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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Janna Build Guide by Eruner

Try this --->>> Pure Support ! ! ! <<<---

Try this --->>> Pure Support ! ! ! <<<---

Updated on November 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eruner Build Guide By Eruner 22 9 38,914 Views 24 Comments
22 9 38,914 Views 24 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Eruner Janna Build Guide By Eruner Updated on November 17, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


Change Log

- edited and extended descriptions on "Items - For Full Support"
- replaced Masteries "Expanded Mind" by "Awareness" - tested, extra Exp worths more than little manna

- Added "Team Work & Team Fights" chapter
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Introduction - Janna, the best Support Champion

What does support mean???

- Prevent damage = Shield
- Boost teamates = Auras
- Interupt enemies = Crowd Control abilities
- Map Control = Wards + ClairVoyance
- Protect Tower
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Pros / Cons


- Can slow often.
- Can shield + damage boost often.
- Great laning and positon controling spells.
- Extremely fast and can pass trough creeps.
- Can interrupt, screw leaps and charges and divide the team.
- Can rescue a teammate or tower.


- Cant win alone.
- Cant win in team with feeders and noobs.
- Dont have expressed heal like the other Babysitters.
- Kinda squishy if you dont play her correctly.

So what can Janna do overall is:

- Push a lane easily.
- Prevend damage.
- Boost physical abilities.
- Slow your opponents, interrupt.
- Throw your opponents away or sky high.
- Thats basically Control over the game.
- Tower Defense Champion.
- What basically cant do is enough damage to kill someone.

Conclusion: You are give your team the reason to win. If they accept it, you win the game.
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Runes - explanation

Armor Penetration - Greater Mark of Desolation
Manna regen per 5 sec - Greater Seal of Replenishment
Ability power per level - Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
Movement speed - Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed


1. Early and during cooldowns of you abilities, you deal damage by Auto-Attacking (AA). The most of your job will be CC, CV, shielding and warding, just everything else than dealing damage. Of course, your Howling Gale and Zephyr deals magic damage, but not much in Support build.
Armor Penetration helps you easier Last-hit and Harrash, it works well with Eye of the Storm.
Still, you arent AP carry, so Magic penetration marks are less effective, but if you really wish, use them.

2. Janna needs manna regen. You want to protect your teamates as long as possible without running out of manna. And extra manna regen works well with Chalice of Harmony.

3. Because of your support/aura items, you will lack in AP at lategame. CoolDownReduction (CDR) Glyphs are unnecessary, because with this build you get 39% CDR.
Getting AP during game makes your shield balanced than putting Flat Ap runes for "great" start.
Another good options are only Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist.

4. Such crazy movement speed is an unfair advantage, makes your lasthit/harrash/chase/flee much easier and more annoying since very beginning.
On the other hand, Janna already has movement speed bonus, if you think you cant benefit from extra speed, try Greater Quintessence of Replenishment or Greater Quintessence of Gold.
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Masteries - not usual 9/0/21

3/3 + 1/3 ???

2% Critical since early-game is more helpfull than a little AP in late-game.
Also works together with Armor Pen Marks and Eye of the Storm.

Cooldowns: +9% CDR

Manna: able to spam skills much longer

Summoner Spells: about 42s CD of the Clairvoyance, Flash is ready when need

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Skill Sequence - Why only 1 Point in Monsoon???

When you reach lv 6 you have:
1 Tornado, 1 Haste/slow, 3 Shield, 1 Ultimate (Monsoon)
thats quite normal, right?
then at level 9 you max out Eye of the Storm (or at lv 10, if you want more W skill)

but at level 11 you will see:
Monsoon - next level:
.......Manna cost - more
.......Heal Amount - more
.......Cooldown - same
.......Knockback effect - same

Pro Janna use Monsoon for its knockback and not for heal. One point is enough.
Leveling ultimate skill on lv 11 and 16 is a habit, but some champions can live without it.

Eye of the Storm is your important and frequently used skill, don't forget to boost your DPS teammate while pushing tower or shielding tower at any danger. So max it first.
Zephyr is great in-fight spell, keep it leveling when Eye of the Storm is not possible to level, and throw it on the most important targets during battle. Also its speed bonus allows you to play more aggressively, but don't overpush, and watch gangers.
If you let them push two creepways, you can zone them out, but you have to lane and coordinate with a good partner. This usually works against 2 meeles.
Howling Gale is great escape skill, nice disable which is same in all levels, but its CoolDown decreases.
I put 1 point in Howling Gale at level 2 and then wait until I max Eye of the Storm out, but keeps Zephyr on higher level then Howling Gale. This way I have balanced skills.

