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Corki Build Guide by SCIENCEKING



Updated on December 22, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SCIENCEKING Build Guide By SCIENCEKING 202,343 Views 4 Comments
202,343 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SCIENCEKING Corki Build Guide By SCIENCEKING Updated on December 22, 2014
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this is imported from Korean LoL forums, got more than 93000 views
the translater(who is original author) has
just intermediate English skill,
so this could have bad expressions; requires your understanding


Hold on guys, think bit more.
Your claim is rational, and of course i am building this in some of reason.

1. You guys know ADC corki's early burst, don't you?
and That comes from combination of Hit & skill, like Hit-Q, Q-hit

2. And that ADC Corki's strongest moment is when he got Trinity force+Sorcerer, he got a great burst damage on that moment, great pushing, continuous damage with spellblade, and mobility(rage, 8%movement speed)

3.look corki skill, you got enough ad points on Q,E,R and (0.1ad true dmg)on your normal hit as your passive before 6, you just hav Q,E and hits, passive for damage. btw ap corki that start with AP points from start cannot enhance E and passive, normal attack dmg. this means traditional ad corki should just wait 6lev and couple of items, but adc corki is popular with his early bastard dmg, and that's why corki is usually picked with Leona. just corki hav 2 strong point : burst in dogfight and poke, and your trinity force can solve both of them may say " you are ap corki!! Lich bane hav more pros than Trinity Force! not really,
*you hav lots of ad points on Q,E,R
*trinity force gives you 3% more movement speed than lich bane and great "Rage" passive
*even trinity force gives you health, attack speed , 10%crits but lich bane isn't

*this is lich bane dmg with 18lev full item
210Ap damage, 40%+38.29magic pen+76.5ad dmg, 5%+11.68armor pen

and this is trinity force dmg with 18lev full item
132+205 dmg, 5%+11.68armor pen, 30%attack speed, 10%crits

lich bane has more dmg on LATE GAME, but you lose lots of things too. attack speed, health, crits, rage passive, movement speed, so, it's not so big deal.
and if we start talking about mid game, this fact makes us agree trinity force is more effective in mid game. and you can guess sheen and phage works really good in mid lane, this Trinity force have good synergy with your other items, i'll explain on "item" chapter
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Pros / Cons


* Usual ap corki cannot enhance his gatling gun, your normal hits, and passive 0.1ad true dmg, and strong cons of early game corki adc. so wait 6lev ult and be defensive at early game(and still in mid game and late game with 'harmony' or 'tear of goddess') but you aren't! you can do more bastard movement at early game and you can enhance Q,E,R, normal hits and passive. and till middle game this makes you works really nice as mid laner.

(btw guys who are building tear of goddess, you guys know his ult just cost 20 mana, and charging system, do you? he dont need that much mana, and it's not efficient.)

* great middle game power from Trinity force. good lane clear, good burst in seconds, good continuous dmg by spellblade, good chasing, good poking dmg. middle lane has very Rich farm enviroment, you can get TF more faster than bot lane and get high level really faster than adc. this means you get early gangster moments, and blue buff helps your do lots of gangster roaming with your valkyrie and missile.

* with lots of pen. and lots of health and rich mid lane farm, you can do seriously notorius roaming and very agressive play. this is one of champions who can "break the game"
(more mechanics for non target on you : more Notorius corki)

* you guys know Trinity force and sorcerer shoes timing adc corki do lots of dmg, after that agressive adc corki goes infinite edge to enhance his burst, btw, i go another magic pens, and dot dmg per current health, and double it, and go another pen. it's notorius in another way.(p.s. liandry, Rylai work with Gatling!)

*corki has good utility, means : good teamwork when your jungler gank mid by valkyrie and missile, gatling

*you got 1000 health, 50 armor, valkyrie, zhonya, and flash : means you cannot die.


*if you get Trinity force on delay, mid corki lose lots of power to overwhelm the game.
it's because every items works strongly at the time it should be built.
(You can solve this problem by building morellonomikon instead of TF, if you hav hard laning from start)

*You got just mana regen Rune, and 200 mana on trinity force. if enemy do object control on your blue buff golem and get success, you can be bit hard (it's cons of all champs that goes Liandry-Rylai)

*if you are BAD at NON-target, DON'T DO THIS
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*if you want strong early lane fight, you can get attack damage instead of Hybrid pen. on Marks, or mixing both of them is great, too.(actually, mixing is quite efficient!!!)

*if you are handling ad caster, get full health on seals and switch your magic resist to scaling CDR or mana scailing regen

*if you want mana regen runes, blue glyphs mana regen has low points, but scaling blue glyphs has good points

*you are going with efficient ad setting on early game, ap points doesnt works good before 6. so get MR glyphs. you can get hit by enemy while you are hitting your enemy with hit-Q-hit combo or E-hit.

