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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Tournament Shaco(Carry Ranked 100% of time)

LoL Guides Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello Summoners. I am parnellyx and today ill show you my Jungle Shaco guide. Most people think of Shaco as a Tier 3 or 2 Jungler but to me he's tier 1. His ganking abilities are great while hes clears jungle with no problem. He is a great carry to. I am not too experianced so please lay off on criticism. Be polite with criticism. If you question guide please try it first.

If you have questions or concerns for build PLEASE comment before you vote and explain them thoroughly.

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Summoner Spells

The Standard jungle spell. Though isn't required on . He can jungle very very well if he doesn't get ganked in beginning at blue.

This is a spell that allows you to excell at ganking. The common strategy is pop , Go into , And enjoy. This will also get you out of sticky situations.


Great spell but he already has one built in, doesn't really need it.

Amazing spell for ganking, though i favor

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Skill Sequence

What a wonderful spell for jungling and disabling. You HAVE to get this first if your jungling so that Blue Golem will die without you being touched.

Besides jungling its only use is disabling which is okay. Max this out last(unless your in 3v3).

Another great spell for jungling because it increases MISS CHANCE on monsters when you attack them! FANTASTIC! it also allows you to slow enemies when you attack them so ganking is no problem. You also get a ranged damage slow that deals crazy damage while allowing you to catch up. Max this out first because it overall deals more damage when leveling up than and it lowers CD and allows you to slow more.

The spell that Makes He can escape, Gank, And crit. I feel that's OP. I max this out 2nd for its epicness but not first because the damage difference between this and and the cooldown is still healthy at low levels.

What an ultimate. This allows to do many things include deal double damage, fool enemies for mistaking copy for you, turret diving, and exploding something allover your opponants face.

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Pros / Cons


-Amazing Ganker
-Amazing Jungler
-An Excellent Escape Artist
-Good Damage Output
-Great Mid Game Champion
-Slows With Each Attack
-Can Create 2 Of Himself
-Does It Best From Behind 0.o


-Can Struggle(Jungling) If Ganked At Blue In Beginning
-Ofter Targeted
-Oracles Suck
-Will Die In Instant In The Late Late Game

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Playstyle and Strategy

Your role as in this build is a Junglar, Ganker,And Carry. Pretty much all you will be doing is ganking while jungling when opponents are dead. Your basic strategy is said in the SUMMONER SPELL section beside .

In the late game you will be disrupting enemies and letting your teammates iniate. You then over a wall in such snd assasinate their squishies.

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I like these boots because it will drastically increase movespeed so that he can jungle faster and get across map the gank faster. You will also beable to run and chase to/from opponants all you want because your twice as fast as them.

I like to grab this item over Cloth Armor because it doesn't effect much with my jungling as you think. With other junglers you sometimes will always die without cloth armor. This is not the case, additionally it builds into a future item.

This is almost a must have for as he spams his abilities, ALOT. This is a special item for especially for his ability Decieve.

Example if you have level 5 you will crit the opponent for 220% of attack damage PLUS his sheen for 320% damage. The item also applies AP and Mana for him which is also healthy for .

This is the next item i build for my . I pick this next over because the health and damage becomes more useful for jungling at this point and the passive on it dominates for ganking. The damage is better than the attack speed because you already have runes for that.

After the i grab the finish product for only 300 extra gold. There are MANY MANY reasons to get this item. It provides almost every stat you could need for . Movement Speed for chasing, Health for Durability, Mana for Spamability, Attack Damage for Combat, Attack Speed for Combat, Ability Power for his E spell and His ult explosion,and Crit Chance to ccomplement his .

Not to mention it gives him pretty awesome passives. Including the Slow on Chance and my favorite,150% bonus damage for basic attacks after ability use. Amazing!

I love to grab this after Because its cheap, gives you attack speed, move speed, and crit chance which all complement his . Your Attack and Move speed will be DEADLY after this.

This is the item that when you get you will be invincible. Your attack speed and crit chance is so high now that while you will be doing over 400 damage in half a second. Not to mention you will be slowing the **** out of them with and you will have a movement speed of OVER 9000!

You should be at about 15/5 at this point in the game. You will basically be unstoppable but upgrade your So you have almost max Attack Speed and Crit Chance. It's Pretty Much GG from here on.

In case the game is dragged out at this point you can upgrade your into a So that your damage will be off the charts. Not to mention you can go from 1 HP to full in about 3 seconds.

In case you get this far (never had) you can get a because the casters will be basically 1 shotting you with abilities so this comes in handy.

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Basic Jungle Route:

-Blue Golem
-Wolf Camp
-Wraith Camp
-Golem Camp
Go Back
-Red Lizard
-Golem Camp
-Wraith Camp
-Wolf Camp

When starting at Blue Golem you want to place down about 4 or 5 and maybe a few NEAR Wolf Camp. Blue Golem will go down in about 3-5 seconds after you . You then should have your . Walk over to Wolf Camp and use on big wolf then let it hit your boxes. Just auto attack from there. During the rest of your Jungling you basicall want to place in middle of camp, then Auto Attack from there and using abilities as much as possible.

If you get ganked at Blue Golem in beginning just corner yourself in boxes. The enemy will most likely come and get killed. First Blood bonus!

If you don't want to get ganked at Blue Golem just place a in river.