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Shen Build Guide by andre2694

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author andre2694

Top lane samurai

andre2694 Last updated on June 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, I'm andre2694, a player from EUW. I'm not a very experienced player although I watch some streams and competitions and I believe I'm not that bad on building and theorycrafting.
In my guides I'll try to show some functional builds and mechanisms but keep in mind that I'm still learning and fighting for a good rank like gold and beyond.

About Shen, he's one of my favourite champions, does well on jungle or top thanks to his high potencial to be a strong tank that still can shut down a carry. I play Shen on top or jungle a lot and tried some different builds and masteries. On this guide I bring you a top lane Shen mixing a lot of tank items with some damage and utility for the team.

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The runs are pretty standard for ad top. It give all you need, strong defenses on armor seals and magic resist glyphs and some damage from your auto-attacks which are your main source of damage.

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That ap/magic pen may look strange but it's great on shen because all his abilities scale with ap, so I'm not building an ap shen but instead took some ap and magic pen for extra damage.
Plus, some tanky items like Wit's End or Sunfire Cape deal magic damage as an unique passive, and having magic pen on the masteries will help dealing more damage.

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It hardly depends on the lane, so I'm gonna explain a few item choices:

- Mercury Treads
- Ninja Tabi

You always want one of these, your goal is to win your lane and help the team as a tank so it's not worthy building boots that don't provide any good defenses. The point here is: heavy cc or ap damage -> go mercury || heavy ad damage -> go ninja

- Sunfire Cape
- Warmogs Armor
- Aegis of the Legion

Sunfire is a great item for split pushing, when you build one you are able to deal some aoe damage to minions helping you to destroy a wave and push towers fastly. The only reason to not build one is if the enemy team is all ap based, like 3 or 4 aps on team.
Warmogs is still core, your q scale with health, your passive scale with health and you want more health to tank and win fights.
Aegis or Runic are great items because they give you a huge boots of defenses plus a aura that helps your team in crushing all fights. Only go Runics if the enemies have some nice ap damage, otherwise you only need aegis. Atention, you only to build these items if your jungler and suport aren't building one too. One aura can turn a fight, two auras can give your team an amazing boost but you don't need more. If 2 guys on your team are building aegis just go build a Frozen Mallet, Wit's End or something more useful to you.

Late Game Options:
- Fronze Mallet
- Wit's End
- Blade of the Ruined King
- Maw of Malmortius
- Trinity Force
- Randuin's Omen
- Spirit Visage
- Thornmail

As you see, those items are very different since the late game always depends on how's the game running, who is in your team and who is in the enemy side. You need to choose between building some damage or more defenses, build a item that help on giving some stats you feel you lack.

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Flash is core on Shen, you can always use the Flash+E combo which allow you to catch and taunt everyone and destroy them with your team so always go flash.
The other option maybe be Ignite, Exhaust or Teleport.
Ignite - if you need extra damage and want to secure kills or shut down someone with high sustain like Volibear, Irelia or others.
Exhaust - great to shut down champions that depend on their auto-attacks to kill like Darius, Xin, Rengar, among others.
Teleport - If you want to push hard or hold a lane that could harm you.

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Team Work

During teamfights or ganks always try to have your abilities up and all your energy or a amount that let you use the abilities you need.

As I said before you will tank, you will catch people that are mispositioned or dive into enemies team with your taunt, try to taunt everyone so you can get your energy back for shielding or attacking while your team crush the enemies.
You can see on LCS or high elo games people pushing top/bot lane while team is pushing mid, as Shen you can do it if you are confident that your team will be strong and aware of some danger and if you have your ulti up to save some teammate or just into the fight.

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Unique Skills

The most important thing on Shen is know when to use your ulti, you can't be losing your lane or your turret will be destroyed when you ulti someone and you should keep in mind that the ulti has a long cooldown, so using it must be worth it.
Another important thing is using taunt, it requires some pratice because you need to taunt to get energy back and be able to keep on fight.

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If you are been too pushed to your turret you can always farm with your q to restore some health and took some creeps.
When you got Sunfire Cape you should dive into the middle of a wave of creeps, shielding yourself and using your q sometimes to get some health back.

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Ranked Play

Shen is often banned in rankeds because everyone is afraid of his ulti. Don't pick Shen just because people ask you to choose an "Op champion", you need to pratice some things to be a good Shen not just pick him and expect to win. Playing against one could be hard because of his sustain but he's probably gonna build as a tank so just leave him and gank some lanes to get some kills. A tank depends on his team to kill so if you destroy the enemies carries, their Shen won't be able to carry the game.

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Pros / Cons

- Some of his abilities scale well with health so you can go tanky and kill everyone
- Has a global ulti that can save a friend on danger
- He's great at splitpushing
- You could pick different builds and result fine

- Shen's ulti need some timing, most of people waste it on the middle of teamfights or something like that
- Shen's E need a lot of praticing
- Shen's energy pool is limited, his abilities have high costs of energy, you need to control it well
- Shen is often banned in ranked games