*Armor on quints gives you lots of armor, for example, an attack dmg quint equals to 2.5 attack damage marks, but an armor quint equals to 4.26 armor seals.

*i prefer two armor and one pen, if you want, you can get one armor and two pen. it's your choice.
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Warlord, Archmage dont help you till middle moment of game. dont select it.

but Martial mastery and Archan mastery works really great from early game! you can get 5more point on Q and 4point per sec on your E. this is the pros only corki can get!

Warlord : you just got TF and no AD items, dont pick this, even adcs are not picking this for early game.

Archmage : you got NO AP RUNES, and building Trinity force as your first item, after that you're getting magic pen items with low AP(Sorcerer, Liandry), no efficiency, no synergy.

arcane blade: you're gonna use lots of normal attack hits even in late game.

Defense : you use skills, but lots of hits too. this means you get minion attack, some of and enemy hits. 9 defense is really recomended,

if you worry mana problem, you should use Q with normal hits. normal hits lead enemy to move specific direction; this can be direction to you, or direction for fallback. and that makes you guess enemy movement direction, so your Q can hit enemy perfectly.

mana is enough with one mana potion per every recalling and a Faerie charm.

+21-5-4 is better in early game, but 21-9-0 is good with additional 1000health in your middle and late game
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Skill Sequence

It's same with AD corki Skill Sequence, but you can enhance valkyrie bit earlier in 12-18 lev time. cuz you got enough ap and about 1000 health in this time. of course, dont start fight with valkyrie across enemies;trolling. mainly it's for escape and damaging chasing enemy
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get Heal and flash, but if your team has too many "heal" barrier can be good too, and against champs who give you dangerous Dot dmgs, barrier can be good too.
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*Early items

Normally, You start with this items, Your passive and normal attack dmg, armor pen on your items makes great synergy. and you can enhance phosphorus bomb and gatling gun for early fight.

if you just get doran ring, you cannot get all these cons.
You can evade Most of ganks with your Valkyrie, so One potion makes no matter.

By the way, sometimes enemies are dangerous poker like Syndra,
and Some of Mid laners, Junglers like Maokai, Gragas can cancel your Valkyrie. in these case you can get Flask.


This is very strong point in corki play.: Trinity force!

Actually i dont need to give any mention for Trinity force burst damage. cuz you all know. it works great even in Mid lane. Great lane pushing, Great damage sustain, Great burst damage. Great passive :Rage, spellblade,

Building Trinity Force as fast as you can is really important point, if you get Trinity force on time, you got lots of chance to carry the game, But if you dont, you lose lots of chance to do agressive in-fight

When you build Trinity force, getting sheen is best choice. but sometimes phage start is better if you can overwhelm enemy mid by your hits.

if you fill not enough mana, get a faerie charm, which will be sold after rylai. and i recommend getting a mana pot everytime you recall.

You can do very agressive play at this time.

Great 12% dmg per enemy current health(it's doubled by rylai!), and 30 Magic pen. this is critical to any FULL HP champion. let them get half health quickly by your 2-3 pokes.

+liandry dmg works with valkyrie and gatling hits, too. you know gatling hits for 4sec, and valkyrie hits for 5sec. so theoreticaly that gives you 7sec and 8sec liandry dmg on full hit(against full hp champ :10*0.96^7, 10*0.96^8 = 75%, 72% of health, so 25%/ 28% of enemy health) by the way, nobody stand on vaykyrie field so, if enemy pass over valkyrie it may give 3-4sec dmg, gatling is hart to hit fully but liandry is easy to renew with brushing,so it may hit fully, and 2sec cdr ults is really easy to do)

You got 1000 HEALTH at this time, this makes you like Mad chiwawa in every dogfight.
remind you again, you hav 1000 health and trinity force. 1000 health let you use trinity force really agressive and efficiently.

and great poking missile with slow and Rage passive
makes you really good on chasing enemy, and cutting chase of enemy

all of these makes you cannot die, and all chaser in enemy team get lots of damage, time lose.

You can build Liandry-Rylai or Haunting Guise-Rylai-Liandry, both are great.

*Late items

Corki missle goes in a line, so it hits object that meet first, and Q have not long distance. and this means you'll gonna hav lot's of opportunity to handle tankers, and bruisers, not enemy dealer.

so you build Void staff and get full pen. points you can get, and finish your items with zhonya or deathcap. if you build zhonya, you get 50armor and great surviving skill.
you cannot die.
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Morello-Liandry-Rylai build : instead of TriForce

Morello would be nice option. if you build morello, you cannot do "agressive fight" but it's strategy to use Only skill-deal and Poking

the strong point of Morello build is

1.if you hav hard laning, you can get safe laning with it. because it's cheap, it has 20%CDR and mana regen, means very enough mana sustain nice missle charging speed, more valkyerie as escape.

