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Tryndamere Build Guide by CloudJosh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CloudJosh

Tryndamere The Destroyer

CloudJosh Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, Been playing trynd for almost a year now and getting penta's and wins all over the place. Basically im kinda sick of seeing trynds that are built wrong and do rather bad i take it as a hit on my honor personally......and it hurts my feelings :(

So i hope you all find these use full and any suggestions that you might have are very welcome :)

good luck, and have fun destroying your enemies with this build.

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Game Play

This is just a basic bit of information to help those who are just starting in an early game you want to keep up the rage as much as possible so that you are Criting at the highest rate and with Trynd that is what you really want.

A little tip if you are vs Range enemies make sure you press them as much as possible, i know that your instincts will tell you to back off to safety but they will just whittle you down and you wont be able to do a thing about it, so trust me when i say you push those people back to the turret where they belong.

Trynd is one of the best players in the games to use, he has a little bit of everything which makes him very hard to escape from or fight just make sure that you are using all of these abilities and you will be sweet.

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Ok first of all the runes are rather straight forward if expensive.

Critical Damage

These runes are simply perfect for trynd its like having an infin edge straight away in game and because of the crit chance you get with the brawlers gloves and his passive you will be 2-3 hitting enemy champs at level 1 straight off.

Attack Speed

I have chosen these runes because if you haven't noticed the zeal comes into play a little late game, so the attack speed runes keep him nice and quick until that point :)

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Ok obviously Trynd is a DPS character so most of the masteries will go into the offensive tree...


I dont really have much to say on this part except that 24 points of the masteries should be put into Offensive as you can see on the tree above. I believe that the offensive capabilities that you gain with these perks are essential for the tryndmendous amounts of damage that you can do early game.


the other 6 points that remain should be put into the defensive tree giving trynd that little bit of Armour boost and magic resist that will make him abit more tough to take down during the early game :)

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Spinning Slash

This ability is one of the things that makes playing Trnydamere so much fun really :) with it you can spin right onto a turret closing distances as fast as you possibly can making it nasty for that enemy that you are spinning too, also used with your ulti it is really good to use to escape turret fire and just good on general to get away because of the ability to spin through objects. Also it is one of the best skills to KS your friends but im NOT telling you to do that.......


Another good ability but has actually been nurfed right into the ground which makes it a shame for all you new Trynd players. Anyway the basic use of this ability is that it swaps the built up rage that you have acquired while playing Trynd and uses it to heal you, i dont recommend useing the ability early game unless you really HAVE to because the bonus crit chance you get is better than the heal you get in the early stages.

Mocking Shout

One of the things that really makes me love playing Trynd, with this you can slow and weaken your enemies, so if they are trying to escape or take you this little debuff will be a nasty little shock for them thats for sure, and the cooldown on it is rather reasonable too.

Undying Rage

Well this is what makes Trynd what he is, a very good ability but just make sure that you are not wasting it though at the same time dont be to light handed with it you actually want to use the ability not die because you were "Saving it" untill you needed it, this is perfect for tower diving your opponents or for taking on 3 or 4 of them at one time just make sure you get that activation time down perfectly!

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Okay the items page is going to be a long one but bear with here, i want you all to know the reasoning behind all of my choices. Also im currently testing out a new sequence of items where i get the Phantom dancer early game, will let you all know how it goes :)

Brawlers gloves

are must at the start of the game sure Trynd does get his passive crit chance but to me thats just not enough so this gives a nice little addition to the chance of it :)

Health Pots

are a neccesary these days, espically after all the nurfs that Trynd has had, sustaining yourself with Bloodlust just cant be done anymore, well early game at least. I suggest only buy 2 during the game but depending on who you are vs you might want to buy more when you go back

Boots Of Speed

are the next logical choice because even with Spinning Slash You still want some extra speed to catch the enemy champs and shove your sword into there back.

The Vampire Scepter

is the item i get so that i no longer need to buy pots, With the crit damage that you will be dealing you will be getting your health back rather easily making you very hard to evict from the lane you choose.

