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Nidalee Build Guide by kallcrack

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kallcrack

Topalee, Ad kitty. S3 UPDATED.

kallcrack Last updated on January 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to the kitty

Before I introduce you to the kitty I think i should mention that this is my first guide, so any comments about what you think I should add or missed would be appreciated.

Who is this badass kitty?
I'd like to talk about basically who Nidalee is and what she does.
Nidalee's main job is to split push and become big enough so that the enemy team needs to send at least 2 people to stop you from farming/pushing. And again, since your main job is to push and destroy your lane, you need a lot of wards and think that your lane is totally separated from all other lanes. Why do Nidalee go top over other lanes? First, you won't be bothered as much as the mid lane from junglers, dragon pressure, and bot pressure. Second, there isn't a support to disturb your harasses. Third (My favorite) BUSH! It helps you lose minion aggro, zone enemies out, harass extremely easy, avoid ganks, avoid skillshots, and passive proc mhm yummi passive. Once you start dominating (Which you will) your lane around level 3 or 4, you have to be very careful of enemy junglers ganking you since you will be pushed due to Nidalee's constant harass, making you the number one priority of enemy jungler's 'to gank' list.
Since AD nida isn't what some would consider "ad qualified", alltho I call that nonsense. Have you seen the damage a AD nida can pull off? Those extra tanky items such as Force of Nature is only to help you fill out your role in the game.

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What runes should I be going with as ad nida?

The reason why i took these runes is kind of obvious.
I like the armor and MR since it will provide you that extra roughness you will need vs high sustained top laners. I get the damage/armor pen runes because they help a lot with farming and damage trading.
Of course there are other viable options here, if you rather go flat ad marks, be my guest.
You could swap some of your flat MR glyphs into MR per level, alltho I would not recommend replacing all of them.
I don't really see any viable option on the seals, since armor is a "must have" on ad nida.

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Starting items 1 You should allmost allways start of with boots and 4 pots. Sometimes I start off with boots even tho I'm facing a heavy ad champ simply because I want to abuse my passive, and since you will start of with boots you will have a gigantic movement advantage in your lane. This will also help you with those early ganks.
Starting items 2 If I know I'm not going to get ganked early and im facing a strong early on champion such as Pantheon i would recommend starting off with cloth armor + 5 pots for that extra early sustained. With your armor runes, armor runes and those 5 yummi pots you will be sustained enough to stay in lane at least to stay in lane to level 6.

At your first recall i would recommend buying 2 dorans blade and then rush for tri force since its your core items, no questions asked here.
Situational! If you are getting raped top and their jungler is camping the **** out of you there is one viable option. Buying a early heart of gold will provide you with some nice gold flow since you will wait with building that omen that you sometimes need vs heavy ad teams. The heart of gold will help you with your late game.

This is the time for you to decide what you need to build first. If you are facing a heavy burst team you should rush a warmog after your tri force, but if they have a heavy AP team you should considering building a Wit's end after tri force. It gives you that extra MR you need + some yummi damage.

If you build a warmog you should want getting a atma, to get some extra damage out of your health + some extra tankyness. By this time you should be able to 1v1 any AD carry unless they are really really feeded.

If you went for wit's end you should get some more tanky items, since AD nida is a bruiser you shouldnt stack damage items only. I would recommend getting a warmog, so you can act as a off tank in team fights.

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Pros / Cons


- Can't really counter AD Nidalee
- Amazing utilities
- Very easy to pick up/low skill cap (Aside from wall jumps)
- Can split enemy team up because AD Nidalee has just enough damage and health/resistances to just tunnel-vision enemy team's squishy carries which forces another enemy player to aid their carry from getting zoned out from the fight or dying. Because of this, your teammates will almost always have the advantage of fighting 4v3.
- Great map-control
- Zone out your opponent from farming by simply staying in the bush.
- Pretty much forces the enemy team to focus you once you get Atmogs and Trinity Force, which then lets your carries rape the enemy team without being harassed.
- Pretty much impossible to be driven out from lane due to heal and life-steal.
- Very high damage output at all levels.
- Easy farm.
- Not as well as the AP build but still pushes fairly well.
- Not very mana dependent after laning phase, which is also the reason why I take 9 in the defensive tree over 9 in the utility tree.


- Kinda squishy (during laning phase), becomes a problem when you get ganked.
- Constantly pushed in lane which makes you an easy target for a gank and since you won't have ghost unlike splitpushing/AP build, you are quite easy to die from a single gank, busting summoners or not.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite + Flash, pretty straight forward.
Flash is a must have spell. You want Flash for making plays and escaping ganks pre 6 (when you are the most vulnerable).
I mostly run Ignite for the early game kill potential. It will give you some extra pressure during laning phase. Ignite was recently nerfed, they increased its cooldown (not by much but still a nerf). I actually don't see it as mandatory anymore. It's still a strong summoner spell but I think ghost + flash is attractive and I will definitely try it out.

Spells you should consider is either ghost or exhaust.
Ghost is if you want to play nida old school style or if you want to be uncatchable, I could actually see ghost be more usefull than flash if you like to play Nidalee as an "off tank bruiser".
If nobody in your team picks up exhaust (which shouldn't happend) take exhaust, this will take away some off you're kill potential early on.

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What spells should I max first?

I chose to max my E first because of that huge attack speed steroid + that yummi sustain during laning phase which will help you rip apart your opponets.
After my E i max Q and W last. I do this because W is mostly a utility spell, with the extra vison from traps and being able to jump over walls in cat form is great, but you don't benefit from maxing W over E or Q since the utitily from the spell doesnt improve. The only improvement you get from maxing W is some extra damage, but its not even compareable with the damage you get from Q or the sustain from E.
As with all champions max R whenever possible, 6>11>16 etc...

Important notes(for those who are new to Nida).
Note that traps(W) show invisible units, such as Akali and Rengar. Remember to use this for you're advantage when playing against such champions.
While in cat form you can actually jump threw walls(not all walls though).
Last but not the least, Nidalee has a hidden passive. When Nidalee is close to an allied champion that has less levels than her she gains 1XP per secound (500 range).

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End chapter

This is the end of my guide. I haven't had the time to update the entire guide yet, but here is the most essential parts! =)
I might upload some good plays with nida.
Thanks for reading and I hope this will give you the hint of how to play AD nida and how to build her.
Peace fellow gamers!