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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twisted Fate Build Guide by Redsundark

Middle Triple Ace Twisted Fate (AD Auto Attacking)

Middle Triple Ace Twisted Fate (AD Auto Attacking)

Updated on December 15, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Redsundark Build Guide By Redsundark 20 2 70,820 Views 6 Comments
20 2 70,820 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Redsundark Twisted Fate Build Guide By Redsundark Updated on December 15, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
    Triple A Twisted Fate { Info + Guide }
  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
    {Straight to The Guide}


1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


The Get away Heal
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Ability Order Triple A Ability Pick

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

(Alright So i'm going to Give you the rundown basics of how to play this
This Build is Ment to be Be played Defensively and is Highly objective Based
So We Will kick it off With the Main Roles

(-- ROLES/LANES -- )
Going to Start off with a Potion and Doran's Blade and your W Pick A Card no matter what
That W Pick A Card start will make it to where u can do whatever you need to do at the start
Red Card to help clear and Yellow Card to stun if need to and Blue Card to regen your mana pool then From there your just going to max out your E Stacked Deck it's triggered by Auto attacks
Every 4th auto Attack Does bonus Damage Now your Going to want to Farm as Much as you possibly Can to Get to your Mythic item Kraken Slayer witch will help you in the long run deal with tanks but for Early game it will Get you started on your Attack speed and has a Every 3rd auto Trigger then you lead this up into ( Blade of the Ruined King or Rapid Fire Cannon ) {Read item section to choose what you prefer} Once you have Blade of the Ruined King you will be able to heal a bit and Fight tanks a bit better with the % damage but with every Legendary item you get done will give you attack Speed.

<If MID you want to Pressure your Lane Enough and keep it pushed up to Claim tower as fast as possible without getting caught out don't worry about going for kills unless you can Secure it or once you get ult Desitiny. don't help other lanes unless you think you can Close the gap for them cause your main goal is 1st tower so you can start your roaming process>

<If ADC Same Idea Get Kills if you can and because you will have a support might be able to help you secure those a lot better {Check recommended Allies} but Primary goal is to Get tower First so you can roam but also if Jungler if going for Dragon help take or secure it if support doesn't follow don't do it >

Once you Get the 3rd item You should be able to Lock Down with Yellow Card Card auto attack burst to Kill Squishy Champions in 1v1 one Fights Start off by doing auto Attacks on them Make your 3rd your Yellow Card to Trigger your Kraken Slayer and Blade of the Ruined King and Stun Lock Down with W Pick A Card Yellow Card and then your 4th will have bonus Damage passively and then should be enough to end them right there Aside from being able to hold your own now, the Goal is to still farm and pressure lanes and Push them up Avoid team Groups or being caught out

Once you Manage to get items 4 and 5 You should be able to fight in team fights in the back line with Runaan's Hurricane Helping by hitting more than one target at a time and
and Guinsoo's Rage Blade helping out Greatly with the Speed and Causing your auto Triggers to go off more often

Finally once you got your 3 Main items if you have Hurricane you should be able roam to lanes from here and Push Lanes that have no one in them with your Attack speed and Damage Clearing waves and towers with Ease for the final parts of the Game

Top Lane:
So Same play out only you want to focus your (Mythic Kraken Slayer and 2nd Blade of the Ruined King ) Because you will be dealing with tanks Mostly up there or at least it won't be uncommon and now they are your Highest threat on the board your your Main items will help you Poke them enough that your Auto triggered Damage should keep them at Bay but don't over push ward jgl/river often to avoid Ganks chances are you wont be able to kill them often so focus tower as much as you can but if you can get them low HP your Runes and 3 Main items should help you with Yellow Card secured the Kill but only when you can do not seek it after your first tower, Roam to other Lanes or Team fights for assistance

This is the only Role i will Say Focus your W Pick A Card More Because you will be done a lot of the Lock down for your ADC and use your Blue Card on trades to help you regen Mana
and as for your starting item as Support TF Go Spectral Sickle And then Work your way into your Main item Builds and Later on you will be able to Farm more and roam on your own After first tower or if your ADC leaves follow them This Role is kinda off a bit but the idea is the same as above your just playing Stun down and you will see some Tanky Supports that are bad for you and in this Case you might want to build Rapid fire cannon and Kraken Slayer as your to main items to have that Reach over them but just play safe and get stuns on the enemy ADC when u can and Ward often .

So as a Twisted fate player you will find out you are very weak most of the time and your best asset is roaming any way possible and keeping distant from your opponent unless you're going in for the final blow so I've picked these as the best choice to go with.