Berserker's Greaves

Finishing the boots must be done by this point of the game because most people would have done the same by now and it makes it very hard to catch the enemy champs who will be fleeing from you espically ones with boots of swiftness etc...

Infinity Edge

, I believe having this item early game makes you an unstoppable force which you will be farming up the gold with and therefor making it alot more easier for you to complete the build, Also with Undying Rage You dont really need a Blood Thirster at this point. Start with the cloak so that you dont need to have full rage to be hitting those Crits its the cheapest and most likly the best item to buy at this point, next obviously is the Pickaxe for the bit of damage and because it is the next cheapest item in the build, after that just bye the B.F sword and finish your Infiity Edge.


is good for some many different reasons the main being the extra attack speed and the extra movement speed, with this youll be hitting your enemys that much quicker and you should able to catch nearly anyone which is always good ;)

Phantom Dancer

After the completion of the Zeal make sure that you move onto the Phantom Dancer Just so that you can up that attack speed and that movement speed, By this point you should be catching pretty much anyone you want, and hey the extra crit chance never hurt anyone, well, except for the enemy team that is ;)

The Blood Thirster

its perfect for the extra Attack and the Life steal, by this point one or two hits should give you full health again so your pretty unstoppable.

(after buying The Blood Thirster,loop the same sequence with the Zeal back to this point and you should have a full build)


Okay here's a little help on what to do when you come up against certain annoying enemies.

If vsing someone who has stuns and slows you might want to get youself a pair of tenacity treads, any good shoe shop should sell a pair for a decent price which will help get rid of the stuns and slow quite early :)

OuicksSilver Sash

Now if vs someone like a WarWick i highly recommend the that will shut that ulti down the second that he uses it on you, then you can make yourself a nice fur coat :)

Now another item you might want to experiment with are Armour/Mag Resist items and thats fine, you can sell the boots after you have gotten both phantom dancers you will only bit a little slower so its not much of a negative to you, and this way you can get yourself a guardians angel or a thornmail depending on what you think is necessary at the time.

The Black Cleaver

i think it is the perfect choice to help cut down those annoying tanks and to bypass some of that Thornmail with the extra Attack damage and speed coupled with the passive of the weapon which removes 45 points of the opponents armour this weapon is the choice item for breaking the skin.

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Skill Sequence

Look Persoanally im not going into detail with the Skill sequence, if people want me to then ill add it but i think its just a waste of time, we all know what the skills do.

Spinning slash

is the first choice because you can use it to escape or to chase whichever the situation demands.


so that you get some extra Attack and a little heal incase you need it though when using the heal early game i recommend that you save it as much as possible because it is really not that good whereas the extra Crit chance is rather amazing.

Mocking Shout

so the Attack damage of the enemies is lowered and so they cannot escape when running from you. I have chosen to have this ability put up before the spinning slash because the CD of that move is actually reset by a second whenever you Crit with Trynd which is pretty much all of the time.

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Summoner Spells


This spell is a must for any Trynd Champ, in fact i like keeping this for pretty much anyone i use but that is just me personally, with this spell people will have no chance of getting away from you and if you are vs other champs that are DPS this can be a real shut down to them early game allowing for you to really destroy them getting that first blood making you feel like a beast and getting the bonus gold that comes with it.


Perfect for those champs who start off with the annoying life steal as there passive this really shuts them down, also i like it because coupled with Trynds Spinning Slash you can get right up to the turret chasing the champs with 12 health, hit the ignite and spin away letting you reap the awards from afar.


Some people like using this when they playing to give them that extra killing time when in lane, i personally used to use this when ever i was tower diving my opponents so that i had that extra heal when i was escaping it did work rather effectively i must admit but i leave the choice up to you guys

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Team Work

I recommend that when you are playing Trynd, Let someone who is a tank Initiate the team fight, then you come in and score yourself a Penta, i mean a Trynd has to look out for himself these days with all the hate going around :(

Anyways, Have fun playing and i hope you enjoy the build :D