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League of Legends Build Guide Author Puzzle84

Trojan Horse (As/Da)

Puzzle84 Last updated on January 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Recently i've found a love for playing pantheon and thus i've decided to create a build that i've been using for the last couple games.

This build is based on getting kills early in the game so deciding when to strike is going to be EXTRA important. Next to that it's attack speed and obviously damage.

Let's see. Who is pantheon again.
Well this is what he looks like:
(ugly i know)

What kind of hero is he?
In my eyes he is a definite carry and a great assassin if used correctly.
Let's look at his skills:

Passive ability that block the next attack that does more than 40 damage.
Isn't that nice. so useful on a team fight when you try to run away.
Or for chasing and blocking that shot by the tower.

Long ranged thrown spear that does alot of damage early on and is your general kill ability.
I personally us this alot AFTER i use and .

A very useful stun with a nice range. You jump and stun your target, usually initiates and a big bonus is that it activates your
Thus giving you that first hit advantage in a fight.

You stab your opponents in a flurry of spear thrusts dealing the majority of your damage.
I use this skill to farm mobs. and in fights after stunning an enemy with .
This skill is also a team-killer in team battles when they are all ganged up on 1 person.
And it resets your protective shield to active.

Your ultimate.
You charge yourself for a jump anywhere on the map to drop in and create havoc chaos and a **** load of damage. If timed and PLACED correctly this can create some serious distress within the other team or for one single enemy.

Often followed up by then and finished with . After all this damage you should have at least one kill.

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Skill Sequence

For skill sequence.
I'll leave this up to your own imagination.
I've put up my skill sequence since the spikes hard for damage and thus creating a perfect assassination tool.

In harder games i tend to go for first since that gives me easier farming.

Obviously your you get at lvl 6, 11 and 16.
and last but not least max out for longer stuns, and some damage.

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For Chasing and getting more spears and auto attacks out.

The reason i'm getting this is simple. Get kills early in the game making you fed faster since the damage this item gives you per stack adds up FAST. by lvl 11 you can have about 300 damage if you play your cards correctly. So get some early kills and some ganks. KS that running enemy with your spear when you can.
At 20 stacks you'll have an insane amount of damage and 15% movement speed extra ontop of your boots.

I buy this before i buy my attack speed items giving me more damage earlier when people are still squishy and easy to kill. It also gives you a nice bonus to your critical damage.

60% attack speed WOOOOOT. every 4th attack will give you another spike in damage and the active makes your attacks impossible to dodge and penetrate armor. (Definite assasination item)

What can i say. Attack speed, Damage and movement speed. Once you got this item kills should go fairly fast for you even in groups.

Here you have a choice.
Choose lifesteal and a ****load of damage.


Give up some damage, get back some attack speed and spike armor penetration.
This item will make tanks a bit easier to finish off.

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Grand Skyfall

How to use :
So the big question, how do you use this ability.
An important fact to know is that it takes two channeling sessions.

The first one is pantheon bending his knees and getting ready to jump.
The second one is pantheon dropping from the sky.

What does this teach us?
Your enemies can move ALOT during a drop from your skyfall.

This gives you a few things to consider.
1. Do i want to drop in the middle of the group?
2. Do i want to drop ahead so i hit him/them
3. Do i want to drop ahead alot so i can gank him when he runs.
4. Do i want to drop in the jungle so they don't see me and i can help the team fight.

In my eyes there is no other options.

Dropping in a group is only an option if you do it when the group is all low.
Dropping between 5 heroes will definitely get you KILLED you'll be very DEAD

Dropping ahead requires some practice. Take a practice session and look how long the channeling takes. Compare this with the walking speed of a running champ. And put it slightly infront of that.
They only have to be in your circle. This slows and damages them and you'll be infront. This means they either have to pass you, flash into the jungle or they have to go back.

Jumping way in front of them.
I use this for saving my team when running. Saving a tower and so forth.

When NOT to use it.

Jumping in the jungle.
Well obviously if you're trying to back-up a teammate but want to surprise them.
Realize this gives up some initial damage as well you don't put your huge chiseled six-pack on their face.

Another option with this is intercepting buffs.
If you suspect a jungler or someone getting a buff. Drop on his face.

Stealing baron?
Definitely an option but god do you need timing.