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Tryndamere Build Guide by VanquishedWolf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VanquishedWolf

Tryndamere The Unstoppable Force (Season 3)

VanquishedWolf Last updated on December 28, 2012
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VanquishedWolf's Unstoppable force

Tryndamere has been my most played Champion for a long time(now, and before I stopped playing a long while back). He is a great Attack Damage Champ along with some amazing life saving abilities. I have tried many builds with this Champion like what I called; Crazy Critter, Lightning Blade(attack speed), Brick House(full defensive build), and Hitman(combination of attack speed and attack damage for speedy single target kills). But after all those I made this build with all of them in mind. It has the attack damage and speed to take down enemies fast. Self heal so powerful that going 1v1 is a great chance to get a glass of water. And high crits to land unexpected killing blows on your enemies. I include Revive as one of the Summoner Abilities because early on you can find yourself getting ganked and need to get out the fast to start making gold again. also getting chain stunned is hard to survive against and this has a chance at giving you a 2nd round at your gankers. You are probably wondering why I didn't include Phage or Frozen Mallet to have an upper hand on enemies, but I leave this out because I never need it. I never use Mocking Shout Except entering combat with a Attack Damage Champ and again to slow them down when they realize I am to resilient to take on alone. Furthermore I have had matches where I have gotten a K/D ratio of 30+ with 15+ assists with this build and I'm sure you'll have some good matches as well. Good Luck and Have Fun!


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Pros / Cons


-Easy to jungle
-Tons of Self Healing
-Good Damage and Crits
-Quick Minion Advancement
-Solo Nearly Anything
-Amazing End Game performance


-Slow Early Game
-Self Heal Reliant
-After a 45-70 minute game you may be over confident at the beginning of next game! :P

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In this PvP build I go for Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions to help me avoid enemy attacks and heal myself to stay in my lane long enough to get a good lump of gold or start pushing a tower. When you first recall you should get the Vampiric Scepter or Tiamat for Life Steal or faster minion killing and faster gold income. Every time I recall before level 10 I buy 3 more health motions after getting the piece of my build to sustain in my lane longer. After you have both the Vampiric Scepter and Tiamat the Ravenous Hydra is only 400 gold away. Once you have that you can save up for both your Boots of Swiftness and Zeal or get your boots ASAP to help you chase down enemies or escape after a tricky Spinning Slash through a wall. Work up to the Phantom Dancer ASAP for the Crit Chance, Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Go for either your Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge next. Regardless of what the build order is I almost always get my Infinity Edge before my Bloodthirster. After getting one or the other Get Youmuu's Ghostblade for Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction and Crit Chance. The Passive of this item grants 20 Armor Pen and can also be activated for +20% Movement Speed and +40% Attack Speed for 6 seconds. I find this item very helpful for chasing down enemies before they reach their towers or even making a Life-saving getaway after a turret dive kill. Afterwards grab your Infinity Edge or Bloodthirster (whichever one you don't have) starting with the BF sword for a little extra Attack Damage. After your Last piece get a boot enchant that you think could benefit you or your team the most.

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I choose to start with Spinning Slash since it is very useful. You can phase through obstacles to get to or from someone faster and it has saved my but in early mid game situations a lot (end game you WONT be running!) I then get my other abilities as I can focusing on Bloodlust first for a bigger self heal for early on. I then start going into my Spinning slash upgrades for fast monster clears to rack up the gold with fast kills with Spinning Slash and Ravenous Hydra click combo. I get Mocking Shout maxed out last almost every game just because I focus more on minions, jungling, and pushing enemies back at the beginning rather than chasing them down. Once you are maxed you will find that turrets are solo-able without minion support as long as you have rage built up from jungling nearby first or if you have heals or damage reductions. (I know it's not a great idea to do this but I tested many things with this build to be sure of the extent of what you can do with it)

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You really won't need much of a defense in Masteries but you will want a little resistance. The Attack Damage is most important along with crit damage. With high crit rating from Phantom Dancer you will be taking Champions down very swiftly and even while fighting Full Tanks your self heals should easily keep up with their damage while you are gradually pumbling them while AOE'ing down the minions they have for cover. With this build you will see crits over 1000 from time to time.