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Tryndamere Build Guide by b0uwmeester

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League of Legends Build Guide Author b0uwmeester

Tryndamere, Sustain without Rage!

b0uwmeester Last updated on May 26, 2012
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Dear Summoners,
I used to play Tryndamere a lot until he got nerfed. I figured that his early game was almost unbearable against most opponents now that his Bloodlust was nerfed. It just doesn't have a good base heal anymore and any decent opponent will deny you from building up rage to grab a decent heal. The changes are that you can't simply go on a 1vs1 with that opponent without rage, so let's face it, the change is pretty big that you are going to end up being denied farm, you will be tower hugging and maybe you are even going to be dived under your turret when your health is low enough.

I really like to play Tryndamere so i decided to give him another shot in another way, too work around his sustain problem in the early levels. The reason I don't go for lifesteal to cover his sustain is that they can deny you just as hard and you can't get close enough too the minions to regen, especially not early game since you won't heal that much on one hit.

That being said, I hope you will respect and enjoy this guide.
It is not meant as a troll guide or an AP tryndamere spin-off. If you read the guide fully you will understand my choice of items and runes and which playstyle fits it.

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I will be very specific in especially my AP runes because it is not something a lot of people take, so it might be a long story but I really want to show people how it works.

greater mark of desolation Greater mark of desolation

I take these marks because you really need armor penetration as tryndamere, because all of your attacks are physical and most of the time you will be doing autoattacks, so you don't want to get screwed over as the only fedd one on your team if they start stacking armor.

Greater seal of force

I take these seals, because Tryndamere used to be tier 1 and carry a lot of games before the last nerf, and what the last nerf did is reduce the base heal amount on his Bloodlust skill. To compensate a lot of people start using exhaust/ignite to still be able to 1vs1 an opponent and not being denied to build up rage early game for the heal. I find this however risky and I want to be able to heal at any point no matter how much rage I have. And to add another reason to it, why waste your precious rage which makes Tryndamere for who he is on heals. These runes actually let you heal before you are building up rage. This allows you to heal and then build up rage and start using that rage for attacking your opponent. Tryndamere benefits from these runes more then just for the healing. His Spinning Slash still scales with AP pretty good, the output however is still physical so with the armor penetration marks and the early ap, one spin and then a hit from your sheen that procs at the moment you spin you actually have a little burst whereafter you can retreat to farming or keep attacking then using a Strong Heal and using another sheen hit. All in all a great surprise people don't expect on a Tryndamere.

Greater glyph of force

I choose these glyphs just like seals with per level scaling so you still have a nice heal in the end-game phase. You don't have to worry about your early healings, because the Quintessences make more then up for it, not to mention your starting with an amplifying tome . Why do you need solid heals end-game? Well,.. A well timed ignite can still kill you even if you heal if you don't have any ap. This won't happen anymore. You can benefit till the last second from your ultimate undying rage and then safely dash/flash away and use a Q to safe you from dying by an ignite no matter the timing.

Greater Quintessence of potency

I have chosen these quintessences to really truly benefit from your heals rather than more armor pen. I tried running armor pen quintessence's but i noticed that the supposed early benefit from the ap decreased pretty much. These quintessence's allow you to just do what a tryndamere should be doing early game.. Farming, Farming and farming. For example, you can hit a few minions and than the enemy starts harrasing you you walk up to him, then use spinning slash back in direction of your tower trough him , dealing damage, taking some minions a long and being safe again. Then if you use your Healing skill you will notice you will be back up to full health again with farm and you also harrased the enemy. this especially useful against the recent flavours at top lane, like irelia or riven. They will just stun/slow you deal some damage, and dash away, which pretty much messes up tryndamere. But with these runes you can dash trough them, land a sheen hit, go away and heal. It takes a little practice but you will soon get the hang of it. My advice is tough, to just focus on farming and healing rather than harrassing.

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The masteries are pretty mainstream, just for a decent ad and some defense. not much to explain here i think. However if your wondering why I am not using any ap masteries, It's like i said: this ain't an ap-tryndamere build, it is really to compensate for his nerfs and his early game/laning phase. So the masteries are just AD orientated as supposed too.

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I start off with an Amplifying tome , because you can't really beat anyone early game so why not take that extra heal on your bloodlust and damage on your spinning slash too keep farming till you have enough money to recall for some items. Even if this is not the case you still have teleport if you really need an early recall. I really focus much on his early game/farm because tryndamere's late game never really is a problem so why risk his early game for an overpowered late game. Just farm farm farm.

As soon as you recall hopefully you have enough money for a sheen and boots. Get them. It will give you more power then you can think off. Why a sheen ? Well a sheen is more reliable then crits, and it has some ap with it too which is good for your heals and it doesnt cut down in your Attack Damage. You can spin with improved damage then land a first hit with double damage and heal better. How can this not be good for tryndamere?

Why build it into a Trinity force ? well because it really gives tryndamere a bit of everything he needs, attackspeed/crit/hp/slow.. just awesome. It also adds another 50% to your sheen which is very nice.

Why do i take an infinity edge ? well because it is a main item on tryndamere, and laning phase will be over soon and you will need to land some hard auto attacks on the enemy team.

Now that you have your trinity force, boots and infinity edge, you got enough damage for now. That's why i take a guardian angel after those items. It will make you less likely to be attacked cause you are harder to kill which allows you to put out more damage, or if they do continue to focus you you will survive longer and have a backup which allows you to soak more damage, deal more damage and give your team more time to deal damage. Guardian angel will also cover you if you fail to activate your ultimate or you dont get away in time. Always use your ultimate before guardian angel because it's cooldown is lower.

Now you start building a bloodthirster because it gives you even more sustain and with your guardian angel up you have time to stack it too.

As a final item I would take a blackcleaver . it gives you more attackspeed, attackdamage, and since the enemy team will have put on some final items as well the armor reduction is really sweet. If they stack heavy armor you might want to buy a last whisperer insteadlast whisperer or if you need more survivability get a banshee's veil , a sunfire cape or something similar depending on where the most damage comes from on their team. If the enemy's team is truly mixed you might want to get a frozen mallet or a warmog's armor for all-round survivability.

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Skill Sequence

I start with Bloodlust because it allows you to go farming right away without the fear of getting low hp and not being allowed to do anything anymore. Most people start with Spinning Slash I however find this not so useful since it only allows you to escape not to regain position or health again if your getting early harrased. The rest of the order is pretty common so I won't put anymore information too it.

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Summoner Spells

Why do i take Teleport ? Well it allows you too gank bottom lane from teleporting to a ward if your opponent pushes your teammates into their towers, it allows you to quickly return too your lane and get xp and farm fast to be that late game tryndamere as soon as possible. It really is too cover your early game mostly. The benefit however is that teleport is still useful late game. I don't run Exhaust/ignite because they can use their flash out of it or counter you with their exhaust/ignite. So i find this to make more sense since you just need too survive early game and farm. If your jungler comes too gank your opponent however you can still use your mocking shout too slow your opponent and help your jungler to get that kill.

Why do i run flash as a second. Well it is again for your early game you don't want to get ganked by there jungler early game and die, you really need to be in lane as long as possible while still playing safe, flash helps you maintain that. Late game you can go in teamfights, fight till the end with your undying rage, then flash/spin out over a wall and heal. Flash is just commonly a very good summoner spell.

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I know that this guide my look amateuristicly written and this is because I haven't created a lot of guides yet. I hope that you will still like the guide and will give it a shot.

If there is a good guide creator out there that likes my guide and would like to help me in making my guide look more professional as well, then you are very welcome to message me and help me out. I will share/give you full credit to the creation of this guide afterwards.