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League of Legends Build Guide Author P.DiddyXD


P.DiddyXD Last updated on January 14, 2011
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Chapter 1


Hey guys!
Once again ive bought the new hero and ive done the testing with all kinds of builds. Most ppl will say trundle sucks (like they did irelia but obviously they are the noobs who dont know how to 'master' a character or build situation). From my tests, it appears that a tank trundle is quite tough due to his ult gaining armor and magic resist, however i dont like to play tank-style champs so ive found a good method of making him an awesome atk character! This build focuses on early atk speed and lifesteal, followed by MR and armor and finally more damage! I specify that he is a great team player (much like anivia) since you can use his pillar to slow/block opponents and during 5v5s he actually gains health from opponent kills due to his passive . Additionally, i like building the aoe 'auras' on him because they are great (and pretty cheap items) that provide great synergy for the jungler-ganker or team-lane-pusher.


Ok ill give u a basic rundown of what his skills are and how to use them:
Q --> Rabid Bite; because his bite (Q) initiates a new atk, it procs on hit effects too! This means that inbetween your 1 or so atk per second, you can press q to do another atk! So if you hav lifesteal or sheen, then these will also hit the target! Its even better when you have frozen mallet cos it can also proc the slow effect! Now, once i add the huge atk speed runes, it enables you do really go crazy (non-stop attacking!) at the squishy/carry characters.
W --> Contaminate; basically stand ontop of this area to gain good atk speed, movement, and cc (crowd control e.g. stuns) reduction. Cast it infront of you for chases and escapes and make sure that you also cast pillar (or use exhaust) to keep opponents ontop of it (so that you can stay within range of its bonuses whilst fighting them).
E --> Pillar of Filth; now this is a rather tricky skillshot to master. It is basically a small 'anivias wall' with a slowing effect around it. The best way to use this aggressively is to place it behind the fleeing champion to confuse them (since they bump into it or can be stopped whilst running through close jungle) and this also slows them down. For defensive use, throw it behind you as you run towards safety (thereby blocking opponents or slowing them down).
R --> Agony; this is a rather cool ult, what it does is you target an opponent (preferably their tank) and it gives you about 150 health and steals some of their armor and magic resist for a short time. So you can use this to initiate a 1v1 or flee from a bad situation (by throwing ur ult on a tank and running!). Interestingly, it can be used whilst tower-diving since you hav uber armor for like 6 seconds.

So in summary: Q (bite), W (move/atk boost), E (slow/block area), R ('tank' steal)
So max out his bite (Q) and then contaminate (W). Note that his passive lets you gain a portion of max health from enemies that die near you (this includes creeps!).
His atk sequence is: /W -> E -> -> R -> atk -> Q-> atk -> Qetc.


This can vary, but generally 21 in offense is really good for atk characters. I like to put 21/0/9 with points in exhaust and ghost, so that you can also attain the final Havoc bonus in masteries. At least 1 point in utility mastery (for buff duration) lets you jungle efficiently for that start. This build is flexible since you can jungle without smite! (this can only be done by taking these atk runes, getting the vamp scepter AND health potion (yes u need to wait for the gold to get potion but it is worth it). By not taking smite, you can prevent yourself getting ganked at the wolves or golems by opponents (mostly due to the fact that the summoner spotlight shows this jungle clearly which sucks).


Atk speed runes (especially x9) are needed for jungling; it helps you use lifesteal from vamp scepter and also gives you good tower-destroying ability when used in combination with his Contaminate skill and Starks. The blue runes can be whatever (since getting more atk here would be insignificant, it is better to get mana regen or something useful for the long term).


With this setup, you can easily go laning if ur jungle is screwed up of if they keep ganking your jungle (simply buy dorans shield instead of vamp scepter and go lane!).
Now jungling without smite is always tricky, but it can be done! With these atk speed runes and the lifesteal from vamp scepter, it is easy to have gank-free jungling (altho it will be slower than if u had smite, it is much more risk free for those starting lvls since opponents wont expect u to jungle without smite!).
Ok so heres how i did it (but dont go shouting it out like the spotlight ppls cos jungling ganks are no fun!).
First, buy Vampiric Scepter and wait to buy 1 health potion (you will need it plus, by waiting, you wont get ganked in ur jungle at start too). Then use ghost and run to wolves. Get q (bite) and destroy wolves.
Run to ghost and takeout the bigger ghost with atks and q (pop ur health potion at start of fight!). TA DA LVL2! Get 1 point in contaminate (pillar has no use in jungle now). Then run to little golems and take em out. TA DA LVL3! Blue pill back to base, buy emblem of valor (17% lifesteal!) and go get ur blue (use contaminate once and fight whilst using bite, dont worry, you will survive on about 50 health and lifesteal back to full health) . TA DA LVL4! From here the story is simple: wolves-> ghost-> red-> little golems-> back to base and get shoes + watever. You should be lvl5/6 depending on how well you do, then go to a lane for ganks or push! (with high atk speed combined with contaminate he is a great early game pusher!).


I hav posted this sequence for a reason because it really works for me but tell me if you find better alternatives to some of the starting items. I like boots of swiftness since it keeps you within range of his Q and atks, however merc treads are a must for heavy magic damage teams. Making an emblem of valor lets you jungle with ease due to high atk speed (from runes and the second atk 'q' effect) and the good lifesteal. Starks (for damage) + Aegis (for defense) is not only both very useful for trundle but provides great auras for the team! Finally finishing the frozen mallet gives trundle good survivability and damage and the other items will depend on what the opponent builds (altho getting sunfire for more def and aoe damage, plus turning that early sheen into a trinity if u hav heaps of cash is also really cool).
A useful note:


Trundle is a fun character to play and has some great abilities. Whilst he is rather weak at lvl 1-5, he has a very strong midgame and good potential late game (with auras for both ganks and push). Hope you enjoyed this guide! Will keep updating as i toggle with different item choices.