In Support build we use Howling Gale mainly for disabling enemies, rescuing teammates, and slowing incoming minion wave on turret. But, of course, you can use it for farming too. But I warn you, be sure you have enough manna and you aren't in danger next X seconds (of its cooldown).
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Summoner Spells - Flash and ClairVoyance

MUST! You must take this!
Imagine how you Flash into opponent team, instantly put Monsoon and screw up enemy formation. You give your team time to kill a few of them in 1v4 or 2v4 fights, just in a flash.
Another situation is Tower Defense, when opponent team is pushing your tower. Again same trick and they will have hard time to damage your tower.
Flash is also important in times, when they try to gang you and chase.

If nobody else, then you must take this. Important part of your Map Control and prevention from gangs. Also buy a lots of Wards and put them on the important places.
Anyway, check this map: Where to put wards and where to CV.
Having Dragon under control is very important for you and your team, and knowing opponents position is advantage too.

Another posible Summoners spell:

If somebody else in your team already have CV, take this Tower Defense spell. Having alive Towers is another part of winning game. Also killing tower-diving noobs is fun too. In higher ELO games this will give your team time to counter opponents pushing.

Maybe, but neccessary in this build:

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Items - For Full Support ;-)

Core Items:

Philosopher's Stone 800g
As soon as possible to get +5 golds per 10 seconds = +30g per minute = +300g per 10 minutes...


Cheap and great manna regen item. Starting with Meki Pendant gives me good laning early.

This item is a must. This makes your whole team stronger and tougher.

{About 3685g spent on previous 4 items, without counting wards and Phil. stone bonus}

HP/Manna Regen + 15% CDR, with Ionian Boots and Masteries you have 39% CDR in total.
And thats not all, still you can use Turbo button every 1 minute.

{About 5100g spended + Wards; Core set finished}

Sight Ward 75g (3 minutes duration)
Buy them, use them, whole game. Map Control is part of your job, so do it properly.

Noticable Item - but not in this Build

Nice Support item, 10% CDR for teammates, wow.
If you feel this item build isn't perfect, you can experiment with Soul Shroud on Janna.

After-Core items:

For AP Heavy team:


SpellWamp Aura is way how to heal teamates during fight. If anyone already has this item, go for Abyssal Mask rather. Both of them gives you necessary AP, which makes you Shield and spells stronger.

For AD (DPS) Heavy Team:


Sounds crazy, but it will really help your AD carries and Meele dps (off)tanks to push and dominate.
Making Janna as dps champ is a stupid idea, but when ALL of your teamates are AD, think about this item.
Dont buy this if your team has only 1-2 AD champions!

Against AD (DPS) Heavy Team:


It means when they have max 1 AP caster and rest are AD and DPS champions. Not very often.
I suggest you to go for Frozen Heart sooner, switch Ionian Boots of Lucidity for Ninja Tabi, and finish Shurelya's Battlesong after.


If you decided to go for Randuin's Omen, buy Heart of Gold instead of Philosopher's Stone and forgot on Shurelya's Battlesong. Your manna and CDR problem you would be solved by Soul Shroud, which gives MannaReg/CDR to your casters and HP to you.

Nice, but expensive item. AP, armor, survive, buy this only if game is really long and your team have problems.

Against Mixed / Balanced Team:


Just one word: Survivality.

Game is going well


You sold your Chalice of Harmony and buy solid AP items. More AP = more shield + more damage. But only when your team is easily winning and they didnt surrender at 20th minute.
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Team Work & Team Fights


Early Game

First, when LoL loads and map appears, everyone quickly buys first items and run to their lanes.
Use your first ClairVoyance near their Nexus and fountain to see where who goes.
Next time your CV refreshes, reveal their/our jungler area or check bushes on top/bot lane.
Protecting your jungler or scaring their jungler can change game into your advantage.

In most of cases, you will be supporting your partner on lane, last/hitting minions (s)he cant and shielding to counter opponents harrasment or boost our harrashing. In level 2 you get Howling Gale and control your lane. Use CV to check jungler, bush or river.
Always coordinate with your partner, let him/her farm more, protect with shield and save your Tornato to prevent them from getting First Blood. They will probably target you, because you are very squishy and annoying support. Also dodge their spells/attacks if possible.

When you cannot see on minimap all enemy champs, CV the most probable area of the potential gang (mid from missing side or top/bot without ward)

Going for First Blood - Risky, but sometimes possible

You harrashed your opponents and you with your partner (and maybe with your jungler) are going to get First Blood, or a (double)kill if possible.
First of all, let your partner initiate, Shield him/her and use Zephyr on your first/nearest/targeted/squishy opponent. Run closer and AutoAttack target.

