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Hecarim Build Guide by PurpleNumber

Trample Your Enemies

Trample Your Enemies

Updated on April 25, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PurpleNumber Build Guide By PurpleNumber 2,319 Views 1 Comments
2,319 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PurpleNumber Hecarim Build Guide By PurpleNumber Updated on April 25, 2012
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Welcome to my guide on how to build Hecarim. I bought Hecarim when he came out and started trying out various items. I noticed that most builds play him as a jungler, although I say that he can go either solo mid or duo lane.
Ability Explanation

  • Warpath: His passive lets him pass through minions and get added attack damage from his movement speed. Its pretty good if you stack movement speed.
  • Rampage (Q): This is a pretty good AOE close ranged ability that will be very good for farming and later for hitting the enemy hard. It has a very low cooldown so it is very spamable.
  • Spirit Of Dread (W): This allows him to stay in lane longer and also help when soloing an enemy. This is another great farm ability since it is AOE and will also add to your tankiness.
  • Devastating Charge (E): This is your ganking ability. Use it behind the enemy to hit them away from their turret and burst them down. It should be noted that you should start it further away from them so that it reaches max speed for the most amount of damage possible.
  • Onslaught Of Shadows (R): His Ultimate is crazy good. It does great damage, can be used as an escape, an initiiator, a chase, a gank, or basically anything else. Some may be deterred that it relies on AP, but its raw damage is good enough to supplement for that. The damage is great, but the real kicker is its fear. Its a one second fear, which is just enough time for you to come in, ult, Q, W, then just auto attack and their dead. Its hard to get away from this, seeing how you essentially cant due to its great range combined with your movement speed. Late game its a nightmare to the enemy, and you can initiate an easy ace with this as long as your team is good.

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ // Good Damage
+ // Tanky
+ // Great Chaser
+ // Fun to Play
+ // Good Farmer
+ // A Freakin Centaur

-Weak Early Game
-Can be mana hungry early game
-Q doesn't do much early
-Hard to successfully use E
-Always being called OP
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Pretty standard AD masteries page, although instead of putting any into defense I put it into Utility to get some more movement speed to boost my passive.
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  • : I get a cloth armor first due to his weak early game. Really i'm using it to stall long enough for me to get my farm up so that i can buy some items and really start the game.
  • : I build a zeal for the movement speed and attack speed. The movement speed will give me some attack.
  • : I get boots of swiftness because of the movement speed of course. You could get merc treads or berzerker greaves, but i prefer swiftness instead.
  • : I get the phage before the sheen if i'm dieing alot or keep recalling. His early game is still pretty weak here so get phage unless your doing good then get sheen first then phage.
  • : Trinity force really helps all his stats and i get it so early so that i have a more balanced approach early game so that i can build AD quicker later on.
  • : Force of nature is really goo on Hecarim. It gives movement speed(always good on him) and then magic defense and health regen. The magic defense is what were really looking at since he doesn't have much early - mid game. If their team is mostly AD then get either bloodthirster first or replace it with a guardian angle.
  • : Bloodthirster is good an really any AD champ and help Hecarim solo more and gives him a well needed attack damage boost.
  • : This is a good item for the added defense, attack speed, and ad. Hecarim benefits from all of this and its passive comes in handy when trying to burst people down.
  • : This is mostly for the movement speed and the attack speed is really nice. This can be replaced with another bloodthirster, an infinity ednge, or some defence item if you want, it depends on the enemy team
League of Legends Build Guide Author PurpleNumber
PurpleNumber Hecarim Guide
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Trample Your Enemies

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