This really grants an advantage to your team during teamfights due to a heightened survivablity coming from each champ.
  • The fourth and final item I purchase is the legendary Randuin's Omen. This item basically leads your team into the end game due to the fact that it gives you more health, more armor, slows enemy attack speed and movement speed if they focus you and also has an active that reduces enemy units movement speed by a bunch scaling on how much Armor and MR you have.

Optional End game Items

  • If you feel comfortable with your tankiness go ahead and take a Sunfire Aegis to increase the amount of damage you do allowing you to push harder and do more damage in teamfights.
  • If you feel like being a little more trollish and having 2 1/2 lives (ult + GA) then go ahead and grab a Guardian Angel
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Teamfight Tips

Here are some basic tips on your role during teamfights

  • You go in first, soak up as much damage as you can and be as annoying as you can to the other team.
  • In a team fight you want to throw a cleaver in, pop your Blunt Force Trauma and then toggle your Heart Zapper.
  • When you get to 50% turn off Heart Zapper and use your ultimate, continue to focus the ADC.
  • During the fight stick next to the ADC like glue, shaving his HP off with your burning agony while cleaving him to keep the permaslow on and chunking them with your Masochism.
  • If the ADC is low HP and decides to flee I've realized its always a good idea to chase after them a little because their whole team will start trying to stop you from killing them, allowing your team to chunk them while you get focused.

    Dying for your Team

    This is a pretty straightforward idea. Ask these questions before martyring yourself:
    • Can my teammates get away if I distract the enemy team?
    • Can my team get more then one kill if I stay here so they can chase someone else?
    If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then in my opinion its a good sacrifice for the team, however if the answer is no to either of these, do not risk it.
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tl;dr version:
  • Build HP, the more HP = More HP Regen
  • Get focused
  • Press R to toggle God Mode
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Examples of Mundo Toggling God Mode

My last two games :3
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PigoSaurusRex
PigoSaurusRex Dr. Mundo Guide
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Toggling God Mode: (s3) Jungle Mundo in-depth Guide

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