Flash: because why not to be honest i hate flash but it has its many many uses mostly used to escape over Walls or flash just out of reach but with Twisted Fate you can also use this to Flash towards someone with your yellow Card stunning them and thus most likely ending them with your swift auto attacks or maybe they like on there last bit of HP and just enough to throw your amazing trap card to finish them off (Yellow card or Red Card)

Heal: ok so because you're Squishy and if you run out of potions while laning this helps a lot if you're getting poked a lot whether your Mid lane or the ADC or even the Support. Another reason I use heal that I know a lot of people don't consider when wanting to take it is it will give you a small amount of movement speed when you activate it letting you possibly run just fast enough to slip away while getting HP back to survive. then another thing is let's say you duking it out with some other person and you both down low if you heal close to low HP and they don't see it coming you could survive the fights most of the time if its in a 1v1 type of thing and last thing you can use it for but not really needed is to help allies your near like escape because if near them it will heal them and give them also the speed boost for both of you witch in some cases has helped me help them win a losing fight in the nick of time lol (just don't always count on it )

Now some other good picks are Ignite and teleport and sometimes Exhaust
Teleport: to help your roaming / tower pushing and to get to fights that maybe to far away and your ULT is down since your going Ad dont expect a lot of CDR/Ability haste items in this build at all

Ignite: simple really if your comfortable enough in your fights and dont feel the need for heal or flash this will help burn your enemy and kill them when they on low hp and getting away from you witch is very common for most people to take it

Exhaust: so most to just slow them down more but i dont recommend it really but it an option for this build mostly will depend on how you play
these items i Feel help optimize your Attack speed and utility and Anti-tank needs
1st Mythic:Kraken Slayer
So The Kraken Slayer will be your Mythic item
Now with this build and with Twisted fate in general you're going to have to play defensively as much as possible till your at least 2 Main items in to be safe but get things when you can of course.
so here are some key reasons i feel that this should be your mythic item for this build
1. it will help your auto attack speed alone and with its legendary passive
2. it helps when fighting against Tanks which will be your biggest threat
3.this Item is key for your E Stacked Deck because every 3rd auto Attack Twisted fates E Stacked DeckTriggers and will Add to this passive for Much more damage (this is the Real Main Damage of this build)

Next items can be Blade of the Ruined King or Rapid Fire Cannon
Lets go over them shall we

2nd:Blade of the Ruined King
this plays a very good fit for this build , because it plays into his on hit Effects that it gives off
1. your gaining More Attack speed witch is key here and from your mythic passive of course
2. since he's Ranged it will do only 6% targets current HP which is good Damage I feel
3.this item Also to has a 3rd time hitting champion effect and grants you movement speed so if done right this is how it will play out {your E Stacked Deck triggers every 3rd auto for bonus damage, your mythic on 3rd will trigger for bonus true damage and then this will do bonus magic damage on 3rd hit all together will do some interesting extra damage combined and on top of that if you time your W Pick A Card ( Yellow Card or Red Card ) with your 3rd auto Attack you will Stun them and or hurt them and since they may be stunned from your yellow card and with your attack speed should have no issue killing them but if your still having that trouble in doing so this is where i lead you to my next item to help possibly close that gap [side note i say red card because it scales with your AD and is a AOE damaging ability but yellow card is best
4. some life steal witch is nice for someone squishy as twisted fate

3rd:Rapid FireCannon
so I learned this trick not that long ago from someone else before the item changes but can still be applied here so it has a lot of features that its ok that if you build this 2nd for its uses but I wait till 3rd to do so but that's me.
1. while your moving or basic attacking (witch you will always be doing any way) you get energize stacks up to 100 then your Next basic attack deals 120 magic damage on hit and here is the best part energized attacks increase your attack range by 35% { this is super key cause 2 things happen here {1. if timed with your 3rd auto attack it adds to that} {2. this is the gap closer when u become fully energized pull out the E Stacked Deck
Yellow Card and throw it at long distance enemies or even better the flash combo into this range with yellow card then auto attack them down} by now you could even combined those 2 terms also make the energized shot your Yellow Card and with that range that one shot will hurt a lot enough that your attack speed by now being your 3rd item should be good enough to end them (in most cases just maybe not tanks) gain more attack speed from this and movement speed
3. and again without trying to builds crit into the build as a bonus

Now the last 2 items we can go with here I Feel will depend a lot on what your trying to do but I go with them regardless by the end Guinsoo's Rageblade and Runaan's Hurricane

