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Fizz Build Guide by BaldBadger

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaldBadger

Tridents and Fishes

BaldBadger Last updated on February 19, 2013
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Hello guys, welcome to my first guide.

Just gonna make it short and sweet, and share this with others.

I've recently started playing Fizz, and, as easy as it is to red-bar people as AP when you get Lichbane and such, it really didn't fit my cup of tea. I gave AD Fizz jungle a go, and I was amazed. Fizz has a strong ganking potential naturally, being able to land his abilities and dealing deathblows to champions that would normally get away. And, a fun thing to note: his Q uses his attack damage when it lands, and triggers on-hit effects (Phage, Sheen, crit, life steal, Tiamat, etc). So, I combined SotEL (Spirit of the Elder Lizard) with my w's passive, allowing me to quickly shred opponents, regardless of their health pools.

Regardless, Fizz is highly mobile, and very slippery. This allows him to reach a high value target fast, and deal fatal damage to it. Most melee characters need to be tanky to survive up close encounters. So, here it is: AD Bruiser Fizz. Let's get started.

Will update and add to this when I can.

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Pros / Cons

-Natural Ganker / Good ganks
-Wrecks squishy champions
-Still able to wreck tanky champions
-Decent jungle clear
-Get's pretty tanky. Doesn't die nearly as fast as AP Fizz

-Doesn't have the nuking power of AP Fizz
-Core items are expensive
-Is frowned upon, since most fizz players (if not all of them) play Fizz as an AP mid champ

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Creeping / Jungling

As jungle fizz, you only really need blue until you hit lvl 4 (upgrade your w, allowing you to clear camps really fast). So, you can baton toss that buff to your mid-laner, who would benefit from it more. Your path should go something like this:

1. Start at wolves. Make sure you have a decent leash... only need your teammates to deal damage to the big wolf, as you normal 2-hit the small ones. The less damage you take, the better.
2. Continue to Blue. You, again, need a decent leash. Early jungle, Fizz is squishy, even with his passive. Again, make sure that they are only dealing damage to the big one, as you 2-hit the little ones. It is actually beneficial to smite early, as your w becomes stronger the lower health your target is. Only do this if you are confident you will not be counter jungled.
3. At this point, you should be level 2, and have your Q + W. These are your basic tools for ganking... but, until you have boots, your ganks are very weak. If you CAN, go steal the enemy wraiths (if it's safe, or enemy jungle has ganked early). If not, move to your wraiths. After wards, if your health is high enough, go for red (this is usually not the case). Otherwise, grab golems, then recall.
4. Now, if you haven't gotten your red, go get it. If you have it, gank. Red is your core buff on Fizz until SotEL + Phage, so abuse it and steal it as often as you can. Look for the lane that needs the most help, or looks like it's possible to gank easily (a pushed lane, or a lane that doesn't have a blink or flash up). Also, be sure to know if they have wards.
5. If you can, help with wards. Fizz is very mobile, so you can gank often, control the enemy jungle, keep dragon warded, or help counter-ward, which in turn allows for more ganks.

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As I mentioned, made it short and sweet!

I, of course, will update this as often as I can, and add more on to it as I discover more useful methods.

Enjoy, leave a comment and give me some critic! Need to know what I can improve on.

Have fun jabbing people with Tridents :P