2.after liandry, you get Magic pen synerge, and liandry is really good to make enemy health below 50%, and this means it's easier to use morrelo passive. this is great point of morello

3.more Q, and missle with enough charging speed makes you dont worry with empty missle
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Items : Why NOT Lich Bane?

yeah, Lich bane looks great, in "Superficial" thoughts.

here's why lich bane sucks

1. Poor stats as first itme.

seriously lich bane has 3000G and it's not cheap money.
and that gives you a AP-sealing spellblade
means, it's not good for corki with POOR AP but Double PEN SETTING on his Runes & mastery,
even the first item is Doran sword, not the Ring, so, it gives you poor spellblade dmg then Triforce

and after Lich bane you get Liandry, and that's another Magic pen item with POOR AP STAT

So, don't build this if you are not baby who just want to be babysitted by team,

+even in late game corki with lich bane is easy to be killed, because that doesnt give you defence stats and poor movement speed than triforce.

and here's one more good example, "even ap kog'maw never build Lich bane"

2. No additional power for E guns ad sealing dmg
you may say "Hey you said AP corki, why do you care ad dmg?"

yeah ,im just building 18lev ap corki, but in middle game, i should be a Mid-laner,
wasting a skill is not a option for mid laner in middle time game

3. Even with Triforce, you can dmg 50-70% Hp burst of ap mid laner, and can get great dmg,
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Items : Why NOT Archangel Staff?

R only cost "20 mana", seriously it's Too much mana, it's definitly Waste.
think how many mana usual Archangel staff users use.

even that late game seraph barrier gives you "temporary" barrier
and No CDR,
if you want spam missle with corki, you'd better make 40% CDRm not lots of mana
Cuz there can be more case that you cannot use Missle with you mana because of Recharging time.

AP Kogmaw example, if he use his R in a row that costs lots of mana,
that's why Ap kogmaw build "Archangel+athena"double mana sustain

even Ezreal Q costs 40 mana// he uses lots of mana.

Cassiopeia : 60/80/75 for QWE she uses the mana

the thing "it's easy to make stacks" doesn't means "you need that so hard"
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Damage calculation

against renekton 18lev, 21-9-0, MR glyph,
item : sunfire, mercury boots, randuinn, hydra, Frozen mallet, visage
health 4042, MR 150

situation : you hit R-R-Q-R-big R, 10second liandry dmg enhanced by rylai

Corki : trinity force, liandry, rylai, void, zhonya, sorcerer shoes

liandry percent damage per current health for 10sec

100-100*0.96^10 =34.5%dmg
/pen./4042*0.345*100/151.8 = 918.63damage

skill damage

PhosPhorus Bomb :480*100/151.8=316.2
Missile Barrage383*100/151.8=252.3 //252.3*4.5=1135.37 (4hit)
1135.3+316.2= 1451.5

total 2370.2

comparing with corki got same mastery, same rune, different item
lich bane, deathcap, zhonya, liandry, morello, sorcerer shoes

liandry percent damage per current health for 10sec
100-100*0.96^10 =18.5%dmg ,/pen./4042*0.185*100/204.2= 366damage

PhosPhorus Bomb 572.5*100/204.2=286.36
Missile Barrage 435.5*100/204.2 = 213.27 213.27*4.5=959.71(4hits)
286.36+959.71= 1246.07

total 1610.08

***i dont calculate spellblade dmg and hits dmg to evade complex calculation
but lich bane spellblade about 200-180dmg. cuz this build hav low magic pen.
and first one(corki with trinity force)get 132+205, 5%+11.68armor pen, 30% attack speed, 10%crits so, actually it's similiar, not a big deal.

***i dont calculate basic ad becasue both case have same amount. but considering magic and armor pen., trinity force case do more damage.
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i did lots of calculating and comparing dmg(include pen and crits), items per time/ teamfight simulation assumption and practice, failure, discussion. but it's all foreign language (im not english mother tongue.)

this is wrote with considering what item enemy could build, what kinda chasing and focusing can happen, how much dmg i can do and by which way.

so, reading this guide can be constructive to think in other way.

actually i hav couple of things to write and translate, but today i wasted couple of hours to write this guide. so i'll fill rest of them later,

p.s.) if i wrote something with wrong grammar, help me to correct it! ty

thank you for reading my guide.
waiting your opinion.

my original guide(non-english)
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