4th:Guinsoo’s Rageblade
So this will this item makes your auto attacks much faster by now to where u like throwing decks of cards at people lol but so the passive here Get rid of your Critical strike but instead turns it into Dealing 2 Bonus Damage on hit for every 1% crit you have (witch by this item should be at 60% so 120 bonus damage More added to all that other bonus damage stuff from before with all your 3rd autos and energized attacks and attacking so fast at this point that should be no issue to yellow card someone and get like 3rd auto trigger at least 1.5 to 2 times or more depending this also add the phantom Trigger effect which you can read by hovering over the rage blade item on this list so I don't have to type it all into here witch again I think is a neat feature to this lol aside form that this item adds 40% increased attack speed

5th:Runaan's Hurricane
so I chose this items for many reasons there mostly all for utility purposes
Mostly use this as a means to do 2 things possibly
1. I use it for Split pushing hard clears minions very fast and since your able to Ult Destiny basically to any lane you want and or just go there cause your movement speed and with your attack speed to boot and E Stacked Deck Red card to damage towers should be bringing down towers and lanes quickly and if you ever into trouble just Yellow card them and run or ULT Destiny away if you can't fight them
2.another Small use this has is where in group/team fights you can be on the back line hitting More then one champion at once effectively bringing down your opponents with your team with ease as long as your not caught out or in the front line and since the 2 bolts that runaan’s hurricane uses to strike the others near the main target it the bolts also apply on hit effects so Blade of the Ruined King and E Stacked Deck
Yellow Card if done right should apply with this logic but do not rely on this to win, it helps yes but as i said already if your properly place in the team fight don't just walk up to them and think you can take them head on your goal is kill them from a distance and playing defensibly aside from that it will just further increase your attack speed, movement speed and adds little damage and brings your Critical % up to 80 if you got rage blade making that 160 bonus damage instead)
OR 6th: Berserker's Greavesor Mobility Boots
now for the boots you can go one of 2 ways does not have to be your last ITEM just build it somewhere along the way as go threw your build path
1. Berserker's Greaves witch will just help you increase your attack speed
2. Mobility Boots to help you roam better out of combat and get to your needed areas faster
( Also if you don't want Boots buy wits end )

Side Note:(IF Playing support Start Spectral Sickle then Go down the Normal list )


Passive:Loaded Dice
Helps you out super greatly if you are csing great because it grants you bonus gold for killing Minions so so will help you in the long run buy all your items faster or at least that's the idea

W:Pick a card Levels: 1/5/9/11/13
your concept for your Abilities will be to Start your W mostly so you can have a card to handle early BS and only ability your going to use mostly a lot is your W for Yellow Card sometimes Red Card and Blue Card as needed
Blue Card: to fix your mana issues if you should need any worries because u can generate your own mana back with it,
Red Card: is a 1 to 1 ratio with your AD and the Red card is a AOE Damaging effect helps Clear waves till you can get hurricane

Yellow Card: Stuns Target for 1 to 2 secs based on level of this skill

E: Stacked Deck Levels: 2/3/7/8/10
you Need to Max this Out at all costs this will be the source of all your damage basically cause your playing as a Auto Attacker in this play style and if this is timed right with your items you can get some crazy damage off with stuff like your mythic Item Kraken Slayer and Blade of the Ruined King and with all the attack speed should be able to get this triggered off a lot more often than your opponents would like combined with your W Pick A Card Yellow Card stun should be fun

R: Destiny Levels: 6/12/18
R/ Ult: just put points in when u can will help you roam across the map to help get the objectives/ help team fights or save some one or catch someone out who is almost dead or just good for seeing where everyone is any any time or lastly to escape if in bad spot

Q:Wild Cards Levels: 4/14/15/16/17
ok Q is pointless here like very pointless it has small base damage like tiny and won't scale with your AD at all in this style of TF only reason I ever use it would be to throw it at the enemy to see how they react if they don't know that it doesn't work with your items they make just avoid it thinking it will hurt them and could work to your advantage of like getting them to waste a flash a low HP or getting them where u want for a yellow card but for the most part that wont happen if they know your Q Wild Cards doesn't do anything with your items so put points in Q Wild Cards last period

Side note: {Need to point this out here NONE of his Abilities including his E Stacked Deck scale with AD but for this build to work you must still focus E Stacked Deck only then W Pick A Card and the only Card that scales at all well is the Red Card one but would get more damage if combined with AP but this is not the AP build so }



PRESS The Attack:
because of the continued 3 Basic Attack bonus damage to add to the rest of your bonus damage and causing them to take more damage from all sources of damage in general for those 6 secs again as it has been stressed enough to this point Basic Attack triggers for more damage is KEY for this build

so we taking over heal in this case just because compared to the other to that require a take down we won't always guarantee a take down so the healing from Blade of the Ruined King will at least while farming will give us a shield so a small benefit at the least here

