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League of Legends Build Guide Author Joxuu

Trollvoters - Whose going to stop them ?

Joxuu Last updated on July 23, 2012
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Hey guys. It's my first general MOBAfire guide and I hope there are no trollvoters here :D

I have not been here for too long, but I have already noticed and it's actually quite easy to spot "Trollvoters". Troughout this guide I will hopefully increase the chance of your guide not to get trollvoted. The overall look won't be as fabolous as Champion guides, because there are no proper images to attach and I feel like if I add pictures of trollfaces, this guide is not taken seriously, but I hope you dear reader will read this trough.

Why am I making this ?
-I simply just got trollvoted and I saw others getting them also and that's why I am making this guide and I wish it would make even 1 trollvoter to stop doing so.

Link for Jhoihoi's "How voting works" ;

Really helpful link.

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What is so called "Trollvote"

Trollvote is usually a downvote casted on guide, but it can also be a upvote. Persons who trollvote downwards are usually looking for own advantage.
Trollvote can also be a upvote often possibly by friend, creators other possible accounts or out from downvoter's own will, by that I mean the creator may have bothered this trollvoter until gets a upvote or simply asked for upvote. There are also cases of "trading" votes.

This is really sad to see, because people may have spent hours or even days working on their guides and then certain people go downvote it without proper reason.

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Why trollvotes are made ?

Trollvotes are simply often made by people looking for own advantage.
Few examples of possible reasons for trollvotes

*Looking for own advantage (By that I mean the caster may have a build of hes/hers own and by downvoting others guide, he/she has better chances for more views. Same for upvoting own guide by possible other accounts --> trying to achieve more views.

*For personal reasons (The caster may have some kind of grunge between the creator and simply votes guide down by that reason)

and many other possible reasons, who knows ?

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How to prevent getting trollvoted ?

Few simple tips;

*Don't cast trollvotes on others

*Do not post a guide immediatly of a new champion, because the fight for top 5 spots is huge and everyone will just downvote each others guide. Just take a look at "Darius guides". Top 5 Have 68-59 % and msot of them are rated under 50%. I think we all know who are the trollvoters, there. I will not mention any names, but just take a look at the comments on few Darius builds and you will easily spot them.

*Require comment to vote (It's always harder to downvote, when they see your name)

*Be fair for others also (Don't be unfair yourself either, vote downwards if you think it's not good enough, vote upwards if it's good enough)

*Do not seek for fights

Many other tips and I would be more than happy to add more of them, so just suggest your tip and I will add it.

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Have you been trollvoted :( ?

If your guide have been heavily trollvoted, you can archive it and wait a while, improve your guide even more and then unarchive it again or you can create a new improved guide.
Other chances is that don't give up!
Keep your calm, it's not the end of the world if you got troll voted for couple times.
Trust your guide, improve it and it will surely attract people to upvote, if it is good.
Ask for a guide rating from possible view shops maybe ? They can review it fair and square and tell you what to improve. This may also courage others to upvote.

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There are and always will be trollvoters, nothing can stop them, but a require to comment forever option would be really helpful and maybe 5-10 comments, before you can vote on guides at all would be nice improvement in my opinion.

I wish at least few possible trollvoters would quit it and that's my main goal in this guide.
It's extremely lame and disrespectful towards others who have spent hours working on the guides and think of yourself getting trollvoted, it ain't cool.

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Volunteers Needed!

I was thinking about collecting a bunch of volunteers, that trollvoted guide owners could contact to and ask them to review their guide (just like review shops) fair and square. If the guide would be good enough, it's +1. If it's somehow good, but not worth of downvote or upvote, it's like neutral with some tips how to improve it.

I'm not sure, if many will read this tough, but It's maybe the least I could do to help trollvoted guides.

-Vapora Dark

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I hope you read it all as a serious guide and thank you if you did :)
Feel free to downvote this guide or upvote it.
I'm just trying to help and I won't hold a grunge, if you think it was bad guide and downvote it, but I hope there won't be any trollvotes :D

I will improve this guide still, so I'm more than curiouse to see what you guys think about it. Post suggestions and thoughts please.

Thank you in advance!

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-Made some of the parts more in-depth-
-Edited the lookout overall of the guide-
-Back uploaded (didn't have 5000 letters)-

To come

-I will try to add images
-Will add more chapters soon

Update 1.6

-Added "Volunteers" Chapters
-Added "Wall of Shame"


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