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Tryndamere Build Guide by Bobwise

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bobwise

Tryndamere - Insane Jungle Guide - Preseason 5 - 4.21 NEW

Bobwise Last updated on December 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys hope you enjoy my guide, I have made several different guides for other champions you can check them out below. I also am a Youtuber so you guys can check out Legend of Legends videos by clicking below. Thanks, and i hope you enjoy this guide.

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Pros / Cons

- Great sustain with Q giving you the ability to last in the jungle much longer
- Gap closer E allows u to have ignite as jungle for better Early damage
- Amazing Split pushing especially with Hydra
- Awesome Turret dive at level 6 with Ult guarantee Kills
- Relatively Easy to play mostly just Auto attacking

- Vulnerable to CC especially in team fights
- Can be Kited relatively easily
- Ganks are not the best No stuns or snares

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Skill Sequence

Level your Q first followed by E to help clearing then level W to 3 first to help with ganks but after it is at 3 level your Q to max for the damage. After Q is maxed id max W because the slow is still very useful especially for trynda him self to chase down Enemies. E you should keep at 1 till the end because it already does its job its not really gonna do much more damage if you level it.

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With the new big nerf to trailblazer in 4.21 patch I would rather take stalkers blade, the smite is very useful in ganks early on because tryndamere doesn't have much CC so it will help and it is long ranged to catch down enemies.

Great for getting to lane to lane much easier saves time and you already receive early attack speed from your Devourer Trail Blazer so you don't need berserker greaves.

Helps alot with clearing jungling and the on hit proc will deal alot of damage along with the crit and attack speed which helps trynd a lot.

Great Item for Dueling always get it after Hydra the slow from it also helps in ganks and chasing down enemies.

Works really well with Tryndamere, he is a crit based champion and this will make his damage insane usually buy unless i need to swap for maw or mercurial.

Great for when the team are building Armour against you or there are just really tanky champions, this will destroy them.

Would only buy when team is heavy AP with burst ap champs such as Leblanc, or Akali.

If team has heavy CC champs such as Malzahaar getting caught with tht ult is your death sentance but with this item it will just stop it and you can E away.

Usually my preferred choice for as my final item you basically get 2 lives and it works really well for Tryndamere.

If enemy is heavy AP or you keep getting pulled in by blitz it will stop the pull and save your life.

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Summoner Spells

I will almost always take ignite instead of flash as i already have a flash and cant die for 5 seconds, Ignite will help you get early kills especially when counter jungling.

Always as Jungler.

Deffinately can work as a substitute for ignite it is an additional CC so it will help with ganks but you will be giving up the early game damage.

I see some people taking ghost personally do not like it because you have your W slow and your gap closer E I dont see why its neccasery.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling with Trynda is not so difficult.

Start at Golems smite it instantly this way you will have the stun when you get to the red buff , once you get red buff you will have to kill it without smite, after that go to Blue make sure you are using your Q to heal and smite it, you should be level 3 and you can make your first gank.

After that spend smites on golem as you get a free CC and take red buff for yourself but save the Blue for your mid Laners.

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Attack speed runes i prefer because Tryndamere gets AD from his Passive, Attack speed will also help clear jungle more than you would think.

You can take flat Ad runes if you want it will increase your damage but it is not my preferred choice.

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Team Fights

Simple focus the ADC or the mid laner and keep whacking him with your sword until he is dead. If you get focused wait till your low health ult and E outta there ASAP.

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Early - Mid Game

Your first ganks should be Top or Mid lane, check if the lanes are pushed run in whack him a few times then W and E on him and kill him. Attempting to gank bot Pre 6 isnt so wise especially with a Blitz or Leona as you can get caught out and killed. Once you hit 6 however try and get a kill for your ADC a turret dive with your Ult should guarentee the kill for your team. You should also watch out for dragon, keep it warded and if enemy bot lane have recalled you can quickly take it and give your team the advantage of the first buff. Once you get the bilgewater cutlass make sure you use the spell from it in ganks plus your W the enemy will practically standing still and you can take him out.

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Late Game

At this stage you need to ward baron keep a constant look out and when the time is right kill it, with the new baron buff you can split push lanes very well the minions do crazy damage and it is essential you do not let the enemy take it without a fight, In team fights always E at the ADC W when he runs and quickly shut him down before they even notice your there. You can also split push really well with the Hydra and clear lanes almost instantly and smash through turrets with ease, it is definitely worth attempting to split push with Trynda if the Enemy team are distracted his AD on turret is crazy and even once they come for you, you can just E through a wall and your out of the danger.