Legend: Alacrity:
again because of the Attack speed bonus from your take downs but not relying on that so , but in the event you do get kills it will boost you up in the meantime while you are still buying your items otherwise you could go with lifeline for the life steal as an alternative

is i Feel the Better choice just because with your bonus damage cutting them down and with Blade of the Ruined King and Kraken Slayer items helping you bring tanks down once they below that 40% threshold you can cut them faster with your attack speed like nothing otherwise if unsure while fighting tanks you can take Cut Down as an alternative because they will always have 10% to 100% more hp then you your Squish

2ndary Runes:
]Ravenous Hunter:
So mostly for the healing purposes but Alternately you can use RELENTLESS HUNTER for more movement speed or ULTIMATE HUNTER to ULT Destiny More often witch ever you think better suits your needs for the match ups but for combat and laning phases and team fights id rather heal and poked damage I'm taking so I chose Ravenous hunter

Cheap shot:
Because of your W Pick A Card Yellow Card impairing your opponent Getting that extra True Damage in there will help every time
Mini Runes:
Attack speed: to help get your Attack Speed boosted then
9 Adaptive: for that tiny bit more damage every little bit counts here so lol
MR: Since you be in Mid Lane alot to deal with Mages and or Mage supports

Alternate Rune Options: Another main tree you can play with is Domination with Hail of Blades to help you bypass the Attack speed threshold then take Cheap Shot and Ravenous Hunter and since there would be a 4th choice Eyeball Collection for adaptive damage

Another side tree you can Take would be Resolve with Overgrowth and Demolish to take towers and gain more hp from your farm but i feel the
Yellow Card from cheap shot with true damage is a better trade off for what we're going for here

Inspiration: (don't recommend but is an option )
so I've done this one already it works kind of but not as effective as the other Choices but Glacial Augment this will slow your enemy down with your autos so its effects if they try to escape a lot and Magical Footwear and Future’s Market helps you buys high price items faster allowing you to go into debt and Cosmic Insight for that ability haste stuff

2NDARY TREEs you can use any of the ones from others Resolve, Domination or Precision I prefer the Domination CHEAPSHOT works best if you go this route if you do go Precision as listed here then take Legend: Alacrity then Coup de Grace (normal use) or Cut Down (for tank heavy based teams) based on who you up against

Extreme threat: so Tanks in General are always an Extreme threat level to you but Blitz Crank he also has the ability to Grab you and catch you out and once he has done that you will be instantly killed most likely , also any one in the Grab me Category such as Amumu, Leona, Thresh or any one who has Charm or types of it as well, even though they may not be tanks have the ability to drag you to them and there partner will most likely take care of you, also be careful of Beef heal Tanks like Illoai or Dr. Mundo or even Galio

Strong Threat: people like Brand Who have the ability to Stun you in place and combo off with burst Damage in your AD Auto Attack form you must play super safely for if they catch you into the Stun you will be ended quickly you might be able to get away but other to avoid like him are Ahri, Evelynn, Viger, Aniva and Annie

Mild Threats: so I wanted to say like 3.5 cause these are still threats but can be manageable to a degree people like Yasuo with Wind Wall will block all your auto attacks but once that's gone or down should be able to stun him and take him down with your attack speed , another thing to avoid with people like him are people that can Dash to you or knock you up like Cho'Gath or Diana or Akali once they get the dash or knock up on you they will most likely try to execute the combo to end you there are ways around this stuff like flashing or yellow carding on time can slow them down or stop them enough for you to possibly get away

The Rest : people Like Kayn or Kha'Zix or Most ADC’s shouldn't be an issue to much if you time your W Pick A Card Yellow card when needed because most of the time Kayn u can see him coming from the wall and then Kha'Zix or Talon hop walls and Kha'Zix even if he leaps to attack you just stun them and you should be able to escape with a Flash, ADC’s mostly just sidestepping them unless they have a stun , you can auto them down hard and yellow card them with ease most of the time so
{side note} about Kayn if he enters a body while you toss your Yellow Card it will cancel your W Pick A Card yellow card um so most Squishy supports or champions that can’t stun/root you should be easy prey to your auto attacking
and even if they have a stun if you can avoid it you should still be very ok
This is any and all My personal play threw and Evidence of this Guide working
Video #1:(AD Triple ACE TF) (Finally an S)
Video #2:(Another Triple ACE TF WIN)
Video #3:(3rd Triple ACE TF Win))
If you Like to see More of my League videos here is the Link to my YouTube and Twitch.
Also If you would like to See My League of Legends Fan art here is the links to my Instagram and Deviant art
Thank you for check this out and for your time see you next time :)

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