1. If they keep fighting, aim Howling Gale and AutoAttack + Shield yourself/partner (just focused one).
Probably after 1 second they/you will try to run, so release Howling Gale while it can hit both (or the most important/dangerous one). You disabled them and now its time for chase/run --> Zephyr ( and Flash).
2. If they immediately run, instantly release Howling Gale. As soon as Zephyr or Eye of the Storm refreshes, be ready to use it. But if they Flash out or successfully ran away, stop with chasing and surely DONT Tower-Dive! Dont be greedy, its OK.

When everyone have ultimate skill:

1. You have bought a few wards (and other items), your Map Control is very important in this time.
2. Put one ward between Dragon and mid (one small bush), and next one in the same bush at the opposite side (covered mid from gangs). Also CV the most important areas, or when "missing" enemies.
3. Help your Jungler to kill Dragon = Eye of the Storm on him, damage Dragon with rest. Or call teammates to kill it together, but CARE of opponent team.
In need use CV to check them, Howling Gale to slowdown them, but Monsoon in a very dangerous situation.
4. Dont enter fight or you die. Use your spells from safe distance, unless you're decided to use Monsoon

When to use Monsoon??
  • When a teammate is in 1v3 (or harder) situation and he is surely going to die, and you have enough time to "jump and knockback".
  • When you can trap enemy(es) between your team and your Turret.
  • When they gang.
  • When they are trying to kill Dragon, but try Tornado first, because it would be suicide.
  • In a MassFight. Just concentrate, know your teammates positions, targets and threaths, and wait for right time.
Good and bad Monsoon have big impact on winning/loosing a team fight. Janna is hard to Master, especially with timing and positioning of her ultimate.

Mid Game

You have finished some items, bought next X Wards, going back to lane or placing wards. Youre still using your ClairVoyance when need or just for checking map (many times you will see no enemy, calm down). When Dragon-icon appears on minimap, check it and call team.

Anyway, your or enemy team will group together and starts pushing mid. And NOW you must be with TEAM in right place at right time. Most of time you will be wandering with team Shielding your teammates from any damage, throwing Tornato on incoming minion waves, and, of course, Map Control.

Knowing their position ruins their change to gang/ambush.

When your team fails - lets play Tower Defense

Ok, I mean Turret Defense, I dont want you to disconect LoL and start playing some stupid browser TD game.
Sometimes you get a team with noobs and feeders, especially at Solo-Queued and low ELO ratight, and you probably lost the game. But calm down, there is still something you can do:
  • Stand near your Turret.
  • Prepare Howling Gale for incoming minion wave.
  • Shield your Turret.
  • Repeat as often you can.
  • Soak some damage from minions and enemies (but dont die).
  • You + Turret vs Enemy team + minions = Monsoon (+ Fortify if possible, but not at same time).
  • Again Shield Turret, aim Tornado, waste your Zephyr on anything.
  • Run away when Turret dies :(

Ok, you lost, you team fails, but dont worry, you did EVERYTHING, so its not your fault. You did Great Job and you became better Janna as you were before. Kills and wins are nothing in compare with experience and practice.
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Summary - Your Benefit to your Team

Summary of bonuses for your teammates:

+3% Movement speed
+12 Armor
+15 Magic Resistance
+8 Attack Damage
+40% Movement speed bonus last 3 seconds (Active item ability, 60 sec CD)
+30 Ability Power
+25% Spell Wamp


+ Map Control
+ Tower Defense
+ Team Rescue
+ Destroying opponents teamwork
+ Easier kills
+ Dragon/Nashor checking


Summary of Janna itself

+600 HP
+30 Armor
+126 Magic Resist
+30 Manna regen / 5
+31 Health regen / 5
+39% CoolDown Reduction
+up to 300 Ability Power
+6 Gold per 10 seconds
+Big Movement speed bonus

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Funny times with Janna

"Pdf, Janna mid?" - Leona, when saw that nobody else was more suitable for mid (nobody wanted to be mid)

"And now, KAMIKATZEE JUMP!" - said Janna before she jumped into whole enemy team at Baron Nashor.

"Hi Malza" - we saw him (by ward) coming from mid to gang us, so I CV him to make him sure that we see him.

"Dragon is clear, go go go!" - when Dragon was available and enemies far away.

"I cant defend everything! Alone..." - Janna. When 5 champions finally destroyed the tower, which was hardly protected by Janna.
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